Pre-op - Pre Double Mastectomy & Reconstruction - Scottsdale, AZ

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Ok, I already have implants 11 years they were...

Ok, I already have implants 11 years they were 250C filled to 285C. I am 5'4" was 110 now 98 so I have lost weight. I have an awkward shapped chest. I have been DX'd with breast cancer and elected to have a double mastectomy. My breast tissue is very dense. I actually wore Platex " Nearly "A",, which is basically training bra's for a 35 year old.

I only wanted to go a little bigger till this weekend when I was at a part for my best friend and her daughter was there. Her daughter is small like me had her boobs done, they looked AWESOME felt so real hers were 425C and I thought they were real, everything about her body-breast size was just like mine

Small nippples, areolas chest size, I thin she has about 10-20 llbs on me but other wise she is built like me. I am going to call my platic surgeon since they plan on doing most of all the surgery and recontruction at the same time I want to go 400-425. I am going to be 50 this year. the ones i have are 11 years old so it is time fo a UPGRADE, yea it SUCKS for the reason i have to get an upgrade, but i dont have to pay for it, ever since I had them done 11 years ago I wish i went bigger so NOW .... I AM GOING BIGGER..... you only live ONCE, GET WHAT YOU WANT !! THIS IS ON MY BUCKET LIST !!!!

Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

He was refered to me by my general surgeon who is doigng my radical mastecovmy

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