Large Color Coverup - Seattle, WA

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2.5 months ago I got a cover up on my left...

2.5 months ago I got a cover up on my left arm/shoulder. My previous tattoo was embarrassing, a superman symbol with the letter R for my first name. I got it when I was 18, my older brother got a bunch of tattoos so I followed him.

This current tattoo is HUGE and all colors... like all colors. It looks nice, but wow, my regret is horrible. I got my previous tattoo faded, had 5 treatments and 1 pico treatment. I stopped for about 5 months and for some reason decided a cover up was the best solution. I found an awesome artist, got a great design, but you know what, it's just tattoos that are the problem, I don't want anything on me. To be fair, if it wasn't on my arm I really wouldn't care.

I'm going to a great law school in a year and am already stressing about hiding my ink in a professional environment. I can't believe I stopped the removal process and now have a GIANT colored tattoo that will take 3 years to get rid of!

I went to a consultation this morning. I felt good just thinking about the laser, but I understand how unrealistic full removal is. I have a ton of colors and a large tattoo, I'm screwed. Well, I got quoted an amazing price for the tattoo, $600.

Guys, I thought I was through the regret. I was making progress with removal but I got weak and got it covered, thinking I could find a shortcut to my regret.

I'd really like some opinions on just how long this would take if it even did come off... It's hard to find results before/after because those of us who have done removal understand it takes much longer than advertised.
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