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At 41 I got greedy and now I look like a boney...

At 41 I got greedy and now I look like a boney caricature of myself. Lifted things but aged me and I don't recognize my pretty face. Will things go back? I can't take a decent pic. Spent life modeling etc please beware. Very depressed. Good clinic. Etc can anyone relate to this. Perhaps it melted fat? Did your look return?


Looking at all before and afters...the only people who look better are those with FAT faces. And no one looks YOUNGER. Tighter unfortunately does not mean younger. Check out all before a and afters. I have a skinny face w delicate bone structure and big kind eyes. I look stern. I think this procedure is very flawed.


It looks like a third of my face is missing. If it's NOT fat loss as you all say, why is my face so skinny, especially at the bottom, and so when the procedure wears off, will it come back to normal? At this phase major damage control. I need to know if i need fat injections or to wait. Wish i could get an answer from someone.

Ultherapy pics almost 6 months

I just saw my pics. I look like the woman's mother on the left (me 6 mos ago) This is crazy. My eyes are small and hooded. They were bright and bushy tailed! I literally have aged YEARS. Please don't do it.

Here are my 6 mos pics.

Here are my 6 mos pics. My eyes are small and worn. I looked 10 years younger. My spirit is crushed. I have to do fat grafts for eyelid retraction but I don't see how that's going to open the eye again. Ultherapy needs to be ripped off the market.


People wanted pics. I'm 6 mos out and my face is STILL getting worse before my eyes. The rest of my face is gaunt. I look like crap even with sunglasses on.


This is a pic off the net. I think her after picture is terrible bc her gorgeous eyes are gone. Whatever tightened will fall in a year. The eyes become pulled horizontally.

ultherapy everyone looks worse

Hi. Thank you for taking the time to read my posts. After looking at "successful" ultherapy results. I think MOST people look WORSE. Utherapy robs you of the natural contours of your face and of the sexiness of your eyes. I am posting some results from on line. Tell me if you agree.

another woman's big blue eyes wrecked

The rest of her skin loose with fat loss . Not going to let this Fisher Price tinker toy ruin more women and am starting a blog. This is NOT OKAY

pre ultherapy eyes .

Young and beautiful. Here's my eyes before and after. The after has fillers now but i still need surgery. Small retracted. If anyone knows how I can sue please contact me.

me before ultherapy

I'd give anything to have me face back. This is equivalent to bed plastic surgery which I never had and never wanted. Eyes destroyed. Bone structure destroyed. You can't recreate natural beaty. I wish u had known the truth about ultherapy. This is a warning to all. Please be careful. They just want your money.


I really wanted to get off this board...post the 6th month mark and it keeps going

I want off this ugly train...but nooooo. My face is getting worse past the 6th month mark. My face is puffy and my eyes are getting smaller and meaner looking by the day. I have No One to help me as everyone shrugs, I want to speak to the ultherapy people but who? The doctor of the clinic claims he "Lost" my Before pictures, so I cant even show any other physicians to help me.
Jesus Christ. If ANYONE has any advice. Please send it my way. I would really love to talk with an Ultherapy specialist to get some answers. Has ANYONE'S EYES opened up again? Thank you. I'm scared everyday. Ugh


This is so humiliating but here it goes....pictures of me a month before ultherapy...and 6 mos after. I will only leave this up for a few days. I should also tell you that my face hurts (noy just visually) It's PULLING so HARD on my eye sockets, so in addition to looking like an angry Asian person, it's painful. I can't get any advice from Doctors. My beauty is GONE.

last post for a while.

Thank you for reading my lengthy thread and for your support. I met with a Dr. Today who does not believe ultherapy should be used on the face, only to melt double chins ....it was amazing because this is the first time I have been heard. All the other docs are in bed with ultherapy so even though they said, yeah you lost some fat...it's kind of like, good luck! He said I lost a lot of fat and that's why my eyes are so small. I also have excessive tightening. He gave me hope saying, give the skin some time to heal and wait a year from treatment. If it's still unsatisfactory, they can do fat injections starting at the scalp to open things back up again.

