Sculptra Lumps Under Eyes

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I went to a cosmetic surgeon for his professional...

I went to a cosmetic surgeon for his professional recommendation about fillers. He said my face was thin and a new product "Sculptra" had just been approved by the FDA (2004). At his recommendation, I allowed him to inject Sculptra. I did my homework - read about the usual fillers possible side effects: 'brusing at the injection site', 'swelling', etc. However, I expected the doctor to be trained in how and where to inject - otherwise, I'd have tried doing it myself!

It was good at first - nice fullness but not overdone. Then, at six months, lumps began to form under my eyes. I called my doctor - he did injections to try to 'break up' the lumps - with no success. I massaged until I stayed bruised trying to break them down myself. In short - nothing helped. These very visible, white lumps had bought real estate under my eyes and settled in for a nice life there.

I cried, avoided looking at myself in the mirror, tried every product on the market to try to hide these hideous white lumps, and finally completely lost my self esteem. Not very nice for someone who was willing to cough up whatever amount doctors asked to try to soften the aging process. That's all I wanted ... not to look like someone else - just to soften the aging process.

In short, it's now been 36 months. The lumps finally are not visible under my left eye. There is still one small one visible under my right eye that I can cover fairly well with makeup. BUT, it's taken THREE YEARS to get to this point. When someone goes to the doctor to ease the aging process, we don't have THREE YEARS to make it better!!

Think carefully my friends before you have this stuff injected. The beauty is - it lasts a long time - - the tragedy is - it lasts a long time. You may like the immediate results but remember, it often takes months for these lumps to appear.

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Doctor was admittedly 'cavalier' in doing injections. Product was new & I blame the manufacturer and the FDA for not ENSURING PROPER TRAINING BE MANDATED before allowing its use.

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