FINALLY my Lower Belly Isn't the Biggest Part of Me - Seattle, WA

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I've never been overweight or even chubby, but all...

I've never been overweight or even chubby, but all of my weight gathers in my belly. Nothing I did got rid of it. So, finally, I just got lipo. My procedure was only 3 days ago, so I'm still swollen and bruised, but I'm still very happy with the outcome. There is much more bruising than I expected, but also much less pain, so I've got no complaints. The bruising is much more extensive and much deeper than I expected - it reaches even my thighs, which didn't get any work done. But, bruising fades, after all. It's amazing to see my body the way I've wanted it to be and the way I've worked towards it being for, more or less, my entire adult life.

Again, it's only 3 days in, so maybe I'll change my mind later. I'll update if so. I'm told that the results aren't really entirely apparent for quite awhile, because the body holds on to fluids. Even swollen, though, I'm so much happier with my stomach than before.

One week later ...

Well, the stitches are out and the swelling seems to be gone (I think). My bruises, which were so dark and numerous a week ago are mostly gone or substantially faded. There is a bit of a lump on my right side, which my surgeon said is probably an accumulation of fluid - which makes sense, because it coincides with where the hooks are on the inside of my compression garment. She said to massage it to break it up, so I periodically remember to do that.

Now that all the excess fat is gone and the swelling has gone down, I am now aware of how much toning my abs need! (For pictures, read my review of the lipo + breast aug -
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