My Version of a Mommy Makeover: Full Abdomen and Flank Lipo and Silicone Breast Augmentation--No Lift

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Although I will eventually need a tummy tuck and...

Although I will eventually need a tummy tuck and partial breastt lift, at 31 I just wasn't ready to commit to those lifelong scars yet. I'm also not absolutely sure I am finished having children and so this combination of procedures can offer me improvement with much less cost, downtime, and scarring. I feel like I will get the tuck and lift when I am experiencing my mid life crisis in my 40's or something. I was also offered about a 10% savings I could not refuse since I am taking anther patient's cancelled surgery date that is literally one week away. My most important non-negotiables were that my surgeon is board certified and established as reputable and talented; and that my anesthesiologist is a board certified MD as well, not a nurse or CRNA. I'm extremely worried about the inherent surgery risks--especially with this being elective and have experienced both shock and guilt in that I'm vain enough to do this when I have two small children who need me so much. I'll update rapidly as this is all happening so fast!! Will post pictures tonight and add more detail about my background and other consult options that were recommended.

Before pictures....

I've gained about 35 lbs in the last year which is disgusting. You can see pictures of me about 30 lbs lighter just 10 months ago under questions I've asked in here. I thought I might want another baby so never pulled the trigger on a consult appointment earlier when posting questions, just browsed here obsessively looking for similar results and body shapes or types. Only 8 days and I'm super nervous and excited all at the same time!

Tomorrow @ 6:15 a.m.....

I will be in surgery prep. I decided on 520cc smooth round moderate plus profile silicone implants. Will be cleaning the house and making sure I am ready for tomorrow all day today. CAN"T WAIT!

Post op!!

Finished! Home and in bed. Loopy from meds. Was prescribed anti-nausea meds and a patch to wear that I placed this morning after shower. Kids went to their day care center super early right at 5:15 and we explained mommy will be in I lots of pain and tired for a few days so just be careful with me! I just yield them I'm
Seeing the doctor and he's going to fix me all up and it will take a few days to get better.

Took 3 pain pills, still feel some
Discomfort but bearable with meds. Mostly chest and arms hurt. Abdomen is not nearly as tough. I went dual plane for placement as for moderate sag. I'm having my partner ask how much fat was extracted tonight when Sattler calls to check in. Just curious. Hoping to peak more under garments tonight and will post! So happy I did it!!! Thanks for sharing and reading, I'm doing this as a thank you to all the ladies who i was able to learn from over the last 2 or so years.
My partner took today off of work and is working from home, he has been very helpful with getting me situated in bed. I got
One of those armed pillow prop things to sit and sleep at 45 degree angle to day and tomorrow. So happy I did. Better than massive soft pillows. I didn't really go all out shopping beforehand here's what I bought I'm a minimalist and figure my partner can make store trip as needed.....;

Upright pillow armed support thing
Front zip sports bra
Granny parties --- 4 pairs
New front button jammy fleece set (just one)
Senna laxatives
Tylenol pm and regular
Vitamin infused flavored waters--- zero calorie
Lots of fruits, strawberries, raspberries, watermelon, grapes and raw veggies
Precooked prawns
Precooked chicken breast strips
Salad mixes-kale and baby spinach
That's about it! I have vitamin e from pregnancies and old maid pads from pp bleeding.
I used old towels for bed and can't for potential drainage.

Posting up in bed going to take a nap and then maybe catch up on some
True crime ;) I'm also a student graduating in March so hoping to do some homework tomorrow and weds from bed with laptop. Classes and Thursday and Friday's so will see if I can make them, if not instructors are aware I miss this week.

Pictures for bed, thanks hunny.

Photos from 4am this morning pre-op

Before after boobs post op 10 hours

Last night and this morning....

