Sculptra is Not Worth the Money or Time Investment - Bournemouth, GB

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At 24 I’ve tried – or will try – most of the...

At 24 I’ve tried – or will try – most of the fillers out there. I have congenital hollowing in my face that is only correctable with fillers. I don’t want to go the implant route just yet ‘cause I’ve heard of bad side effects from it. I need to experiment and find my right look first, maybe wait for them to refine implants, before I proceed with that. I think my worst experience so far has been with Sculptra. Worst isn’t really the right word but it wasn’t a positive result for me anyway. I tried it in a round of four shots a few weeks apart. I noticed only a slight improvement and don’t feel it is worth the cost. Dramatic is another thing but the correction with Sculptra was small at best. It’s a series of injections too so you have to go back and it costs more than the other fillers – a lot more time, a lot more effort, and a lot pricier. That’s always worth keeping in mind when looking at Sculptra. It’s a much bigger commitment. I do know of people who have good results from Sculptra so it’s not all bad. Your body will react differently to anything so my word isn’t the be-all, end-all. But on my face I wasn’t pleased with what I got. Next up I’m going to try Juvederm maybe and also Radiesse. In the past I have tried Restylane and of course Sculptra but neither of these was worth sticking to.
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