52 Years Old, 2 Teens, 40G, Really Looking Forward to This!!! Seattle, WA

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I am really excited to have been approved by my...

I am really excited to have been approved by my insurance for my breast reduction! I feel very confident with the surgeon I have chosen. He has decades of experience, a wonderful personality and sense of humor! I don't want to go through another summer being unbearably hot, dealing with rashes...not to mention having to go to the outlet mall to get the one bra I can find in 40G! I hate having to buy clothes in 2X because my boobs won't fit into anything else!

A little rain on my parade...

I found out today that I have not acrued enough vacation time to ask for 2 wks off in April. I have been at my job 6 months.. they do not allow unpaid time off. I am going to talk about it with my supervisor on Tuesday. I might have to put it off.

Septoplasty trumps breast reduction....sad sad sad

After having two implant posts placed, seeing the x-ray of my face showed a very deviated septum and huge nasal turbinates. This may help explain constant headaches....this surgery is scheduled in Feb. I will continue to follow your stories and cheer you on!


October 24 is the day!! I just filled out my pre-op paperwork. I met my deductible earlier this year with the septoplasty, so my only cost is $350 for the anesthesiologist, which somehow is not covered. So excited!!!

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