No Kids, 27 Year Old, 32A or (AA?), 5'2, 110 Lb, 235 Cc Sientra Textured Breast Implants

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I've always been flat chested even when puberty...

I've always been flat chested even when puberty hit. I get everything from my mom ie. how our menstrual cycles go, personality, health conditions...EXCEPT my breasts. My mom is a full size B and my sister is a full A cup. I barely filled a 32 A bra cup, so I'm not sure if that would have made me a AA cup? To be blunt, I wouldn't know, because padded bras were always the first choice when it came to bras. I've worn so many padded bras, that I don't think I truly knew my breast size. My instinct tells me that it's probably a girls can provide your opinions if you want. The point was, there was no breast tissue.

During college, I would go out w/ my girlfriends to clubs with "going out" dresses, and I secretly wished that I would have some cleavage to show. I wouldn't say the lack of breast tissue caused any self esteem issues with relationships, as I was a perky, outgoing girl at the time. When I did get intimate with certain guys, it was fun, but I wouldn't say I was 100% confident showing my breasts (since I had none). Throughout college, I accepted it and knew that there would be a man that would love me with my itty bitty committee going on over there. But now as a diligent, 27-year old professional, I just said "f*** it." I want to do it for MYSELF. I want to have cleavage when wearing body-hugging dresses and have fun trying out new bras at Victoria Secret's. So, I finally had the courage to have two consultations. The first consultation was at an extremely reputable place in Bellevue, WA. I walked out of the office feeling confused, and not very confident in the doctor. I was confident he was a talented and skilled doctor, but the trust wasn't there. First things first, I don't have "boob" greed. I don't want a size D breast. I'm a petite girl [5'2, 110 lbs] and I really want the implants to look proportionate to my body. I've read some reviews here and some girls really don't care if it looks proportionate or not....They just want BIG, balloon size boobs. AND that is the last thing I want. I would be mortified, if I came out of the surgery with size D (or bigger) breasts.

I went to another reputable place in Seattle, WA and I walked out of the office feeling alot more confident than my first consultation. The diameter of my breasts is only 11 cm, so that only provided a limited number of options: 235cc, 255cc or 285 cc. I told him I want to aim for 255 or 285cc. However, if the upper pole started to bulge out abnormally, I gave him the permission to downsize.

It's been a full week since I've received my surgery. I apologize for not posting photos and recording the journey step by step. The whole week was a blur, so I really didn't have time to go on my computer and post pictures.

The day of surgery:
The only thing I remember is coming out of the surgery, mumbling, "Wait, so the 255cc couldn't fit in there?" The nurse said, "No, it didn't fit. So, we put in the 235 cc." And then, I was dragged in a wheelchair with my friend waiting for me. The anesthesia hit me like a tsunami. I have no recollection of memories of HOW I got into her car, or getting OUT of her car to her house. She told me she was terrified as she was driving home and kept putting her finger under my nose to see if I was breathing. She told me when I came out of surgery, my face was covered with all of my hair in front of me. Imagine how scary that looks.....a Japanese horror movie.

She woke me up couple hours later, and told me that I need to take some kind of medicine. She gave me the oxy and boy was that a mistake.....because that knocked me off even MORE. I also had nothing to eat that day, so I passed out for another couple hours. Eventually, I forced myself to wake up, but it was a strange feeling. I've never been on narcotics before, and I, initially, told the nurse that I didn't want to, because I have high pain tolerance, but she told me that many people who stated they had high pain tolerance, ended up taking the narcotic pills. I felt like I want to desperately stay awake, but this heavy drowsiness sensation kept dragging my head down. It almost feels like you're drunk without the alcohol, if that makes sense. After that experience, my nurse told me to cut all my oxy's in quarters and I ended up taking bits in food. To be honest though, I think I only had a total of 2 oxy pills and I took Tylenol extra-strength for pain relievers. I still have so many pills left in my bottle. When I came for my post-op checkup, the patient coordinator told me, she was extremely impressed, because most patients ended up taking 3 whole pills PER day. Wowzers!!!

Let's talk about the pain. Even though I only ended up taking 2 Oxy's, let me tell you...the first three days were hell. The band that they put you around your chest also makes it hard to breathe and move. The chest pain was excruciating and it was painful to get up from my bed. It took me more than five minutes to lift my head from my pillow, because I could feel the pressure/sharp pain on my chest. But, I gritted my teeth and told myself to pull through. After the third day, the fourth day was manageable....but it still hurt. I was mostly in bed the first few days....

Doctor appointment on the 5th day:
The doctor took off the band, and wow- I feel like I could breathe again. I felt 10x much better. It's really amazing how taking off those bandages could make you feel like a new person. He told me there was some bruising and the upper pole was swollen, but everything else looked great.

It's hit a full week, and although, I stated above that I really don't have boob greed, I was a bit bummed when I heard 255cc couldn't fit in there. BUT....if it can't fit in there, then it can't fit in there. It should be simple as that and I really shouldn't over-analyze it.....right? (haha). The surgical bra that I'm wearing is a size 32 C. We'll see if I downsize in the next couple months.....

I will keep updating every week and month.....more details/photos to come....

10 days post-op

10 days post-op

Almost hitting 3 weeks...impatiently went to VS and got measured.

It's almost hitting 3 weeks and my 3 week post-op appointment is this Friday. I believe the patient coordinator told me that I can finally stop wearing my surgical bra (and band of hell - haha). So, I went to Victoria Secret's last week during their sale and got measured. The stylist said "32 D," and I literally shrieked. I said, "32 D??" My breasts look like a full B/small C, but not nearly a D....The 32 D fit great though..... It's the strangest thing, because in the post above, I said I would be mortified if I ended up as a D. I didn't freak out though, because my breasts don't look like a D.

Since I'm still in the early stages, I know my breasts are still swollen. I will probably go back in the next few weeks to get measured again to see if there are any changes. I don't plan on buying anything, but I just want to monitor the progress. Maybe VS also has weird sizing? I don't know.

I'll post a 3 week post-op pic this weekend. In terms of pain, it's on and off. Some days, I feel totally fine and the last couple days, my breasts have been feeling incredibly sore. I really hope my breasts stop hurting soon and I hope they start feeling like my body..

3 weeks post-op

4 month

I'm a 32 C at Nordstrom. The sizing system is a lot different with VS and Nordstrom. The 32 D at VS fits me great, but a 32 C also fits me well at Nordstrom. Anyway, definitely feeling a lot more comfortable with these implants. They look natural, which is what I was going for....
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