Up Hill Battle with Surgeons & Health Insurance - Seattle, WA

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I found a surgeon in April. Their first request...

I found a surgeon in April. Their first request for authorization to my insurance was denied. The surgeons office didn't call me or write me once it was denied. It was denied for a very basic reason, they didn't say how much they were going to take off and didn't did get/send all my medical records. When I called them they said they would call me back to let if the doctor 'wanted' to appeal. They never called me back. I called around to all my doctors got the rest of the records & wrote a letter from me to my insurance company for them to send with the appeal. The denial was over turned but the surgeons office wouldn't return my calls or emails for a month. When I did talk to them they were also being wishy-washy regarding out of pocket cost.
Sooo I found a new surgeon whom I like better she said she would submit the authorization request to my insurance in a 'few days'. I advised her (per a conversation I had with my insurance co's auth dept) that there is already an approved authorization on file all they have to do is submit their own new authorization request & reference the old approved authorization so they can link up to the medical records & approval. Well that was two weeks ago.

Is it that these surgeons prefer cash patients and aren't as attentive to the patients with health insurance OR do I just have bad luck?!

How long should it take for my doctor to submit an authorization request to my insurance?

It took the doctor 3 weeks to submit the auth...

It took the doctor 3 weeks to submit the auth request to my insurance Regence. I had a nice rep at Regence helping with follow up. Once the doctor submitted the request it took my insurance 1 hour to approved the auth request!

I finally have a DATE! November 12th with a pre-op appointment November 5th. I'm so excited!
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