Ultherapy is very new. It may work for you, God Willing! Or you may ruin your face. I was never warned about this risk that is very real. ...you have to ask yourself is it worth the crap shoot?

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These companies success is dependent on these reviews. We have a lot of POWER . Don't let doctors and sales bullies (they tried on my thread) deter you from speaking out. It's your face and you only have ONE. Women+aging =vulnerable $$$$$ for these janky machines.
Thanks for listening.

Trying to heal my face

Firstly, I have been speaking to dozens of botched Ultherapy victims. Thank you for inspiring me to write my blog. I didn't think people would care to read it, but are actually WAITING for it. I wrote for 10 hours today, and it brought up a lot of emotions. I'm sad, and scared, but also angry. The doctor won't release my medical files, has LOST my before pictures, and refuses to put me in touch with anyone who knows more about the technology, and will not report my adverse effects to Ultherapy. I have been doing a lot of research because I can't get answers. This is helping... am using surgical tape for my forehead to train the muscles, and open the eye, and stretch the skin. I should have been doing this for months. You can try this. It's very easy.
Basically Ultherapy is like putting your head in a dryer...everything shrinks! The SMAS layer shrunk so much that my eyes are ruined. It may have nerve damage as well, I'm not sure...I think that's why the flesh starts falling and drooping. It's truly a ridiculous machine. It's nothing more than a get rich quick mentality for your face. The doctors on this blog are paid, as you will see the same ones over and over parroting the Ultherapy jargon, all denying your experience. If Ultherapy even botches 1/20 women, isn't that enough to warrant some concern? A warning label? *May cause ugliness. I guess not. I found this on line. Hope it helps.
Glutamine is known for its ability to enhance immune function and to decrease healing time in burn patients. Glutamine is the major amino acid lost during any tissue injury, implying that it has a significant role in the healing and recovery process.
Worth a shot. I will try microcurrent facials as well, and am massaging my face with Arnica.
I'm hoping the muscles and nerves in my face heal with time.
Also I don't suggest running out and doing surgery until a year post. Things are going to keep changing, and you don't want to make any decisions about your face in a reactive state. I'll keep you posted. Hang in there!
A youthful face is not small and pulled. It is big with a lot of facial fat, and wide eyes. Ultherapy is such an epic fail. You doctors better sell your machines while someone is stupid enough to buy it. xoxo

left side of face melts off

Had no problems before this. Notice left side fat. Ton of fat loss. Jaw is wobly. Fillers can only do so much . Already had almost 3 grand fillers and this is as good as they can do.

I know people want to see pix

I just can't do it I'm sorry. Here's a pic of me a few mos before ultherapy. I thought I would just not age for 2 years. I had nothing to lift! I look really old and hard now

sorry here's the before pic DOH!

ultherapy destroys beauty

If you have done it, you can spot it. I'd bet my life these women have done it.

please get me off of this train

Hi guys. Next week I will be 7 mos. The latest and the greatest is severe collagen growth over my cheekbones and unfer my eyes. It feels so puffy and awful and I look like a pie. Can ANYONE tell me whem this sick joke will stop? I always had hollow tear troughs . .now I'm puffing out. I shutter to think what I will look like in a few months. I told my mother that I don't want to live anymore. I'm in a constant panic attack. This is a living HELL.

Hi Guys

If you are suffering with some nasty ultherapy results I have some advice. I have been putting Voltaren gel 1 percent on my face a few x a day and it's really helping . These doctors keep saying there's nothing that can be done, but it's my face and I'm not a quitter. Ultherapy "works "bc we are having inflammation so the idea is to fight it with anflammatories to interfere with tje process. I myself, would have been curious about low level steroids to stop the ugly train, but doctors have been useless . This Voltaren Gel is by prescription I believe so ask your doctor. My face is getting more calm using it. First I lost ally fat, now I look like a marshmallow with bags under my eyes. I am miami meeting with Dr. RIAN meareks. The guy thay has his anti ultherapy Posts on this board. I had to move in with my mom for financial and emotional reasons. (Thank God for moms!) I still don't know how I will resolve the eye issues. I also don't know why these doctors won't address the eye shrink situation as it happens a lot. Thanks for listening !!!
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