Breast Reduction- G Cup - Seattle, WA

I've had large breast my whole life. I 5'5 and I...

I've had large breast my whole life. I 5'5 and I weigh 145 pounds, G cup. My Goal cup size is C-D. I have shoulder, neck and back pain almost everyday, they are too heavy for me. I am unable to walk and exercise for long period of time. I do see a chiropractor for my pain. I am hoping my insurance will cover it. I have already but done a deposit to hold the date and waiting for insurance approval , I have group health. My surgery date is July 14th. If my insurance does not approve it. I will not b getting the surgery and using the deposit for something else. I can not afford
$12,000. I will add pics soon!

Insurance approved!

My insurance approved few days ago ! They will cover 80% of the cost . My pre op is tomorrow ! And surgery date is July 14th!

Just got surgery

Just got the surgery, everything went really well! And I have looked my boobs already because my doctor told me to take a shower today. I love the aerola shape and the lifted boobs . I would say they look like a C right now but the sides are very swollen. I'm not sure if will stay like that but it looks like there's a lot of tissue on the sides left. I wanted a more rounded lifted look. Hopefully the swollen goes down and this look like my wish pic I showed him!!! Pain level I would say I'm at a 3. They are just painful when I move a lot, like out of the car and taking my first shower was painful but my mom helped me. I will keep this post updates . Not sure if I'll post any pictures!

Still swollen, oozing , bloody and bruised

I am 5 days post op. I am very swollen, bruised and today I was oozing out yellow liquid that smelled a little. Not sure if this is normal but I will upload a few pics. I would say I look like a full C , I was a G cup. I am a little boxy and hoping my breast with drop. I can't feel sensation in my right nipple yet but I could on my left. The sides near my armpit are still wide not sure if it's tissue or just swollen, I did not have fat there before. I had to cover up my nipples because my husband does not want me to post pictures online.
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