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After gaining and losing a large amount of weight...

After gaining and losing a large amount of weight as a youngster, I was left with some very lose skin and sagging around my abdomen and breasts. It came as an unexpected surprise to me that I would be able to get this procedure done. I've wanted this since about the age of 15 or 16, when I realized that my stomach and breasts would never go back to normal with any amount of diet and exercise. When I got the pleasant news, I decided to kick it into gear and lose a few pounds so I could have my (non) Mommy Makeover. I want my results to be optimal, so I want to be as close to my ideal weight as possible before the surgery. I'm 5'3'' and I started at 160 pounds, and am now down to 135. My ideal weight ranges from 110-120. This may very well change, because I've never been under 135, so I have no idea what I'm going to look like as I lose more weight. I'm hoping to be at least 125 come procedure time on 7/7/15. Also, Dr. Corey informed me that in certain cases, it's possible to have 10-11 lbs. of excess skin and fat removed. Heck yeah! I'd be happy with even 3 or 4! So excited to be getting a shapely body!
The first impression I got when I walked in was wonderful. The office was spacious and very nicely decorated. It was also very clean, with a fresh, airy atmosphere. I immediately felt comfortable. The front office ladies were very sweet. I filled out the paperwork, which was quick and easy. I read a few other reviews saying that the wait times were long, however, I did not experience that at all. There were about 4 other patients who showed up after I did, and I still got in quickly. Stacy is the one who took me to the exam room for the initial debriefing. She is the RN and patient care coordinator. I really liked her! She seemed like such a sweetheart, and she explained everything in depth with me and answered all of my questions. She spent a good 30 minutes with me and was very thorough. After that, I waited for about 5 minutes until Dr. Corey came in for the consult. He was awesome! Such a big personality and sense of humor, he made me feel very comfortable and at ease. He examined me and we went over everything. Not once did I feel rushed, he really takes his time with his patients. For now, a full Tummy Tuck, Liposuction to the abdomen, hips and lower back, a full Mastopexy and Breast Augmentation with 350cc medium profile saline implants is what has been decided upon. The price stated above includes everything, and they currently offer discounted surgeon's fees and a discount for full cash payments. The price is exceptional for the amount of work, quality surgeon, and location. They let me know that if I change my mind about anything that it is perfectly okay, and we should be going over everything more deeply during my pre-operative appointment.
After speaking with Dr. Corey, I met with Kati for my quote. I swear, everyone I encountered was just so amazing! VERY friendly staff! She went over everything with me once more. I like how they really make sure that you have the knowledge you need before you leave. I was pleased with the price that I was quoted. It even ended up being less expensive after an adjustment or two. She really worked with me to book my surgery around the time that I wanted.
From start to finish, I was extremely pleased with my experience today. They were very prompt with calls, emails and text reminders. Everyone was super amazing, and after today, I really feel like I'm making the right decision by having my MM done by Dr. Corey!
Super excited to finally be getting something I thought I'd never have! Unfortunately, I'm too much of a chicken to post pics.

The Emotional Roller Coaster...

What everyone says about the emotional roller coaster is true. I've got exactly two months before I have my procedure done, and I'm already starting to feel very nervous and emotional. I've even cried a little bit for the last 3 days. I'm so happy and excited, but at the same time, I'm afraid. The thoughts about everything that could go wrong just keep rolling through my head. I feel like emotionally, I'm doing this on my own. I feel bad for my boyfriend, because I've been freaking out on him over irrelevant/crazy things for the last few days. I really think that it's just due to the fact that the reality is finally hitting me. I'm going to go through such a big change. Whole parts of my body that have been there for 20 years are going to be removed. I'm going to have a whole different look. People say its life changing. I know that it's going to be a positive thing, but I also know that there are going to be many ups and downs. If you need a friend to talk to and go through it with you, feel free to message me!! I could really use that right about now.
There are still so many changes I need to make in the next two months. I've been on a medical weight loss program, thus eating a lower calorie intake. I need to up my intake and exercise levels to make sure that my body is nourished before going through such trauma. I need to start being dilligent with taking my vitamins and supplements, and I need to quit smoking. I keep putting that one off (honestly, I keep putting all of it off), but I just need to quit now. I have about 5 weeks before I absolutely have to quit, however, I really want the healing process to be smooth. Sometimes, my scars end up really bad. I expect some scarring issues, but if I really take care of myself and make sure to do everything I possibly can to aid the healing process, I feel confident that the scars can end up looking good.
I'm really battling the idea of posting before and after pictures. I really want to, but no one has ever seen my body, and I'm paranoid that somebody I know will somehow stumble across the pictures and somehow know that it's me.
Anyways, I'm really excited. Tomorrow is going to be a new day, and I am going to start doing the things I need to do in order for everything to go as smoothly as possible!

Thinking of excluding the liposuction.

