Getting Implants Out - Seattle, WA

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Hello All! So glad to see this site. I just...

Hello All! So glad to see this site. I just googled removal of breast implants and this site came up. I had my first implants done in 1987, silicone..since then I've had 14 surgeries, this has been a nightmare and has cost me 10's of thousand of dollars. At this point, probably the worst decision I've ever made, my BIGGEST regret was getting these implants.

Today, I have one of the worst capsules my plastic surgeon has ever seen. I'm in SO much pain all the time, my left breast is SO tight and bulging and pushing up implants have fallen out of their pockets..a true nightmare. I want them out and my plastic surgeon will NOT even think about reimplanting anything. Clearly my body does not like these implants.

So, my surgery is scheduled next month. I'm scared because I've had at least something in there for over 20 years, but I can't stand these things, can't sleep, hug anyone, have to have ice packs on them. I'm very I'll just have to see what's left, but I'm happy to see the posts on here. Most of you women look SO much better with those ballons in, ya know.

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