After what I think was all the residual anesthesia wore off all the pain hit me at once. I started crying and couldn't stop for about 15 minutes while my partner tried to help me change pads over lip incisions and ring out blood and fluid soaked garment as best we could without completely removing it. I tried to take OTC pain reliever spaced in between narcotic and this was a BIG MISTAKE. Woke up in so much pain and crying again. Did not expect this much pain or for my garment, towels and blanket to become drenched in fluids. This is normal and positive from I've read and from Sattler told us but it is still alarming somewhat. One of my incisions appeared to be more bleeding than leaking fluid but this may be because I over did with trying to walk around the house bunch yesterday while I was still under effects of the anesthesia. Today I will be taking it way more easy. I will likely need a pain med refill as if I keep taking every 3 hours (which I discovered is the only way not to lapse into pain and try to reverse) I will be out my late tonight or early tomorrow morning. I have a feeling I will need these for a few more days. I woke up at 3:30 in pain and couldn't get back to sleep. Took more pain meds and now will try to dose off as they kick in.

Dr. Sattler returned my call last night when I called to ask about bleeding. Sounds likes everything is normal and will talk to Julie, the PCC later this morning about a few other non-urgent questions I have. He told me he was able to remove 1.8 liters of fat and was able to see my tummy looks pretty swollen but flat when changing pads beneath garment last night!!! My breasts are super tender and painful, and I'm hoping as they heal I will have more cleavage! Overall, I have no regrets and am very happy with my choice in both procedure and surgeon. Can't wait to start running again to lose all this extra weight now that my boobs and tummy finally will be improved after having kids. Will post again soon!

Got to shower and see my tummy! Loving these results so far. Can't wait for the weeks to go by so I can see the final! ??

Day 2, before shower! Almost all drainage has stopped aside from mild draining from one incision.

Also, never heard of this until I looked it up after experiencing it but apparently it's normal. When I inhale, a crackling noise followed by a swoosh sound occurs which I guess is caused by air pockets around the implant and should resolve itself within weeks!? Strange indeed.....
Anywho I'm loving my results so far but was unable to post pics last night with that update. Extremely happy I did not jump the gun with a full tuck quite yet. Dr. Sattler did an amazing job from what I can tell!! ???? I am not disappointed!

Pics not posting??


Trying to post pics again


Finally Photos Uploaded! Update on my night and morning......

Last night was rough but I got more sleep than the night before for sure! I've been taking 800mg Advil every 8 hours and trying to reduce pain killer intake by spreading it out longer and taking less at a time. It really is hard and painful to walk, get out of bed, and to move around in general unless I have pain meds in my system. Advil alone is not cutting it as of day 3.

My surgeon wrote me a new a script and met with me yesterday because they wanted to make sure everything was healing OK as I should not be in as much pain as I described. I have a large implant under the muscle and I had 2 liters of fat removed from one central area and am very swollen----this is why I hurt so bad. I doesn't help that I have a pretty low tolerance for discomfort or pain of any kind. I showered and did some homework last night from bed. Still not sure I will make classes Friday, definitely not tomorrow though. I'm already wanting to schedule more lipo!! LOL. Maybe some arms and thighs?? I am going to start my workout routine again as soon as possible. I'm excited to see my body look as nice as it did in my early 20's and am over the moon with how my tummy looks as of last night.

Just call me Boobs McGee

Feeling well enough today to try on some shirts and stuff just to play around and see how things will fit now. Some things won't fit anymore now that I am post op. Not exactly looking forward to going through my massive closet. I'm able to put my hair up, put my garment on and off without help, taking only one pain pill every 3 hours now. Looking at my flanks and may want a touch up towards my back area. Still swollen though, so I will just wait and see.

Just to add...

Also I have found after sleeping or staying in one position for awhile it is helpful to completely undo body garment and readjust while making sure abdomen skin is smoothed and straight. This helps with not only comfort but makes me feel better knowing my skin is not being creased or pulled in weird directions while healing. Itching has definitely set in. I also noticed when taking a break from my breast garment pain started to feel more intense after a bit. After putting it back on I instantly felt relief.


Lumpy and bumpy but only @ day 3/4. Good with my breast size, no regrets.

Just when I think I'm on the up...

Yesterday was the best I have felt post op and I was definitely the most active. I thought it was only going to get better but here I am 5 days post op and am
Still hurting when I move, walk, talk, pretty much anything that requires minor effort on my part. I let my pain lapse last night thinking I was on the up swing and before bed I was in lots of pain and regret and realized I'm not ready to stop pain meds yet. I started doing research and am finding such a wide variation in recovery experience involving pain associated with Lipo. Some ladies say they have pain for months while some say none at all? My pain is throughout the day but by far the worst in the morning and before bed.

