Sculptra Expensive but Worth the Results:

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I had serious facial atrophy due to HIV. I had...

I had serious facial atrophy due to HIV. I had six initial treatments, one month a part. Then a follow up treatment 16 months later for touch up. I felt much better about how I looked. I did get a couple of bumps a year later after the initial treatments however. The key to minimal bumps, and good overall distribution of the medicine is due to two things in my opinion: 1. Be sure the procedure is done by an MD who has been well trained in the application of Sculptra. You should ask your primary physician for a referral based upon patients he has had who have had the procedure and are satisfied. 2. Massaging the face after the treatment is extremely important. Best results occur massaging with a moisturizer, five minutes, three times a day for six weeks. This minimizes the appearance of bumps and distributes the medicine evenly. Also, be sure to ice well the first 24 hours after treatment to avoid bruising. A word of advice. Do not have your forehead injected to eliminate creases or the "11" between the eyes. This can actually make the problem worse in the long run as it did me, thus requring botox and possibly Juvederm to reverse what the Sculptra did.
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