So, I'm really hoping to lose a good 15 lbs. before my procedure on July 7th. That gives me a little under 8 weeks to lose 15 more lbs. I've made a commitment to quit messing up on my diet like I've been doing for the last week or so, and start working out 5 days a week. My results will look much better if my body is more toned and has less fat and cellulite. Plus, it will save me a good 5k, because I won't need the lipo anymore.
Aside from exercising, I've been taking prenatal vitamins, hair, skin and nails vitamins, flax oil with omega 3s, calcium pyruvate, a probiotic and phendimetrazine (appetite suppressant) daily. I know, it's pretty ridiculous lol but I'm really starting to notice the difference in my energy levels and mental clarity. Another thing I've been doing is dry brushing my skin before every shower. It helps to exfoliate the dead skin, increase circulation and get the blood flowing to the surface of the skin, and help the lymphatic system drain. And I've heard it's good for reducing the appearance of cellulite. Bonus! I've been trying to drink a ton of water. I think my bladder is finally getting used to it. Also, I've been using Jergen's Skin Firming lotion all over, twice daily. I don't really believe that it will actually tighten my lose skin or get rid of my bat wings or anything, but I do think that it helps to reduce the appearance of lose skin. I've been using it for almost a week and I'm already seeing a small difference. My skin does look a bit tighter, but its probably due to the fact that I'm keeping it hydrated. Example: The skin on my upper arm that wrinkles up when I raise my hand no longer wrinkles. They still swing around though lol, that's a whole different disease with a whole different cure. Anywho, I got it at Walgreens for $7, but I think you can find it cheaper on Amazon. I would recommend it, it's a great moisturizer (But don't expect a miracle)! Lastly, I want to start using my Derma-Roller on my lose areas and places with stretch marks. I'll probably do this 3-4x a week. That's another thing that is supposed to help tighten skin, and reduce stretch marks and cellulite. I just gotta find my darn roller!
So, as you can see, I've made some major changes this week, and I think that in addition to my diet, it will really help improve the shape and size of my body, inner and outer health, and problem areas/blemishes on the skin. Imma be a goddess lol.
I'm still nervous, but this week I've been feeling more excited about it. Plus, the whole situation is really helping to keep me motivated to lose the rest of my weight and keep up with my skincare regimine. God, please let me get rid of the spare tire before July 7th!

10 Days Until Pre-Op Appointment

So, I'm only ten days away from my pre-op appointment on the 23rd, and I've been more excited than nervous or scared. I'm sure that will hit me as surgery day draws closer. I can't believe its less than a month away!
My goal weight come MM time is 120 lbs. I currently weigh about 126-127 lbs. I'm pretty sure I can lose a good 5-7 lbs. in 25 days. I need to start toning up more. I keep telling myself I'm going to do that, and I don't. I just have to stop being lazy and keep reaching for my goals. I'm so much closer than I've ever been.
I'm a smoker. I've been smoking for longer than I care to admit. I was told by the doctor that I must quit 3 weeks before and after surgery. So I smoked my last cigarette around 11pm. Time to let it go. This has been so hard for me. For the last 2 weeks, I've been trying to stop, and I end up getting weak. Living in a house with two other smokers doesn't help. But its something I have to do. Not just for surgery, but for my own health and wellbeing. Cancer runs in my family, as well as diabetes. I've started to get bouts of what seems like asthma, and I can't do intense cardio workouts for long before I start wheezing. Plus, I hate the fact that I smell like an ashtray to people who are non-smokers. I didn't buy a $70 gift set of Mark Jacobs Daisy collection for nothing lol.
Anyways, wish me luck guys and gals!

I had my pre-op the day before yesterday

I had my pre-op the day before yesterday. It went great. I have to say this again: Dr. Corey and his staff are all super amazing. Just so friendly and knowledgeable!!
Anyways, they had me watch an informational video going over risks and possible side effects. Then the patient care nurse came in an went over everything I needed to know, and gave me my garments and prescriptions. After that, we took my pre-op photos and then Dr. Corey came in. He gave me a look, he recommended the abdominal lipo, however, I feel that there isn't that much fat there. After I lose another 10 lbs. it will all go poof. So I opted out of the abdominal lipo. I did still want the hip lipo. Hoping it will make my butt look bigger lol. I thank Sir Mix-A-Lot for my fixation on my (lack of) ass. ANYWAYS, we decided to make me a light C cup after the breast lift and implants. Dr. Corey says I will most likely end up a 34 or 36 C. Which I already am lol, but he said that with a lift only, my breasts will become much smaller. I don't want that. I like my size. I don't want to go too big, because with my body shape and height, if they were too large, I would just end up looking top heavy.
Holy crap my surgery is in 12 days. I think I'm in shock because I feel nothing. Lol.


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Just wanted to say...

2 more days until my surgery! I'm going to have a whole new body. I'm so nervous and EXCITED!!! And here's some pics!

More pictures.

'Ere you go.

Oh my GAWD

One more day to spend in this bod!

Its the night before surgery...

Its the night before surgery and I think I'm all prepared. I'll be spending 2 nights in the hospital, so I've got most of my overnight bag packed. I re-cleaned the bathroom, vacuumed and cleaned the litter boxes. I completely cleaned and re-arranged my bedroom. While I'm in the hospital, my boyfriend is going to get out the shower chair and walker for me (just in case). I picked up last minute things from the store: Toilet seat riser, Bengay and a few other things. I finished getting all my scripts. I got a pedicure, and that lady knew how to give a foot message. I pampered myself with a deep conditioning treatment in my hair, a face mask, painted my fingernails, all that fun stuff. I washed all the bedding and sprayed pretty much everything down with disinfectant. This will be my last update before surgery. I'm ready!! Wish me luck!!

A few hours post op...

So, I just finished surgery a few hours ago. I remember waking up in the recovery room and being extremely disoriented. The only thing I remember is that the nurse who was with my was a real sweetie, and that my mouth and throat were extremely dry. I had a bit of pain along the belly incision, so she gave me some pain meds. After the second dose, it went away. They reeled me up to my room, which is pretty nice, by the way. Shortly after, my boyfriend showed. He's been so sweet. I honestly just think he was stressing out. I was having a hard time moving or doing anything at all, so I'm glad he showed up to help me eat ice and drink water and whatnot. At one point, I had some nasty stuff in my throat that I needed to cough up. It felt itchy and gross, but it hurt SO bad when I'd try coughing it up. Then, I started having a few coughs that I couldn't control. At this point, I was in so much pain that I was crying. The pain meds given to me in recovery had started to wear off. Luckily, I had paged a nurse 30 minutes earlier to bring me some pain meds. Not gonna lie, this does NOT feel good at all. It is painful, (not unbearable though) and your body will feel uncomfortable in the same position for too long. Most of the time, my pain levels are a 2-3, but at one point it was a 9-10, and when the meds begin to ease off, it comes up to a manageable 4-6. Word of advice: Stay prompt with your medication! My night nurse is a sweetheart!!
I can't wait to take off the dressings and see what's up with the belly & boob situation! I'll update you when I do! Okay, I'm starting to doze and feel weird now so Im gonna wrap this up. \

