Sculptra Gave Me Small, Short-term Results and Nothing More - London, GB

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I got two Sculptra treatments 18 months ago on a...

I got two Sculptra treatments 18 months ago on a vanity holiday in London. At the same time I booked myself into a spa, got my hair styled at an exclusive salon (£150) and had Sculptra injections at a medispa a few stops down from Harley Street (close enough). The train ride home the next day was disgraceful. I was very bruised up by then and must have looked a treat! I looked like a tired, all-night clubber, not someone trying to look good. It was quite embarrassing. My results with Sculptra were subtle, to say the least. Side-by-side, in photos, I can see the difference. My cheeks are plumper and my eyes are less hollow. But they are not “not hollow” as the procedure might suggest. For me, this was not what I was after so I do not consider it a success. I believe now, 18 months after that trip which cost me several thousand pounds, that I am an insatiable addict when it comes to cosmetic procedures. I cannot be stopped. I had a consultation for liposuction a few weeks ago, knowing full well that I don’t really need it and I can’t afford it. The PS even told me that, directly. But I am not happy with the way I look at all. As for Sculptra, lessons were learned. From now on I am finished with fillers; they simply don’t give me the results I want. I want to look better, and look better permanently. I don’t see why anyone would feel differently hence I do not recommend Sculptra, or fillers of any type, to anyone.
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