Today was the first day I was able to take my kids to school. Every bump and turn was torture. I was really hoping to be able to make it to my school today, there are assignments I won't be able to make up :(. After last night, I knew this was unlikely but waking up throughout the night and then this morning I knew it was definitive. I just hope this doesn't last much longer. I am definitely able to use my arms more and am more flexible with my upper body movements. My breasts do ache and sometimes will have pain periodically. It's mainly the Lipo, my entire mid section that is bothering me still. I can feel movement (I think small natural seromas?) when I move under the skin. Super bizarre feeling. Anywho, feeling kind of discouraged as I was really looking forward to leaving my house and being out and about today, but it just isn't going to happen. Maybe I should not try to be so active even though this is encouraged? I always end up in more
Pain when I have done this so far.

Better end today...

I ended up being way more active tonight than before! Still super uncomfortable but was given a non-narcotic med to help going forward and hope it works! I did dishes, cooked dinner and made the bed with new sheets. All was not exactly comfortable but I did it! I really am missing spending quality time w/ my family. My partner has been battling a nasty cold and cough and has basically been a single dad this whole week. He is my hero! Tonight he got a little snappy, but I acknowledged his stress from this week he and seemed relieved to know I am understanding and grateful. I saw my tummy again today, and am nervous because a much milder version of that c-section shelf seems to be reforming. Also I was to have my waist done but I know that my back above my butt area (waist) was not worked on :(. I will bring this up during my post op appt. because I definitely mentioned this as one of my major concerns. No procedure is perfect or exact and I know my surgeon will welcome my concerns and work with me (as all reputable surgeons should and will), that is why I picked him! The work that was done is excellent. I am aware my stomach will not entirely smooth and tight----i carried huge babies full term and am short....but am really nervous because my stomach looked amazing post-op day 1-2 but now is slowly regressing it seems. This is probably swelling but I want to document my fears so ladies in the future can identify and see what my outcome is if they are in a similar position.

Add on..

I feel like I might be this "weird" type of patient. One who has amazing results just after but then it all goes to shit? Like my boobs for example weren't really crazy high or deformed looking initially but as of tonight they are super high, in my armpits, and just feel gross. And as I mentioned above my c-section shelf is making a comeback. :( Really, really hope for the best....not perfection but just for the best improvement that is attainable from my selected procedures in the long term. Prob should stop looking at myself daily and make it more of a weekly check-in thing? Too much stress with comparing myself day to day.

6 days post

My shelf just won't give up

Hugely Disappointed & Embarrassed

I had my first post-op today. Didn't go as expected to say the least.........

Initially during my consultation I was quoted for a tummy tuck and lipo to address my abdomen issues. I specifically remember grabbing my massive waist/flank area and saying " I WANT THIS GONE!" Sattler said he would aggressively lipo that area during my TT procedure. He had mentioned I could get good results from lipo of abdomen but I was thinking full TT at that point. After thinking it over, as described in my very first post, I decided to ask for a requote for just lipo and augmentation. The quote named abdomen and waist lipo; knowing the conversation we had at the consultation I figured "waist" included the area I emphasized hating so much. I remember talking about how it makes my butt look boxy etc., and how exciting lipo of that area sounded to me. Well I am now post-op and apparently they want another 3k just to do the "posterior flanks" area---like not even a surgeon fee discount!!? Isn't this classified as part of a women's waist in lipo?? Do a google image search of "waist lipo" and the first 9/10 images are of a persons backside. Apparently each surgeon has their very own definition of one's area of anatomy on the body, so be sure for him/her to physically show you before you pay what areas he/she will be working on.

As Julie, the PCC handed me this quote I was outraged. I can't afford another 3k to get what I had clearly stated I wanted done since day 1. Julie explained to me this would have taken another hour and I would have been flipped over and just my sides were done per "waist" area down to the table. Fine, but thats not what I said I wanted. I inquired why we didn't schedule the extra hour in the first place as it would have cost me MUCH less and save me from a 2nd procedure? I asked if it was because I took someone else's appointment time in the OR, was the surgery time and not just the date prearranged leaving Sattler to do just what he could in the amount of time that was already paid for and scheduled? Why was this area not addressed??? I didn't really get an answer and I was feeling flustered as I walked out of the appointment room towards the exit.