Pain under control

I've got my pain under control. The second I notice the pain start to creep up, I call the nurse in for my meds. It seems to be about ever 3 hours that the pain begins to come back. I'm oozing blood and stuff from my back, I imagine that is from where Dr. Corey dud the lipo. I just can't wait to see my results! I also can't wait to talk to Dr. Corey tomorrow and find out how things went, and how much skin and fat he removed.
Still very groggy from all the meds I've been on, and my body is swelling like I never knew it could swell before. I'm a tiny bit sore in the upper right quadrand to the right, and upper left quadrant of the left breast. I'm also a bit sore in my mid abdomen. It's not too painful, just uncomfortable. I'll post some pics as soon as possible!!

I feel much better today.

I woke up very sore, and my nurses gave me some pain medication. As soon as I got up and started moving around, I felt much better. The pain meds started working shorty after, and I feel great now. No pain at all. However, sometimes when I move a certain way, I can feel the drain in my pubic area. THAT hurts lol. Feels like a mini stab wound. I am to be discharged today from the hospital, so I'll do another update as soon as I get home.

Holy crap you guys!!

Dr. Corey came in today and cut off my dressing and took off my compression garment and I look fabulous!! I cannot even believe this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm one hot mama, even with the tape and tubes and swelling. I can't wait til they come out. I'mma look good! The breasts seem a bit on the small side, but I need to let them settle in for about a month or so before I can decide weather I'm happy with the size or not. If I'm not, that's perfectly okay. They're saline, so I believe filling them in a bit more would be a simple procedure. Here are some more pics for you ladies and gents!

I love my surgeon!!

I'm so excited about my new body!! That excitement mixed with being a little dorky on the pain meds will probably cause me to make a bunch of posts here. I look so amazing. Dr. Corey is a true artist. My incision is low, my mons pubis is smaller, lifted and more proportionate to my now flat tummy. My back looks amazing, there is such nice contour! It makes the fact that I have no ass much less distressing. I cannot wait until 2-3 months from now when everything settles and the swelling goes down. I look absolutely amazeballs!!!! I'll keep updating with pics as I heal.
I'm now at home from the hospital, and I feel so much better now. I still have soreness, like when I move or lay in the same position for too long, but that is manageable. Even though I feel great, I need to take it easy (which will be hard 'cause I like my surroundings clean and organized lol).

3 Days Post Op

So, Its been three days now, and I feel okay. It seems like I feel my best in the morning, then as it gets later in the day, everything starts to decline. I took my pain pump out just now, and I'm hoping that when I have my post op appointment the Doc will take out my drain. Oh, I forgot to mention this, but for some reason, when I'm sitting, my vagina folds. It's hard to explain. Has anyone else experienced this? Do you think it will go away when the drain comes out?
Anyways, it gets easier everyday. My overall pain for day 3 is about a 6. The worst part is on the hips where he did the lipo. Oh, yeah, and when i showed my boyfriend the results for the first time, he kinda glowed. I could tell he liked it, which makes me happy because he was apprehensive at first.

Some more update photos

Day 4 updates :)


Feeling very tired today. Slept most of the day. Had some crazy weird dreams lol. I went out for the the first time today. Feel pretty swollen, and very tight in the breasts. I've been having memory problems and have been very disoriented due to the pain medications, but today I took only Ibuprophen. I think I will stop the narcotics because they make everything weird and instead of taking away my pain, they just put me to sleep. For the last two days, my drain site has been burning like crazy, but only in the mornings for about 5 minutes. This goes away when I get up and start walking around. I can't feel my incisions, and so far I'd say the most painful part is the bruised areas from the lipo on my hips and lower back. I'm standing straighter and straighter every day, but still hunched over. I don't want to push it. I think I may be developing some small areas of necrosis around my areolas. :( I can't wait for my PO appointment so I can find out what's going on with that, and so I can take of the steri strips and see what the incisions look like. I hope my drain can get taken out too. Also, I'm excited to have some questions answered. My breasts still look very funky. I know my PS said that this is normal, and that in the long run, they won't look like this, but I'm scared lol. I feel like crap today, but I will upload some more pics soon!
PS I hope I can take this stupid garment off sometime soon!! So annoying!

Day 6 PO

So, today has been pretty good! I'm still a tiny bit groggy and very tired most of the day, especially towards the evenings. Last night, my kitten came on the bed right next to me, so I tried to gently roll over and pet him. Everything was going great, until I tried rolling back to my former position, and yanked my drain!! It hurt so bad, I couldn't help but to scream for at least 7 seconds straight. So, now I'm both terrified and excited to have this stupid thing removed. Terrified because I'm afraid it's going to give me that same excruciating pain, and excited because I won't have to deal with this dumb contraption anymore.
Also, I think the zipper on my compression garment is broken. I'm going to get a spare tomorrow when I go for my post op appointment. Other than that, I feel fine. I'm starting to kind of feel my incisions a little bit. Its not that bad, just a tiny bit sore. The bruising on the hips where Dr. Corey did lipo still hurts, but it is getting much better. I've really been keeping up with rubbing the Arnica gel on my sensitive areas.
My swelling is still pretty bad. I always feel this tight pressure. One morning, I woke up really nice and flat. I think it had to do with keeping my sodium intake down the day before. I'm usually less swollen in the morning, and more swollen toward the afternoon and night time. Pro tip: Go low sodium!! If you eat anything with high sodium content, you will swell up like a punch balloon for the next two days lol.
Anyways, I've just been trying to keep up with all my vitamins, arnica gel, antibiotics, etc. Tomorrow at my post-op they are going to show me how to do the breast message to get my breast implants to fall into place faster and more correctly. Right now my lift and aug kind of looks odd and uneven, but the doc forewarned me about this. He said they will look a little weird at first, but that I will Salma Hayek boobs in no time...Well, those weren't his exact words, but thats what I got from it. Lol. Alright, well I'm feeling a bit sleepy and woozy, so I'm going to take the rest of my vitamins and get a nap.

