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I have a few deep acne scars especially on my...

I have a few deep acne scars especially on my right cheek which I am very conscious about.My dermatologist suggested that the Palomar 1540 would be very effective. Currently I have finished 2 treatments ( of the 4 I am planning to do).Here is how its playing out-

  • Numbing is a must (atleast for me)-an hour before the actual treatment.
  • The laser feels like pinpricks/little rubber band snaps and I am more sensitive near the nasal area and the forehead.
  • My face turns puffy and red as soon as the treatment is done.
  • The puffiness is almost gone by the second day but the redness and the 'sun burnt look' lasts for about 3-5 days( nothing you can cover with some makeup).
  • The second time around I had 'pixel' or waffle prints', all over my face but it disappeared by the 5th day.

I haven't seen any major changes to my face. Maybe a 5% decrease in the number of scars- but then I am very critical of myself!

The treatment itself hasn't caused any distress to me. I hope this review will help some people who are afraid to attempt this.

I cant say it is a 100% working for me, since the actual results are supposed to be seen 5-6 months later! Some patience required !

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