55 Year Old Whom is Athletic Yet Does Adult Modeling

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I have wrestled with a breast lift for over 20...

I have wrestled with a breast lift for over 20 years. Do to the scarring and waiting for a method that magically lifted them without scars and kept shape I have held off. I am at a point now where I really am tired of certain aspects of my breasts placement. I have 4 grown children and just seems a lot of extra skin. It has been told me me by every surgeon I have visited, about 4 each 5 years ...that I need a lift and an implant alone would only drag them down further. I am 32dd or 34 d and love how they sit in the bra.
I am hoping that is my result. I am worried still however about the scars. It seems impossible however to get the desired shape without them. My PS tells me I won't need an implant to stay the same size as I have a lot of mass, however if I desire to be more full after, he can add and implant then. He is highly recommended by no less than 25 people in my area. For my size , I am 5'11/2" and about 111 lbs I didnt really want to be a lot bigger. I am very nervous as it's 4 days away but hoping I will be overall happy.
I hope the scars don't ruin trying to be naked but I really want to feel more comfortable and less floppy and be able to wear a lot of kinds of things I never really have been able to wear. Even in a swim top, they are always hurting my neck and you get those bra strap lines cutting in and it would be lovely to wear a split down the middle dress and no bra, even Jammie shirts I feel make me feel sloppy.
So in one hand can't wait, other hand nervous about scars and recovery !

Well I have spent years considering doing a breast...

Well I have spent years considering doing a breast lift and/or augmentation. About every 5 years I have re approached it and went to several consults. Waited to see about a breast lift without scars/internal bra ect but in my research would not be best results for my case. Finally am very close to surgery date. I ended up choosing to start with just a lift as PS states I have enough mass to create nice breasts without size change which is what I wanted. Currently a 32dd or 34d. I love my boobs in a bra and don't hate them at every angle not in a bra but tired of the feeling of them being so low when not wearing a bra, and of how they visually flatten out and have some much ripple skin when I lay down on my back

I am short 5'1/2 " , size 0-2 and about 111 lbs. I enjoy being fit and I feel that they are kind of all over the place and bulky for Fittness stuff. I am so nervous however as it seems there are all different results and  Very stressed about the scarring due to what I do in adult modeling. I have a couple of friends who had a lift and to be honest I didn't even know they did. One has implants as well and I never really saw her vertical scar until we talked about it. The very recent pics everyone has on here though look so intense. I get stressed seeing the underneath part of the breast and the vertical cut. I was really hoping that could mend well. I know implants all have to have scars but I don't seem to notice those too much and many ladies I know have them.  So hoping I am making the right choice. Doing just an implant doesn't accomplish my personal goals of being perky and same size and I think would further drag them down. My PS who was recommended by no less than 25 people in my area says I can add one after if they are not big enough or full enough for me. I know I have one of the best Drs out there but I am hoping this is going to work for me and make me feel better, not more self conscious. So just 4 days left...so getting ready ....

Just Got Home Almost 2 Hours Ago

I went in this am and am home now. I think it went well. The bandages are quite big/thick. Felt very drowsy at first then came home and the pain was kicking in. Took 2 of the Percocet and felt happy and the pain subsided. My daughter was so sweet she is taking care of me , she took me there and came and got me. She got me all settled in and made me a nice meal of fresh fruit and avocado toast. We watched one episode of Girl Boss and then I got sleepy. So I am gonna nap with my wedge pillow. (Trying to do all they say for bet results) Then I remembered this site so here is a quick update. I

Home about 6 hours and Feeling Pretty Good

I have to say I am impressed with how well I feel and how mobile I feel. I am trying to really focus on not moving upper body around. Pain is under control, took 2nd dose just now as was feeling some pain by incisions. I can't look at it due to the really pretty impressive bandage they gave me. Flower detail on it (a rose ! ) and one shoulder strap. In bandages quite couture ! I am impressed, as well my friends when I have showed pics ask why I have a compression bandage....This is nop notch job I feel. I didn't ask when I was there as I didn't realize how nice it was compared to seeing others bandage. Excited to see my new girls on Monday.

Omg the Unveiling Looks Great !!!!

Well I have waited since May 4th, it is May 8th to go back to Dr and have the pretty bandage removed. I was in awe, they are absolutely beautiful and perfect ! This was exactly the result I had wished for but didn't even think was possible to look this good. This is all ME , no implant and it is what Dr Shaw suggested when I described how I wanted them. I wanted to be about the same size only higher and nicer. They have very firm nice upper pole fullness with plenty of space between them. They are not at all skimpy , but not at all bulky or sloppy or fat. They are perfect ! There is barely a line around the nipple, I can barely see any scars, they are so fine and these breasts look nicer and more perky than when I first grew them even at age 15. I have never had this perfect of breasts in my opinion. I am completely overwhelmed and did not expect them to be as great as they are! Still have to take it easy and not lay on them and take care of myself for the 2 weeks to not mess anything up. Thursday I go back to Dr for I think some stitches out. I can shower though now, yay ! I will keep you updated. Amazed . I would recommend Dr Shaw to anyone wanting their breasts done. He will do what is needed and not overdue to make more money. I could not be more pleased.