Day 7 Post Op!

I can't believe it has already been a week since I had my surgery! As expected, my breast implants are still very high. I also have quite a bit of bruising, but it seems to be resolving rather quickly. My drain is still bothering me a lot, but what I've noticed is this: It only hurts when I've been laying down for a while. If I'm sitting or walking around, it doesn't give me any problems at all. Weird, huh? I got some topical analgesic (anesthetic?) stuff to put on it, and it seems to help a little bit.
I had my first post op appointment today with Dr. Corey's wonderful nurse Stacey. She was excited to see my progress, as was I. She took the dressings off of my breasts, and the incisions looked pretty good. I had some tape blisters, but other than that, everything is closing up and healing very well. Now let me tell you about my Tummy Tuck. Dr. Corey is a genius/artist/badass. When she took my steri-strips off, the incision was so flat and paper thin!! I crap you not, it looked like nothing more than a cat scratch!! Stacey was so pleasantly surprised, and I was too!! I wish I would have gotten a picture of the incision before she re-dressed it with the strips. It looked so amazing. THANK YOU DR. COREY!! You rock! My belly button looks beautiful, too. I can tell that when it heals, it's going to look so natural and perfect. I love my new body.
Every day, I see the swelling go down where he did the lipo on my hips. It looks better than I ever could have imagined it would! Now I actually have a reason to do my squats and get toned up! I feel like the work will actually pay off because I know the potential of my shape! My butt used to look like this: and now it looks like a normal, actual butt!! WOO!!
So glad I made this decision. It has SO been worth it. I finally have self-esteem and LOVE my body!! It's not perfect. I have stretch marks, cellulite, body hair, moles, etc. But it is beautiful.

8 Days Post Op

Felt wonderful today! Switched from demerol to tramadol and it's been way better!! I can actually function. Did a bunch of stuff earlier, and took a huge nap. :) Here's some update pics!

Day 9

I think I did too much yesterday, because today I have been so exhausted. I slept on and off all day, and still want to sleep. It was also my birthday, and I ate so much bad food. My stomach hurts so much right now. I took 2 promethazine and I'm hoping that will take care of it. I'm thinking of eating nothing but raw fruits and veggies for the next couple of days to clean the pipes. Ugh I feel like crap. Anyways, my drain is really giving me big problems. It burns extremely bad whenever I lay down. It doesn't matter what position I'm in. It's excruciating, and it radiates to my inner thigh. My inner thigh even turned red at one point. I just want to be comfortable. :( I texted the nurse and she said if I'm close to 30ccs today that we would pull it tomorrow, otherwise we would do more antibiotics. :( I'm already at 45 so I think it's probably going to have to come out on monday or tuesday. I just wish it didn't hurt when I lay down. I want to sleep through the night one of these days.

13 days PO

So, I want to upload more pics, but I'm far too lazy to get up, take the garment off, start up my webcam, position the laptop, snap a pic, and upload. Haha! Plus, it's late in the day, and I'm bloated again. I'm thinking I'll wait for a morning when I wake up really flat.

Anyways, everything is going great! The first thing I noticed post op was that the areas where I had liposuction (hips, lower back) hurt pretty badly. I've been taking Arnica Montana tablets, one double dose 2x a day, and rubbing Arnica gel on the areas that have bruising and swelling whenever I think about it. I ran out of the stuff that I purchased in office, so I went to the health store and purchased a cream called The Rub. The main ingredient is calendula, but it also has Arnica in it. Haven't used it yet, but I'm sure it will work just fine. It is made for rashes, sunburns, bugbites, etc. But it can also be used for inflammation, which you definitely want to avoid during the healing process.

I've noticed that on the days where I do too much housework or errands, I will wake up the next morning feeling horrible. So heed my warning! Don't overdo it. You will pay for it. May not be now. May not be later...but the next day, you will feel it lol. I know, it's hard to avoid doing the things you know need to get done, but just take it easy, take it slow.

Okay, lets talk about the drain. I still have this stupid thing in, and it HURTS. For the first week, I couldnt feel it. As soon as I started getting a little bit of feeling back, it started burning. First, it only burned when I would lay down. Now, it's starting to hurt when I lay AND sit. It blows. Plus, I'm still draining 60-75cc every 24 hours. However, the color has changed to a light yellow, so I'm hoping that the drainage will subside soon so I can get this stupid thing pulled once and for all.

Also, I would like to thank everyone who has followed my review. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask, and I will answer to the best of my ability. :)

15 days PO

Did too much today. Feeling exhausted. Wish I could just have one day where I could lay in bed all day and do nothing. Unfortunately, that's not how it works around here. I got to spend about 4-5 days at home resting. Now, I'm back to cleaning the bathroom, cat litter, vaccuming litter area daily, making bed daily, picking up daily, laundry, feeding everyone, doing everyone's dishes, cleaning kitchen daily, running errands, etc. I don't mean to sound entitled and bitchy, but I have to get this off my chest - I just had major surgery, with specific instructions to take it easy for the first two weeks. I took it easy for the first 5 days. I got help moving around, getting things, etc. but it was all begrudgingly. I was literally 4 days PO, and when I asked for a refill on my water and help out of bed, the person in question acted obviously annoyed, and told me I was being too "ask-y." Oh, I'm sorry!! I just had half of my abdominal skin and folds of breast tissue sloughed off and stitched back together, my chest muscles cut open and implants inserted underneath them, a magical fat sucking wand aggressively shoved in and out of my hips and lower back, intense bruising, AND I have a foot long tube that starts in my stomach and comes out my groin, draining fluid and blood from the space between where my fat and muscle are temporarily detatched! Not to mention I'm on a cocktail of different meds. So excuse ME for being asky. The funny part is, the others in the house sit on their butts for 80% of their waking life. AHH I could kill!!

