Asian Rhinoplasty - Alar Reduction and Cartilage Graft - Seattle, WA.

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I think many Asians dislike their nose, finding it...

I think many Asians dislike their nose, finding it to be too flat, too wide, too bulbous. But I wish I could go back to my pre-op nose... please think before you have surgery, natural beauty can come in many forms.
I had rhinoplasty about 5 mths ago; alar base reduction (to make the nostrils less wide), cartilage graft (from the nose/ears, not artificial implant) to build up the bridge, and tip resection to make the tip less bulbous and more a bit more pointy. I opted not to have the nasal bones shaved down because I wanted a natural look.

All in all, the rhinoplasty has created even more problems for me than before. Post-surgery, I have been left with a nose that looks even flatter and wider from the frontal view, even with the alar resection. The grafts that were used to build up the bridge have created a horrible hump on the bridge that is visible from the front and side profile; the graft is also now sharp and sticking out on the side as well. My nose used to be a bit bulbous sure, but now due to the surgery, it has been shortened and upturned so much that it now looks like a pig nose, and the length from the nose to the lips looks even longer creating a really bad look.

Now my only option is to do a revision rhinoplasty, which will cost even more money, has a longer recovery rate than primary rhinoplasty, and has the potential to look even worse/more unnatural than before. Please think hard and long before going under the knife... the consequences are really irreversible, you will never be able to go back to how you looked before.
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