Belly button folding in half after mini tt What is Happening?? Seattle, WA

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I decided to see about what could be done about my...

I decided to see about what could be done about my tummy 28 years later after having children (2) and went and talked with my ps and he decided a mini tt and lipo, he cut and re sutured my bb 2 cm lower and did not need to do muscle repair as my muscles did not have separation. I loved my tummy results 5 days post op photo taken after drains removed. Now 5 weeks post op ( I cannot get that photo onto my I pad for some reason) I'm now having to use tape to tape my skin apart to keep it from folding in on its self ( into a slit) my tummy looks so distorted now, and my bb is tiny, I am using tape and marble for that, but when tape is removed my tummy looks horrible, will it get better?? I'm scared :(

5 days post op photo

Worried about outcome of mini tt , lipo of abs, belly button cut and moved 2 cm lower

I'm worried my tummy won't look as good as it did on day 5 post op in the final outcome

New photo

Seroma or normal swelling?

3 mos post op

Still using ear plug and skin tape, also still in cg 24/7.
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