I still have this stupid drain in, too. It still hurts like a MOFO when I lay/sit down. I lose so much sleep because of it. :( I'm still draining 60-75cc every 24 hours. I just want it out. Everything will be better. I'm so tired and emotional today. And bored. And lonely. :( I guess there will be many ups and downs for the next long while. Well, I'm going to try and get comfortable and do my breast massage. Hope everyone is doing well!

Some tips!

Here is a list of the most helpful items/tips that I have:
1. Robes/Zip or button up shirts and gowns. For the first week or two, it will be very difficult to pull a shirt or gown over your head.
2. Bras without under wire. I've healed pretty fast, so I'm able to wear these pull over type bras: They are SO comfortable, and provide adequate support. I would only recommend them for use around the house, because your nipples will be quite evident. What I would recommend for most people is a sports bra that zips in the front (I have one that hooks, and the hooks always come apart), and that is made of thick material.
3. Spanx! They will most likely provide you with a compression garment and bra at your pre-op appointment, but you will want a few clean back ups.
4. Lanacane spray. It is anti-bacterial, and it is a topical anesthetic. It will help with any pain at drain or incision sites.
5. Triple antibiotic ointment with pain relief. This has helped to reduce some of the pain at my drain site. My doctor provided me with a small packet of ointment, but I ran out pretty quick. You will go through a lot of this cleaning your BB and drain site a few times a day.
6. Ask your surgeon if they will provide you with a hydrogen peroxide solution to clean your drain and belly button. They most likely will, but if not, you can make a solution of 1 part HP and 2 parts water.
7. Q tips! You will need these to clean your BB and drain site. You probably already have some on hand, but if not, definitely pick some up.
8. Anti-bacterial spray. I use this often on my bedding, pillows, door handles, etc. Just to make sure that my surroundings are sanitary.
9. Aroma therapy oil and a diffuser. There are different oils. Some promote energy, relaxation, positivity, etc. Plus they smell good. I keep my aromatherapy near my bed and use lavender oil at night to rest and relax.
10. 2 wedge pillows. One for your upper body, and one for your legs. You will want to be elevated when you sleep/rest, to help with circulation. Also, the more elevated your upper body is, the easier it is to get out of bed on your own if need be.
11. A lot of pillows. I use my wedge pillow, with another pillow on top for my head. I use a pile of pillows for my legs, but the reason I suggest a second wedge pillow is because it would be easier and more stable than a stack of pillows. Also, for the first week or so, you will want two pillows at both sides to elevate your arms. This helps to alleviate soreness and tightness in the breasts if you've had a lift, implants, or both.
12. A neck support pillow. You can get a contoured pillow, or simply one of those airplane pillows that wrap around the back of your neck. After a mommy makeover, you will be sleeping elevated on your back with your arms at your sides for a while. If you don't have proper neck support, your neck will lean to the side and you will wake up sore. I would most recommend an airplane pillow. It helps a lot when you want to sit up and watch TV or read or surf the web.
13. OR you can avoid all the pillows and whatnot if you are lucky enough to have a recliner that you can sleep in! I've often wished that I did. I've heard a lot of women say that this is a great option for sleeping for the first week or two. If your recliner isn't electric, you may need help pulling the lever to operate it. Also, you will want to pull the lever very gently and slowly. If you have any sudden movements, it will hurt.
14. If you need to get out of bed on your own, an easier way of doing this is to be elevated, roll over on your side, and use your arms to pull yourself out of bed. Obviously, it would be best to have someone to help you out of bed.
15. You will need help with most everything for the first week especially, and even for the second and third week, depending on how you recover. Make sure that you really prepare your caretakers for this. They need to understand how vital it is that you rest as much as possible, especially for the first two weeks. This means that they will be taking on your responsibilities such as laundry, cooking, cleaning, driving, running errands, etc. They also need to understand that they may have to help you with a lot of things, such as getting up and down, walking around, using the restroom, bathing, etc. If they aren't well prepared and knowledgeable about this beforehand, they may feel like you are being too "asky." This is never the case, and you should not feel guilty for needing plenty of time for some R&R.
16. Get a shower chair, or a plastic chair that you can fit into your shower. Standing for too long will make your back very sore. Also, a detachable shower head is a good idea. For the first little while, it will be hard to wash your hair and body, as your range of motion will be very limited. Having someone to help you do these things is ideal.
17. REST! Do not overdo it! Even if you wake up one morning feeling great, take it easy. You may not feel it immediately, but it will catch up to you in the evening or the next day and you will feel like crap.
18. Vitamins! I've been using gummy vitamins. I take a prenatal multi, a prenatal fiber and calcium, hair skin and nails, and vitamin C. The reason for the gummies is because I don't want to run the risk of choking on a horse pill. Choking, coughing, gagging, sneezing and laughing will hurt very badly and you want to avoid it at all costs! Especially if you are having muscle repair.
19. Sugar free fiber powder. I mix it into my water every day, and it helps keep me regular. You will get constipated with the pain meds.
