54 Yrs Old, Had ImplantExchange & Lift, Braline Lipo & Lipo on ThatHorrible Area at Base of Armpit..goodRidence! Scottsdale, AZ

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After 15 years of no problems with my prior...

After 15 years of no problems with my prior implants, one of my implants dislodeged from the muscle. I was a 34DD, and am now a 34C, which is what I wanted. Its only been a week but I have some questions if you ladies can help me. I am also on here as Sophie00, 8/17 I had a deep plane face lift, eyes done , fat transfer and laser resurfacing. I live in hawaii and flew to Scottsdale to have Dr Shapiro do both surgeries. After a =year o research Dr. Shapiro was my man and I could not be happier. I am in a sports bra 24/7 and then a binding strap that moves the implants down into the pockets. I am terrible swollen ontop of my breats but Dr Shapiro said they will look really weird until they driop so not to woprry. The lift and size I am over the moon about. I wanted to know if any of you have had any seeping from a breast.... Its just my left one, I clean the incisions with hydrogen peroxide and water then neosporin and then place gauze over incisions and breast and put back on my sports bra. When I go to do the cleaning again the left piece of gauze is saturated in watery blood and a watery yellow fluid. It is noyt pus, nor is it thick. I will call the Dr. tomorrow as I am back in Hawaii but I was hoping you guys could share your experiences with me ,
much Aloha,
Dr Shapiro

Dr Shapiro is the finest Dr of any kind I have ever worked with, I wrote an extensive review on him here on my facelift under Sophie00 surgery was 8/17 of this year, please read that.

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