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The price was actually 8500 but after buying the...

The price was actually 8500 but after buying the protein shakes, prescriptions, and supplements it was more like 8800. I wish they would do a deal with care credit for a no interest rate period.

Anyway, I Went in for Reshape, which is very similar to Obera but is a dual balloon system rather than one balloon, at 10am Tuesday. Immediately threw up after coming to. a bloody bile substance. The nurse admitted that they had scraped the esophageal lining while trying to place the balloon but that it should heal on its own in no time.

Dressed and out the door by 11:15

Threw up again on car ride home and didn't stop since. Couldn't keep anything down all week. Feels like super extreme food poisoning or the flu. I don't think I've ever been so ill. I went in for two liters of IVFs the day after the procedure (day 2) and again on Friday. (Day 4) On Friday they told me patients rarely react for so long but I should try doubling omeprazol and continue phenergat suppositories.

Day 5: threw up in the morning and had very severe dhiareah but felt a lot better toward the evening and was able to keep a couple glasses of water/g2 Gatorade down taking just a couple ounces at a time. I found taking larger amounts make me feel sick.

Day 6: Still a bit queasy but I haven't thrown up at all today. I have finally been able to drink water and I've managed a protein shake. I even went on a walk. I don't feel hungry and hey, I've lost 4 pounds ????

I'll keep updating as I progress.
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