20. Stool softener. This will help a lot. I take 1 in the morning and 2 at night. Also, when you need to have a BM (this is going to be the most disgusting thing you've ever heard, but it will save your life), if you feel that it won't come out unless you push, take your thumb, insert it into your vaginal canal, and push downward. This will help to void the excrement, and will also help you avoid the severe abdominal pain that comes with pushing. It also makes going poo easier, because even with the stool softener, you may have hard stool that is difficult to pass.
21. Back scratcher. Your pain meds will make you itchy, and you will not be able to reach your back or legs. The back scratcher helps tremendously.
22. Arnica tablets. You can find them at a health food store for under $10. This will help the bruising and swelling tremendously.
23. Arnica gel/lotion/cream. Rub on any bruised or swollen bits, but avoid rubbing on incisions.
24. A grabber. keep it by your side. Reaching will be difficult and painful for a while.
25. if your surgeon doesn't provide you with a spread sheet for your meds and drain, make your own. You or your care taker will need to keep track of how many meds you've taken, and what times you've taken them. You will be hazy and may forget if it isn't written down. It is very important to keep up with your pain meds, muscle relaxers, antibiotics, vitamins, supplements, etc. It will help you to avoid excess pain and discomfort, and to heal faster. You will also need to keep track of your drain output. Try and empty it at the same times each day. Record the date, time, output and color. Your doc will probably provide you with the spread sheets, but make back ups and extras just in case.
26. Diet! It is very important to get plenty of lean protein, veggies and fruits. However, be careful with the fruit. Look for things with less sugar content, such as berries. Avoid sodium, or else you will blow up like a balloon. Avoid excess carbs and sugar, this has helped my drain output slow down a lot. Eat plenty (but don't overeat), your body needs the extra nutrients. Raw veggies are good for digestion. Premier protein shakes are awesome, as are quest bars.
27. Take a good quality probiotic. It will be expensive, but it is worth it. You can find this at the health food store in the refrigerated section.
28. Ask your doc to prescribe you something to treat a possible yeast infection after your antibiotics are done. You can buy monistat, but if your insurance pays for your prescriptions, its free.
29. Get a large water bottle with a lid and straw. I got a 30 oz one from the hospital, and it has helped me to stay hydrated and not have to make tons of trips to the kitchen for water. Keep it by your bed.
30. Do some spring cleaning before your surgery! Make sure you wash and disinfect your bedding (and everything else for that matter), clean and dust the house, get rid of allergens, do your laundry, etc. You can also prepare some healthy freezer meals, so your caretaker (i.e. hubby who can't cook) or yourself if need be, can just pop it in the oven and be done with it.
31. Don't freak out when you weigh more or look odd after surgery! Swelling and bloating can cause major weight gain, and it will last for a long time. Avoiding sodium and wearing your CG as much as possible will help to reduce this, but it will still be very evident. Also, if your results look odd, especially the breasts, don't flip! This is normal, and it will you will have to be very patient to see the final results. I've heard that it can take up to a year.
32. Don't smoke! If you smoke, quit long before your surgery. You want to make sure that you will stay quit so you're not smoking after the procedure, which is the most crucial time. Plus, you don't want to have nicotine withdrawal while you're recovering. You will cough the crud out of your lungs, and if you are doing this after a TT, it will be extremely painful. Most importantly, you don't want to lose a nipple or have a dead belly button!
33. See if you can spend the first two or three days in the hospital or care facility. These are the absolute worst days! After this, it gets easier.
35. Treat yourself before your surgery! Have a date night with your boyfriend or husband or best friend. Catch a movie and get dinner, maybe go for lunch or a coffee. Do something you enjoy. Get out of the house. Have a spa day or get a mani-pedi. Take a nice day trip. Anything. You will be stuck in the house for a while after your procedure, so enjoy your mobility while it lasts. Remember, a Mommy Makeover is a slow recovery.
36. Set your bedroom and home up to where there are as little obstacles as possible. Make sure your bathroom is easily accessible. Make sure your side of the bed is clear, aside from a night stand for your meds and water bottle/snacks. You don't want a wall or dresser or anything blocking you from easily getting out of bed.
37. Get a toilet seat riser! I would recommend a 6 to 8 inch one. It has been a life saver.
38. Buy a pack of alcohol swabs, or put some cotton balls in a ziplock, and soak them with lots of rubbing alcohol. You will need this for your drain.
39. Make sure you have medical tape and extra steri-strips. They will fall off when you bathe.
40. If you don't have a blow dryer with a cool setting, get one. You will need to dry your tape/strips after bathing.
41. Get some begay or aspercreme! Your back will be sore from all the hunching.
42. You may need a cane for the first few days.
43. Get up and walk around every couple hours. This will help you to get mobile faster, and to increase circulation.
45. Don't be afraid to contact your doc or nurse if you have any worries! Better safe than sorry.
46. GO WITH A BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON! Do your research! You don't want to spend thousands, only to end up with botched results.
47. Last, but not least, FOLLOW YOUR SURGEONS DIRECTIONS TO A T!! They tell you these things for a reason!
These were all the things I could think of. I know this was long, but trust me, it will be helpful! Good luck to all of you who are getting ready for surgery or recovering! May everything go perfectly!

Been feeling like complete CRAP!!

