scaraway strips

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I have had male abdominoplasty and rear belt...

I have had male abdominoplasty and rear belt lipectomy surgeries one year apart. Of course the scars were an issue in my mind long before the procedures. The other day i was cleaning the bathroom and found 2 used SCARAWAY strips still in great condition and wanted to tell you about my experience.

My abdominoplasty was almost two years ago and I am no longer using the SCARAWAY strips and the incision is healing nicely. I knew going into both procedures the healing is measured in years. The scar from both procedures one year apart circles my belt line. The line is smooth and pink, but fading in completely in several sections. I dont even mess with massaging, Vitamin E lotions, or anything else with the exception of exfoliating with greater pressure using exfoliating gloves from Walmart.

But in the beginning these areas were sensitive to clothing and just everything in general. I did not care if the SCARAWAY strips did what they were supposed to do which was expedite the scar healing (they did by the way), but the comfort they provided was worth every penny. I wore the strips over the scars for 6-8 weeks after the surgery.

They are a strange fabric product with a silicone backing which adheres to the skin but can be removed and washed with soap and reapplied multiple times. I still think they were fantastic. Surgery areas are sensitive and these strips provided so much comfort and relief I'll be forever grateful.

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