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I am going to do it. The cards finally fell right...

I am going to do it. The cards finally fell right so that I have the funds to do a little (big, lol) something for me. I have done a bunch of research, but i wouldn't say that I know any more than the next girl. I am on the fence about whether to go under or over the muscle. My instinct tells me to go over... don't mess with muscles, you're only really lean during competitions and you won't do those forever, no need for awkward boob shiftage during muscle contraction. But then I have that fear of a "coconut bra" look, and lean towards under the muscle.

Another added twist, i'm a military wife, so I am living out of the country right now. I have to decide whether or not to choose a dr here or fly back to the states to get my procedure done. Decisions, decisions.

I haven't gone for even a consultation yet, but I thought Id share my experience right from the beginning. I hope somewhere it helps someone.

Consultation Scheduled

I didn't let myself sit and contemplate it for too long, I found a doctor here that practices to American standards, was trained in America, and is a member of all those American Plastic Surgeon societies. It makes me feel a bit more comfortable being out of country.

Currently I'm sticking with my initial prediction of over the muscle, I think I have enough tissue. I'm a little more unsure on round vs anatomical. I need to do some more looking into that. Most of the "dream bust" images didn't have specifications as to their implant type. I'll see what the surgeon says in two weeks.

There are just so many choices to make over/under, anatomical/round, smooth/textured, low/moderate/high profile, incision point, silicone/saline... Although, i'd say the biggest decision is to get them done!

I'll put up some of my personal images next post.
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