So I quit my Valium and Tramadol cold turkey (not intentionally), and I've felt horrible for the last couple days! But I do have some good news! I got that stupid drain out 3 days ago, and the hole is starting to hurt less and less every day. Plus, it closed up much faster than the nurse thought it would. She said that since my drain was in for 3 weeks, it may take 2-3 days to close up. It was closed by the time I got home.
So I'm a little over 3 weeks post op. My nerves are starting to come back to life. I can feel the lower half of my pubic area now, but from the upper half to my BB, it's still numb. I can feel my hip bones, too. My hip/lower back is really sore again (thats where I had lipo). I can feel my full breasts again, except for my nipples. They itch like CRAZY, but the lanacane spray helps immensely. Another reason Lanacane has been a life saver. My breasts are pretty sore - think, severe PMS/period boobs.
I think I'm withdrawing from the valium, because I've felt like such crap and slept for the last two days. I slept most of the day today, and I still feel like I could go to sleep again. I just want to veg out with the boyfriend and some netflix.
Still a bit hard and swollen, but it isn't as bad as it could be.
When I went to get my drain pulled, it went as well as it could have. My skin had started growing over where it was sutured in, so she had to do some digging to clip the sutures. This hurt a tiny bit. I wouldn't even use the word "hurt." it was more of a discomfort. Like a tiny pinch. Then, when she pulled it, I didn't feel a thing. I had her look at my breasts, and she said that the incisions looked great. I did have a few areas of incision separation. She says this is common, and she left those areas free of tape. She said to put ointment on them 2 times a day, and that on the closed areas, I can start using the scar gel 2 times a day. I plan on ordering some Emu oil, and helychrisum oil, mixing that with jojoba oil infused with rosehip, and mixing all of that with a Scargone oil mixture I got at the natural foods store. I figure I can rub that into my scars and stretch marks once or twice a day along with the scar gel, and use it when I run out of the scar gel.
I need to get my stuff together. I haven't been doing proper wound/scar care, breast massage, etc. for the last couple of days, due to how tired and sore I've been. I need to resume all of this, and get my diet back on track. I'd also like to start doing some light cardio 3-4 times a week if my PS or the nurse can clear that when I get a hold of one of them in the next couple days.
I will update with more pics as soon as I get to feeling better. These last 2-3 days have by far been some of the hardest, aside from the first 3-4 days.
Gosh. I really hope I get to feeling better very soon.

4 Weeks Post Op

Still loving my results! However, I refuse to gain the weight back, and my MIL has been buying SO many sweets. She came home with 2 bags of donuts, 6 bags of cookies. SIX. 3 bags of chips, a box of cheese nips. I swear, all we have in the house is carbs. I've been slacking majorly for the last 2 weeks or so, and I'm noticing a tiny bit of flab start creeping up on my upper abdomen. So tomorrow, I'm going to do some serious grocery shopping and get myself back on track. I've also found an amazing workout video that I've been doing (well, I did it once lol. Planning on doing it again tonight). I lost a lot of weight really fast, and I'd still like to get my body fat percentage down low and build some good muscle, but I'm going to go very slow this time. This is because I don't want to end up with more lose skin. Not on my abdomen, of course, but on my upper thighs and arms. They are very flabby, and I worry that if I don't give the skin time to bounce back, I will end up with little bits of granny skin on my thighs and arms! Don't want that lol.
One thing that is bothering me are my breasts. The left one is doing wonderful. I have 2-3 VERY small areas of wound separation. And I mean, the size of a grain of rice. And they are on areas that it is common, the T junction below the breast, and the T junction at the areola. However, On my right breast, I have two decent sized (pea, bean) areas of wound separation on the incision going from my areola to the T junction below, and on the "anchor" area, also on the T junction of the areola and the top of the areola. With proper wound care, these seem to be scabbing over well. They don't ooze too much, and most of them are no longer that icky yellow color, but are brown like a normal scab. I can't wait to see my surgeon and find out what he thinks. Has anyone else had this problem? Also, they are dropping, but it is VERY slow. I do the massage every day, 2-3 times per day, and I recently bought some Bandeau style bras that seem to be helping. Plus, when I have them on, they make my breasts appear to be not as high, which is a plus!
I'm slipping back into depression. I hope I can resolve this!! It's no fun! :( But at least it is no longer depression mixed with hating my body! :D

4.5 weeks post op

I went to my 1 month post op appointment today. Everything went great! I was worried about the open spots along my incisions, but Dr. Corey didn't seem overly concerned, so I guess its just a normal part of the healing process. He says I may have spit out a suture or something, and that it should heal up within the next couple weeks or so. I just plan to keep it clean and un-taped like his RN said. Also, he said that he would like to see my implants drop more. So instead of doing the breast massage 2x a day, I will bump it up to 3. Also, he says that if I still have a bit of extra skin on the breasts after the implants have settled, then at 5-6 months, he could do an in office revision and fix it right up with local anesthetic and little downtime. Better to not take enough skin than to take too much, right? Also, he told me that I'm still a bit swollen. Which means I'm going to get thinner. Holy cow!! :D I still have to take it easy for the next 2 weeks, and then I can move onto light activity after that. I just want to start working out again!! But best to follow Doctor's orders.

Wound Opening - Almost 6 weeks PO

So, I just realized that the wound openings on my breast incisions were due to spitting of the sutures. My doctor told me this already, however, Google had me a bit freaked out and paranoid! I showered, and the larger scab on my vertical incision softened. When I went to clean it with a q tip and cleaning solution, it started to come off. I noticed that 2 tiny sutures were the only things holding the scab in place, so I took a clean pair of scissors, clipped the sutures, and the scab fell right off. The ends of the sutures are still poking out, so tomorrow I'm going to call and see what I should do about this. I don't want to get an infection from exposed sutures. Anyways, everything is healing well. My breasts are taking forever to drop, and still slightly bulging near the armpit area. Hopefully this resolves itself without the need for any sort of revision. Fortunately, Dr. Corey told me that if I need a slight revision, it would be very simple, most likely in the office under local anesthesia. :)

Depressed about my breast lift.

