Weir Nostril Excision - Seattle, WA

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Hi, I had a Rhinoplasty done in February, 2011,...

Hi, I had a Rhinoplasty done in February, 2011, the following was done:
-Tip rotated upward
-Small hump on bridge of nose shaved down
-Bulbous Tip refined/reduced
-Sill excision to narrow nostrils

I made it very clear to my Doctor that reducing my nostril flare was one of my main concerns. My Doctor stated that a Sill excision would accomplish this and bring in my nostril flare and reduce my alar base.

After a week and taking the cast off I noticed my nostrils still retained the same flare they had prior to surgery.

After the surgery I learned that Sill excisions actually retain the same flare and in some cases increase nostril flare. After meeting with my doctor two weeks post op I asked why a Weir excision was not done in conjunction with a Sill excision.

My Doctor advised that due to the way my nostrils insert into my face a Weir excision cannot be performed because there is no nostril overhang (most caucasian noses have a nostril overhang).

My nose is still swollen as the photos taken are 4 weeks post op.

Is my Doctor correct when he says a Weir excision cannot be performed on my nostrils? I am unhappy with my nostril flare and am looking at a revision procedure to bring in my nostrils. I am looking at consulting other Surgeons to get there opinions.

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