Vertigo from Botox - Scottsdale, AZ

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I have had botox done on my forehead at least five...

I have had botox done on my forehead at least five times and never experienced side effects before.

This last time I had it done in my forehead and under my eyes (never had done in that area before). I noticed the doctor (I had never been to before) injected me in an odd and forceful way. One to two days later, I experienced constant veritgo for 2 weeks (I couldn't move for days without triggering a spell), then it lessoned to daily episodes of vertigo, dizziness, and an extreme inability to focus for several months.

The morning after my injection, I did have a couple hours where the sunlight effected my sight. It triggered a migraine. I couldn't open my eyes because it caused excrusiating pain in my head. This experience scared me. It was dibilitating for several months. I thought I had some disease. I didn't think it was due to the botox because I've never experienced it before.

When I noticed the botox effects wearing off I noticed my vertigo spells, dizziness, and inability to focus subsided as well.

I now strongly believe it was the botox that triggered it. I don't know if it was due to the way the doctor injected me, which was very odd, or the way the mixed the solution, or I've just developed a sensitivity to botox, or if it's because it was injected under my eyes.

I love the positive effects of botox but I would NEVER chance experiencing the negative side effect.

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Way he injected me may have something to do with my side effect I experienced.

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