I haven't said much on here about my breasts, because I was hoping that they would change after a couple months and look normal. That is the point in which I wanted to make a post about my breasts. However, it's been over two months, and they still don't look so great...In fact I'm hugely disappointed. It depresses me, because for a very long time, I've been wanting to have nice, shapely breasts. I even accepted the fact that if I had a breast lift, I would live with many long scars. Well, now I'm broke and my breasts still look very weird. It makes me want to cry. I really do think my surgeon is talented. My tummy tuck is amazing. The scar is paper thin and it looks so natural. But I hate the breasts. He said that at 5-6 months PO, I will probably need to come into the office for a simple revision. This would involve cutting out an unspecified "wedge" of skin. I'm trusting in my surgeon and hoping that this would fix the problem, but what if it doesn't? What if I'm still stuck with breasts that I don't like? Well, the good thing is, I can go braless now and you can't even tell. Lol. Oh! And Dr. Corey's wonderful nurse Stacey removed all the sutures that were spitting from my breast incisions. They have healed up beautifully! No more open wounds! I can go swimming now! :)
Anyways, here are a few update pics. As you can see, at the top outer corners of the breasts, there is a huge bulge. I'm wondering if this is the wedge of skin he wants to remove? Also, the areola are still a bit too large in relation to the rest of the breast. Underneath the bulges it just kind of slants down in a flat manner. Plus, there is no inframammary crease, so the anchor scar isn't hidden. By the way, the red spots you see are just healed areas where I had the wound opening. Let me just say that I'm still very pleased with my surgeon. I think that it is much better to remove too little skin and wait for the results, than to remove to much skin and never be able to go back.

Ultimately unsatisfied

Aftet almost a year, I have lots of loose skin left over on my stomach. One side of my hip just sticks out all weird. My breast lift is absolutely horrible. My implants are malpositioned with flex deformity. When i bend over the implants seem to just disappear deep into my chest, leaving empty, saggy bags of skin. When i lay down, my leftie is a big weird mound, and my righty is completely flat. My breast tissue on one side has dropped, leaving my breasts uneven and misshapen. Not enough skin was removed. When i sit, its like my breasts are the same shape, only with a higher nipple. My nipples are way too high and poke out of everything i wear. I have no inframammary fold, leaving my scars highly visible and my breasts looking very ugly and unnatural. My nipples look weird because the edges are all jagged and uneven. The list goes on. Initially, it was thought that i would be able to undergo revision in office for free. Unfortunately this isnt the case. It will be over 4k to fix this mess. More if i replace these hard, uncomfortable saline implants with silicone. I spent everything i had in hopes of improving my body and self image. I should have accepted myself. Now im left with even uglier breasts. Ive become so depressed. I cry almost every day and night. Why can't i just be normal? I should have thought this through. I have no backup plan. I'm stuck this way. I may or may not add pictures later. I'm so destroyed.

My breasts now

They could be worse but it still depresses me to the point where i wonder daily if its even worth getting out of bed. It will take years to afford the revision. I will never have a normal sex life looking like this. With the flex deformity, its hard to do any kind of movement without my breasts looking horrible. I dont even know what to do anymore.

Going to give dr. Corey another chance.

So after days of thinking, i've ended up feeling bad about any negative/angry posts. Dr. Corey does have a lot of experience and I really do think he is a good surgeon. His staff are amazing as well. Any surgeon will tell you that even the best of the best will have bad results sometimes. Over the years ive lost a lot of skin elasticity, and im sure that's probably 75 per cent of the problem. Its just easy to rant when you feel so down. The reason i am so beside myself is that it will take forever to save enough money for revision. Ive decided to make an appointment soon to see what my options are. I will keep you updated.

Appointment at the end of the month

So I'm beside myself again. Having a really bad body image day. It hurts so much. Now my leftie keeps becoming displaced and deformed when I lay on my side and i have to massage it back into place.
I cant believe this shit happened to me. I swear to god my life is just one series of unfortunate events.
Anyways I made an appointment. Im hoping it works out in my favor. I will keep updating. Please send good thoughts.


So, I've set up a gofundme account to hopefully help with some of the costs. Anything helps. Does anyone have any suggestions about sharing my gofundme page? I would rather not involve facebook or people i know.
Also, my breasts are starting to hurt. Like a pulsing pain. Has anyone else with breast implants experienced this?

Gofundme (contd.)

Almost forgot to leave the link!

Deleted gofundme

I just dont think strangers will donate. I cant bring myself to share with people I know. Plus I feel like ive lost support on here. Anyways...this is so hopeless.

Another Chance

I went in today for an appointment and Dr. Corey let me know that he would be doing my revision, and that I wouldn't have to pay for anything. I didn't even have to mention anything about finances. I am over the moon and will provide a more detailed update as soon as I get home.


So I went in today. Dr. Corey seemed happy to see me and we discussed the parts I wasn't happy with. He read my mind on a couple things, like extending the Tummy Tuck scar farther back to remove the drooping skin at the hips, as pictured above. He is going to switch my breast implants with larger ones, something with which I agree with after months of thought. I would like to be at a full c. I feel like since I don't have much breast tissue, the larger they are, the better the breast lift results will look. Also, the placement of my implants will be improved, amd a small amount of somach skin will be removed.
He told me that a lot of the time, weight loss patients will have lost skin elasticity, therefore "settling" a bit after surgery, and essentially losing support. Mine drooped much much more than expected. I do have very lose skin on other parts of my body, despite only losing about 60 lbs. So I will never be perfect and thats okay.
He was really compassionate and agreed with me about my results. This revision will be free of cost and will happen towards the end of November.
I am so thankful for this opportunity. I can only hope that everything goes well and I can close this chapter of my life and move on.


I've moved my procedure up to Oct. 24th.

4 Days Until Surgery...

So I had my pre op on monday. The loose skin on the upper half of the stomach will stay, so that I don't have to undergo another extensive and painful procedure. The skin on the lower half will be tightened through a scar revision. The dog ears on either end will be removed and the incision extended. I'm switching my implants to saline and going one cup size bigger. Also, he is going to do another full breast lift and a pocket revision. I'm not so sure if this will trun out or not. Apparently I have abnormally stretchy skin and things may only improve slightly. I'm hoping it goes well. I'm getting really sick of having sex with clothes on.
Phoenix Plastic Surgeon

:) Thank you, Dr. Corey.

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