Day 6 Doing Great

I went back to Dr yesterday and they took out the stitches from nipples and re taped with steri strips.
I go back again Monday for more sutures out. After that they either change the steri strips for you every week or you can take them home. I guess that continues for 3-4 more weeks.
I am feeling pretty good. I do get tired easy. I am not supposed to do that much until the 3 week mark you can start back with light exercise, walking and lower body. Allowed to sleep if desired flat on back. The scars around nipples were so fine they didn't show when I got the stitches out.
I can only hope the others will be great. I think the underneath ones are the thickest.

Day 11 Still healing

Well thought I would update as I went shopping today to see what clothes work that I didn't used to be able to really make work.
I got the cutest Versace slip dress and a little evening romper and a shirt that drops open at our upscale resale. Before I could not pull that off. Even wearing a bathrobe is more flattering with these as they are UP! Still a little sore and still not really doing all that much due to Dr instructions to wait until 3 weeks.

Day 19 almost 3 weeks!

Well at 3 weeks they tell me I can light exercise and gave me the tapes to change at home myself.
I have the supplies and dr office says to change them once a week for 2 more weeks. Then I can start using scar cream. I will update with more pics when I change them at home next week. Feeling pretty good now. A little sore still but still loving the result . Excited to make it 6 weeks so I can hopefully be cleared to go in the bath tub ! Still sleeping on back.

3 and 1/2 Weeks Post Surgery - Pics Without Tapes !!! SCAR Reveal

Hello well now they have me changing my own steri strips..I wear them until June 6th which would be about just over a month since the surgery. I have to change them at home once a week.
Skin getting a little dry but here's what scars look like.....

One month and 4 days Update !

3 Days Until 6 Week Check Up

Still healing Great. I am so impressed with how little the scars show! I love these remastered Boobs.
Feeling well, been working out. Not quite doing all the upper body but doing cardio and lower body, abs and very light biceps and triceps. Using the scar cream and waiting to see what is next at 6 week check up. Went once in the pool at the gym with the grandkids so officially sub merged them but not yet in a bath .

A Few Days Post 6 Week Check Up

Doing Great ! Dr said I am all normal now to return to activities ! Back to full work outs and no limitations. Of course I am still careful with them but feeling great and the scars are healing well!
Arizona Plastic Surgeon

I couldn't be happier !!!! Dr Shaw asked me questions and listened to me and was able to get me exactly the breasts I wanted - to be honest better than I thought possible. He had been recomended to me by no less than 25 people as a good choice and some people had said the "only" choice. It took awhile to get my consult. He was the last Dr I consulted with. I already had a surgery scheduled and a deposit with another Dr. When I saw Dr Shaw he suggested something different than the other 3 I saw. Something simple , just a lift. The other Drs even though I wished to stay the same size had other ways of accomplishing it . It was 2 in favor of a lift , reduction and implant with lipo. 1 with a lift and lipo and fat transfer. All were from 9 to 12 K higher in money spent . I was impressed Dr Shaw as he said he would like to do a lift first and see how I feel and if I need an implant do that in a 2nd phase. He said lipo was not needed and would create other issues. He asked about my lifestyle and my excercise and what I liked to do . He made a point to understand how I live, move and use my body. He felt that a lift alone was best, most effective and safest thing to do with least future issues. He could have made more money by doing all those other options. So I trusted him and canceled the other date and was super lucky to get a quick date with his scheudle. It is like the stars aligned. Prior to surgery I discover the "scarless" breast lift -aka Dr Horneski and was researching that as I was so worried about scars. At my pre op , I brought up that. Dr Shaw did not bad mouth anyone else, but he told me that to get my result and the shape I wanted this was sound. He said to stay off the internet, lol... with me that is hard. But the further I looked I saw those having issues and some breasts were okay and some were terrible after that . Too unstable and inconsistent for me. So I did it on Thursday, 4 days ago , they had me keep a wrap on on until today, Monday (which was very designer with a cute flower on it and one sided shoulder-very fashionable) . Today I went in and did not expect to have the absolutely perfect result I had, and esp not this soon . I was totally amazed and impressed and just over the moon! I thought they would be better than old ones in time , like a year later with scarring and higher. But omg I am in love with them. I never had this perfect or perky breasts ever even at age 15. I can now wear all kinds of things I used to not be able to wear and still wear all the clothes I do like and I look great naked already ! The scars are really fine and of course I will do whatever is best and he suggests but they are not nearly as bad as I imagined they would be. This is only day 4 too. When I looked down and saw them , I thought omg those are the prettiest breasts ever. Perfect ! The staff was also great and they have about 4 follow up apts so they stay on you to make sure all is well. I am absolutely certain I made the best and right choice for my surgery. :)

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