Make sure you clarify with any surgeon what he/she considers as an "area" even if you think you've done your part in describing what you want. I assumed "waist" would address my expressed concerns--- but it didn't. I can't believe it.

Now on to my other concern......

I explained I was still in pain, specifically mornings but at times its worse than others. What I shared with Dr. Sattler was completely invalidated. I was told this is abnormal, and patients don't need/ask for anything other than advil 5-7 days out from the procedures I had. I was told the non-narcotic he prescribed Friday is not as strong as Advil and so just take Advil from now on (which I already figured out on my own over the weekend). I felt like he didn't believe me, that I was some "drug seeker" or something because he was so dismissive about my description of pain I am still experiencing. Is this normal?? Can any of you please tell me when your pain was low enough to just get by on advil without being miserable when moving around? I'm feeling totally defeated and embarrassed that I still need something stronger than advil after my appointment this morning and at day 7?? Left his office without scheduling my 6 week post op because I just couldn't be there another minute this morning. I was too embarrassed and upset.

Saw my primary doctor...

Cried all the way to my kids school this morning because 1) mornings are super painful and 2) I'm and emotional wreck after yesterday's appt.

I was able to see my pcp this morning who double checked my body for signs of infection, acknowledged that I have no history of drug or prescription pill abuse, noted I have had c-sections, rhinoplasty & septoplasty, and a broken back requiring a brace for 6 months and I have NEVER requested odd amounts of pain relief attention post op. I haven't had pain medicine prescribed since my daughter's birth! She acknowledged with all the heroin and opiate users that providers are commonly withholding proper pain tx in fear of all the crackdowns on pill mill doctors and the DEA. How sad for people who are not actually drug seekers and are actually experiencing pain and Advil is not enough. Not to mention I have been taking 3 times as much Advil as advised on the bottle, dr Sattler and Julie have been having me take 4 200mg every 8 hours equally double what the brand advises is safe within a 24 hour period. However, their regimen of what they "think" is "normal" for post op pain never was sufficient and so I was taking more and more Advil throughout the day to try and make myself comfortable. My doctor, who I have a history with actually believed me when I told her I need something mornings and nights when swelling is the worst. She ended up doing what I thought my surgeon would: she is treating my pain! I'm super bummed about the whole experience. I feel uncomfortable and labeled now so don't even want to call with questions. There are some other things that happened that I chose not To mention in my previous posts in effort of staying positive, I may or may not share those experiences later. I feel like this is so majorly important when you are selecting a surgeon: you should know how your pain will be managed even if you end up not being The ideal and "normal" patient post op. Honestly, I would be afraid to do anything major again that is elective after this.

Julie & Sattler both followed up with me........(Happy)

After my post-op I had sent Julie an e-mail explaining how I was feeling about the procedure and what it included, and how I was under the impression "waist" would take care of my "flanks" which was one of my main areas I expressed wanting to improve initially and was also part of my original quote. I had gotten calls from both Sattler and Julie and they left messages apologizing for the misunderstanding and letting me know they really wanted me to be happy with my results and could see why I was upset after realizing how confusing "flanks" vs. "waist" is to patients. Dr. Sattler left me a voicemail letting me know he will cover this area for no cost in his office under a local anesthesia!!! I am so relieved. I had a really good conversation with Julie this morning as well, and I feel so much better about everything. I am really grateful and impressed how genuine they are in wanting to make sure I have the best results and am happy with my outcome. I can do the in-office procedure anytime! Maybe as early the end of this month! Feeling oh-so-much better today.....

Scheduled: Lipo of flanks/waist....2 more days!

