5'6"/125lbs/30yo/No Kids. Getting 425cc Tall Sientra Teardrop Cohesive Gel Implants - Seattle, WA

I went to Sound Plastic Surgery in Seattle, WA for...

I went to Sound Plastic Surgery in Seattle, WA for a free consultation with Dr. Joshua Cooper on March 8, 2016. The office is lovely and clean, the staff is friendly. The ladies working with me seemed about my age and were honest about having breast implants themselves. One even eagerly let me feel hers. I had done plenty of research prior to going in. I knew I wanted the tall Sientra teardrop cohesive gel implants because I have a long torso. The distance from my collarbone to my nipple is much further than most women and I have a very bony, pronounced sternum. I need the slope of the shaped implant if I have any hope of gaining cleavage.
Dr. Cooper seemed surprised that I did not have a plethora of example photos, nor an ideal cup size in mind. I was more concerned with symmetry, the gap between my breasts, and slope. I knew going in that although being similar in size, one nipple is slightly higher than the other. Dr. Cooper confirmed my concern that this will be more noticeable once the size of the breasts are increased, but I have decided I can live with that. He explained that the natural plain of the breasts determine where the implants can be placed. Cooper seems, thoughtful, honest and straight-forward. I never felt pressured or like he was trying to "sell" me on anything. After taking my measurements he left me with a good idea of what my best outcome will be.
Then the fun part started! I was given a bra that clasped in the front and began "trying on" implants by stuffing them in to the bra. The implants start small and increase in size. I was told to bring multiple shirts to my appointment seeing how the implants will look under a variety of garments. I stopped when I began to feel cartoonish! I chose 425cc Sientra "classic base" teardrop-shaped textured implants with a moderate projection of 5cm and width of 13.1cm which I was assured was safe given the measurement taken earlier. I excitedly secured these gems with a deposit and set a pre-op appointment and surgery date in August 2016!

Before photos

Pardon the stickers covering my existing tattoos :-)

At the consult 3/8/2016

At the consultation with the winning 425cc inserts. They look proportionate on my long torso.

4 more weeks!

I am so excited for my procedure! It couldn't come at a more perfect time in my life. 2 months ago I had a hysterectomy. For years I have been battling PCOS and Endometriosis. It had always been my plan to have kids in my late 20s-early 30s and then get implants for my 40th Bday. When I found out last year that I would never be pregnant I decided F-it! I turned 30 a few weeks ago and this is my gift to myself after all I've been through.

Surgery postponed

Had to move my surgery date to March 10th.
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