Things to Know About Permanent Makeup - Seattle, WA

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That's a rough ball park because I had it done...

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That's a rough ball park because I had it done two different times. I had my eyeliner and lips done when I was 18 so that I wouldn't have to keep applying makeup. I have very sleepy looking eyes without eye liner so it makes me look much more awake. :) I had it done by a woman at a Korean Salon where she uses a tattoo gun looking machine but with smaller needles than a traditional machine.

It is very painful the old fashioned way with just numbing cream....VERY PAINFUL! I think I can handle pretty much anything at this point.

The eyeliner was the worst, going along the crease of your eye absolutely kills and I was so scared of being poked. I must say though it was one of the best decisions I have made. I absolutely love it. I had it touched up by another lady in Seattle a few years after, and it still looks almost as it did when I first got it done.

The lips, not worth it. The reason for me is that the color of the lip liner did not stay. What I later learned from the tattoo lady (Thanks for telling me after the fact!) Is that the color doesn't stay as well when you are young because your natural collagen pushes the color out. Mind you I am not sure if this is true, but what I do know is that it was a complete waste of money. After the scabs fell away in five days or so no more color. :( I have given up on the lips. Maybe it will work better on a person with a different skin type?

I am not sure if you are middle-aged it may stay, I am 28 just about now and may try again in a few years.

All in all.... YES TO THE EYES, NO TO THE LIPS if you are around my age 18-28. That's my vote.



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