Sculptra: Perplexing Odd Experience

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First Sculptra session was 2/2009: -received 2...

First Sculptra session was 2/2009: -received 2 vials this session (saw sculptra vial/bottle on the tray next to i believe were 10 syringes) VERY PAINFUL -exprerienced excessive swelling & bruising that was grossly visible immediately and up to 2 weeks -no other adverse effects experienced after 2 weeks -noticable volume for the first month then subtle less noticable volume. -massaged area as instructed, very painful/sore while doin it, but this is normal - overall pleased with initial, subtle volume, decided to have another session 3months later.

Second Sculptra injection 5/2009: -received 1 vial session (looked but did not see vial/bottle on the tray, only 5 syringes) - no brusing but only the slightest swelling within the first 3 hours. I expected more swelling later in the evening and definitely into next day, but this didn't occur - Absolutely not a single person noticed by evening (including myself) that i had any injections/swelling. - By following morning, face completely returned to pre-injection state. Did not feel any pain when messaging (as i did the first session/to be expected) -Not a hair of swelling or fullness in my face in less than 24 hours post sculptra. Looked exactly as i before i received the 2nd sculptra session. I mean zero feeling/swelling/anything. -I am perplexed because this is 360degrees contrast to my fist session 3 months earlier.

Attention Sculptra docotrs - please help -  Was i given saline instead of Sculptra during my session & was i scammed? I feel i may have been cheated but do not wish to wrongly accuse until i get expert doctor opinions. How can i have absolutely no soreness, no swelling and have returned to pre-injection state within 12 hours of sculptra as opposed to weeks of swelling and 1-2months of fullness w/first session? Didn't see the vial on the tray as i did the first session (same dr). Pls advise, thanks!

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I neither recommend nor not recommend because i am undecided a this time because its too early to make a judgement. There should be an 'undecided' choice, but since there is not, i had to choose 'no' as in not yet, however my true answer is undecided at this time.

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