I am healing well from the first procedure so far, I guess. It is more painful than I had considered, but everyday it does seem like it gets a sliver better, I just thought at 2 weeks post-op I would not have like any discomfort whatsoever that advil couldn't completely mask. I thought like the same level as period pain by now, or something?! LOL! Ya right.
Slowly my boobs look better and better and no longer feel like they are in in my arm pits, they seem to be relaxing and are now closer together. Still regrets on size. 520cc should equal about a 2 cup increase so I am thinking I will be in the large D range. My stomach is super hard and bloated from the lipo. I can tell there is a major difference that will eventually be seen, but for now the bloat and swelling guarantees I either wear a dress (and not the body con kind) or stretch pants (yay). I am not disappointed with my results at all! Like you will read over and over, I just wish I could fast forward to the final results already. I wish I could wake up and not feel the aches and pains of surgery. Having a large implant under the muscle is likely why I still do feel anything at all this far out. Some women I have talked to that go over the muscle in the 300 cc range have like zero pain after day 2!! Either way, I got what I wanted and it will be worth it.

My flank lipo is scheduled for this Wednesday in the morning at Dr. Sattler's office! I will be awake and it will be done outside of the OR as an in-office procedure. I am so grateful that he is taking care of this for me based on our consultation conversation. This should be interesting, I will now know the difference between recovery from asleep lipo versus awake lipo. Pretty sure this won't hurt nearly as bad, the abdomen versus flanks--I read the abdomen is most painful area typically. I am very happy and excited to see my new shape and will post pics post-op Weds. night & with pic updates from the first procedure!

Am about to post some news but first a couple of progress pics up boobs. In love with them.

Top photos are today, 16 days post op
Bottom photos are 4 days post op. They look so natural to me!!!

In-office bilateral waist Lipo Done!!!

So this went so much easier than I anticipated. Love that I am not all drowsy from general anesthesia and am in like zero pain as of right now. All I had to take pre-op was a couple Xanax (personal request), 2 pain pills, and some anti nausea tablet and an antibiotic before Dr. Sattler started the procedure. It was on a scale in terms of pain from 1-10 like a 2 and that was only for like seconds at a time before it was comfortable again. He uses a numbing solution (lidocaine?) and at times it tickled near the ribs, and fluctuated from at times feeling like a tattoo sensation would to almost like getting a massage!! It was very, very smooth and Sattler talked to me the whole time, making sure I was OK and asking if I was comfortable. He mentioned how rewarding it is to see so much fat being able to be extracted and kept telling me how great I was doing throughout the procedure. Jaycee and Julie were awesome, helping me throughout the whole thing; getting dressed and walking me out to the car that my partner was waiting in. Totally different experience because I am completely coherent and although I know I am still numb from the lidocaine solution, I am completely mobile and not as freaked out by the draining now that I knew what to really expect. I can see a difference even with my garment on (I have a shirt wrapped around my waist to help absorb draining in addition to towels I am laying on in bed. Dr. Sattler even worked a little on my sacral area, which he didn't have to. He told me was able to remove a lot more fat, 1.2 liters total from just my posterior waist!!! Thats more than half of what he removed from my abdomen and sides. I am so impressed and excited to see what it will look like tomorrow when I can shower. Sattler and his staff really are great people and I couldn't have asked for more understanding, friendly, and professional treatment in a surgeon and his staff. I am SOOOOO happy. Here is a couple pics---I am literally an hour post-op and am feeling great. My mac isn't finding the pics I just took to upload, so will do it right below in a new post....

Pics from last post

Dr. Sattler Made Me Hot!!

Holy Crap, guys!!! I know lipo day 2 is already exciting because you aren't quite peaking swell hell and your freshly drained but I also believe (from reviews) that day 2 is a great indication of what your final result will be. I woke up this morning with zero pain medicine in my system and was able to walk to the bathroom--totally doable with moderate pain. I think my boobs hurt almost as bad as my flanks---which is not that bad anymore.

I took a couple pain meds, waited a half an hour and then got up and got my kids ready for the day and took them to school! I got home, did some homework, showered, and headed to my classes!!! I was open to missing classes today or my kids being late for school in the event I was dying of discomfort given my experience from my 1st procedure. All I can say is, Nope!!! I am feeling great, looking great and even though I am not over doing anything (walking slowly, sitting carefully, etc.) I can honestly move around just like I have been for the last week post-op from boobs and ab lipo.

