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I am 49 yr old professional and couldn't imagine...

I am 49 yr old professional and couldn't imagine having metal braces at this stage in life. I put a lot of effort researching orthodontist in my area and the invisilign treatment. As it turns out I have an orthodontist who trains other orthodontist on the Invisilign product. This is my first experience with orthodontics, aside from 3 children going through traditional braces. Currently I am on tray 20. 28 more on upper and 21 more on lower. My ortho said my treatment is the most challenging he has had but going very well. I have followed the book as to hours and care. I am very happy with the results so far. Each time I go in for a check up and new trays I am tracking well.

I have a little pressure, but no pain, when I put in a new tray. Currently I have 14, upper and lower, brackets on my teeth. Occasionaly I have had a few needing to be re-done as they wear down or pop off. A bracket was put on a crown, when I pulled off the tray after a new bracket was put on, my crown came off. Thankfully it just had to be re-cemented. I am not having another bracket put back on that tooth. As others have stated, I brush and floss more now than ever. I know my teeth are moving as spaces are felt and my teeth are gradually aligning neatly.

For anyone considering Invisilign, I highly recommend it. My cost of $6200 covered all the preliminary preparations and the invisilgn treatment. My insurance is covering a portion of that cost.

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