Love My Implants -- Having Revision for Contracture and Asymmetry - Seattle, WA

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I got breast implants a year and a half ago. Click...

I got breast implants a year and a half ago. Click my profile to check out my original review! Silicone, under muscle, 400ccs.

I love my implants, but from the beginning I knew the size was off. My doctor and I didn't account enough for the asymmetry I started with, and it's noticeable enough to me that I don't like to go braless (which is a shame, because they are perky enough to do so!).

I've also developed capsular contracture (maybe level/stage 2?) in both breasts. They're not rock hard, but harder than I'd prefer.

I was going to have my surgeon adjust the size anyway, so after the CC started we decided to do both. It's taken me a while to find the right time to do it, but tomorrow is the day!

My surgeon will be removing the scar capsule, and replacing both implants. Confession: I'm going slightly bigger on both sides (but bigger on the right to compensate for asymmetry).

My goal is to be back at my desk job by day 4. Here's hoping! This time I'm totally prepared with my list of things I wish I had/knew the last time around.

All of these things considered, I'm really happy with my enhanced breasts. I LOVE trying on clothes and even swimsuits now (even when my stomach is poochier than I'd like).

I hope this next time around I don't get CC....

2 days post-op and feeling great!

I’m just over 48 hours post-up now.

Here’s are the big differences from my first time around:

- More lucid after surgery
- No pain pump
- No valium, since the muscles have already stretched out
- Have a drain on right breast (none last time)
- Much less tired
- Easier to get out of bed

I only napped for 45 minutes the first day, later in the evening. After my first surgery I slept half the day...

I have also experienced slightly more nausea than before. I think that’s because I’m taking more pain meds, since I don’t have a pain pump providing relief straight to the source. Thankfully I have not actually thrown up.

Overall I’m feeling really good. The most discomfort comes from where my drain is inserted, on the side of my right breast. I occasionally feel tingles in my incisions (nipples), but those are few and far between today.

It’s hard to remind myself not to lift anything or push myself off the bed. Even though my muscles don’t feel tight like they did after the first surgery, I know that I shouldn’t stress them.

I’m very hopeful that I’ll be able to cut back to just Tylenol tomorrow and go back to my desk job. I already cut back to 1 oxycodone vs. 2 at a time yesterday.

I changed bras yesterday -- they are looking good! Hopefully I can shower later today. :)

So far I’ve been most thankful for my thorough diary from the first surgery. The satiny PJs came in handy, as did the straws and neck-pillow. I was so prepared this time around that I have yet to feel like “oh I wish I had...”

Definitely make yourself a checklist before you go in and have your recovery area at home stocked and ready!
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Haeck has been so kind, helpful, and understanding from day one. I met with three surgeons before my first surgery, and I'm very glad I chose him. He feels like family! His staff is also incredibly friendly. I know I'm in good hands all around when I'm there.

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