Drains Out!!! After Having Them for 16 Days - Scottsdale, AZ

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Soo doc took my drains out last week :) I swear I...

Soo doc took my drains out last week :) I swear I feel almost normal again. Such a huge relief. Showers are easier sitting in a car is comfy again. Laying in bed doesn't consist of me adjusting drains a million times thru out the night. I'm standing better too .. FINALLY ! I noticed that when I've been up and walking all day running errands I wake up swollen the next day and it pretty much stays all day until the next then it's gone. I try and keep my binder on 24/7 it helps! It sucks to sleep in it however I rather that then be swollen. I put it pretty tight also .. I also took my original tape off and put some clear tape from "nexcare" brand used for incisions it's waterproof too so it says it last 7days. I didn't like the way my incision felt with nothing over it very uncomfortable .. I noticed that where the drains use to be down below Is VERY itchy omg. Idk what's up wit that. Anyway ill update again at 4 weeks.

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