Using the Hairmax 2000 for Hair Growth.... Hoping for Thicker Hair! - Seattle, WA

I am using the Hairmax 2000 to see if it can...

I am using the Hairmax 2000 to see if it can thicken my hair. I have tried many thickening shampoos, Ovation and others and haven't seemed to notice an obvious result. I just started using it a few weeks ago and will keep you updated!

I have very fine hair and have experienced a lot of damaged with trying to go blonde in the past. Due to constantly dealing with flatness, slow hair growth, and extensions being too obvious I turned to the Hairmax 2000. 2000..


So... I do notice my hair looking healthier and growing longer, but it has not thickened yet at all.  I am being pretty steady with use but I'll keep you updated!

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