I got to see my waist for the first time and I am almost cried!!! I can finally see where by back ends and my butt begins. I have a big butt, always have, but now I can see my curves instead of this long rectangle shape box that always made me insecure. Like a month of squats and HIIT and my backside will look amazing!!! Who needs butt injections when you have Dr. Sattler to sculpt and shape your body perfectly?? Well, Dr. Sattler played a huge role but so did my Mama's big booty genes! Ha!

OMG ladies, I am feeling the happiest I have since my original procedure and have zero regrets about anything!! Here (next post below, not sure why mac isn't finding imports from iPhone) are some pics from this morning before school.....


Off to school!! Day after flank Lipo

Let's talk about sex baby......and other things.....

So I have noticed that I really had no idea about this topic so much pre-op. My partner is amazing and supportive in every way humanly possible but he still has needs too, right? I know him, I know his body language and when he is feeling unappreciated or just overwhelmed. It is SO hard because he knows I am not in a position to go at it, but he wants to, and he is also excited to see my transformation (even though he swears I was just fine before.......which is what he SHOULD say) Truth is, and I know it and so does he, that I look way better now---physically and I am also probably limping (lol) with an extra pep in my step knowing I followed through with something I have been agonizing over for a couple years now. He just can't wait to play with my new body, but here I am, in pain and like ....oooooo don't touch....ooooo not like that.....ooooouch. Ha! He has never once asked for sex but I have offered it only twice which conditions. He was more than happy to adhere.

I know this all about us ladies, but I can tell it took a toll on my partner as well. I know he hates to see me in pain, he hates to have to take on all of my responsibilities as a "homemaker" and he HATES not being able to touch me, snuggle me, or for us just to be normal with each other. I'm feeling extra grateful for his support tonight (because I have a great person as a partner) and because I know how much he has to do while I do this for me. Sure, he gets to reep reward (brand new set of boobs etc.) but I honestly think he could've cared less. He just likes boobs. Now mine are better and he is excited, but he also is dying to play with them and be close to me!! I just wanted to post this super personal rant because I realized how much he has gone through too---and sacrificed......(this while Rod Stewart is playing on my Pandora...Everything I do.....LOL) Holy Jesus. Just be kind to your spouse, and tell them as simply as possible that this too shall pass.

Boobs feeling better, looking better


Short pic update

Hey all! I am a little over 3 weeks from abdomen Lipo and breast augmentation and 9 days out from flank liposuction. I want to post in more detail but for now here are some updated pics..:. Will update more this weekend....

Approaching 5 weeks....

Hey all!

I wanted to ask a question to anyone who may have had this experience. My 6 week post-op is next week so am waiting to see my Dr. to bring this up to him, but it would be nice to know this may be somewhat normal because I'm not so sure. As the acute pain from surgery has gradually subsided and aches and pains have become less and less, I have noticed the nerve pain/sunburn sensation is still very much here mainly on my abdomen where the lipo was done and sometimes the skin on my breasts as well. It feels like how your skin feels when you're coming down with the flu--hypersensitive and painful to the touch--like even clothes hurt my skin at times when not wearing my garment. I am still swollen so have been patiently waiting for that to end but this is just annoying, uncomfortable, and I want to know when it will end!!!? My poor kids constantly are told to "be careful" or "don't push on me" etc. and I'm feeling guilty at 4-5 weeks out. I saw a commercial for some Aspercreme lidocaine 4% lotion; promptly drove to Rite-Aid and made that purchase. Didn't really help though :(
Just want swelling, pain, hardness, unevenness, and discomfort to be OVER already.

Wanted to Suggest if you have moderate sag breasts but are opting to not lift

You need dual plane placement of your implants (as opposed to strictly over or under the muscle) and the larger the implant the better. This technique also prevents bottoming out/double bubble and can have somewhat of a lifting effect as the implant is under the muscle in the upper portion of the breast and over the muscle in the bottom portion of the breast. This decreases "snoopy" appearance as well. No doubt I would look better with a lift but do not want to the scars at this point. I've seen several women I have been following in my feed end up with issues due to implants placed entirely under the muscle as well as over that are not happy recently. I believe a surgeon who performs this technique is your best bet (and strangely some do not offer?) if you have mild/moderate sag and do not want a lift.

A few pics

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