5'0, 96 lbs, 2 kids, From 32A to 32D

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I've always had issues with fitting clothes and...

I've always had issues with fitting clothes and swimsuits. After breastfeeding, the boobies became deflated and I look more like a boy. ???? I want to be able to fit tops and swimsuits better and to finally have cleavage. What's that???

I had my pre-op yesterday and told my PS that I want something natural looking -- as big as I can go and still look natural given my petite frame.

I've been wanting to do this for a few years. My bf was surprised when I brought it up and has been fully on board. Men and boobies. ????

One day post-op

So far so good. My chest felt tight and sore yesterday but is just sore today. The drugs help. The ace bandage came off this morning and I'm wearing the oh so sexy surgical bra. So hot! LOL. There's bruising along the sides but I'm feeling much better than yesterday. My surgeon warned me they would look high and they do, but they're proportional to my body. Can't wait till they drop and fluff.


Still feeling and looking bloated...or maybe I put on some pounds??? I did read that it takes about 2 weeks for your body to return to normal with regards to bloating. I would've bought a pie for Pi Day, but not after seeing the bloat.

Morning boob was better today but still some soreness first thing in the morning. Nothing a little extra strength acetaminophen can't handle. I can feel the sutures if I reach for something. So don't reach! But at my height it's hard not to have to reach for things. :( I don't think the boobies have dropped at all and I'm a little tired already of the surgical bra. I just remind myself that it's only for 3 more weeks. I can't believe it has been almost a week since the BA. Time does fly.

My big boobies

Still feeling very aware of the implants and my lack of clothing that opens in the front (that I can wear to work). I can lift my arms over my head (although it hurts some), wash and dry my hair, and empty the dishwasher, but I still haven't tried any clothes that pull over my head. Follow up on Friday with the doc to make sure all is well.

Before and after pics

I've added a before pic in a bikini top so u can see how little was there before. The after is with the same top. I have my full range of motion and haven't taken any drugs for the boobies since Monday night. I'm adjusting to them but I swear that sometimes it almost feels like I'm lactating. Is this normal? Does it stop? And if so, when?

Goodbye "granny bra"

I've included a pic of a corset I bought before the BA. It was pretty flat and sad looking before the BA and I'm loving how it looks now...so is the bf. LOL . The 325ccs really fill it out! I can hardly wait to stop wearing the surgical bra, "granny bra" as my bf calls it. Looking forward to Thursday when I can make the switch to a sports bra. I'm still having muscle spasms that the ps' office said are normal and can last up to a couple of months. The spasms are better though. Too bad I can't take Valium at work. :) It has only been almost 3 weeks since the BA. I'm religiously doing my scar massaging twice a day for 5 minutes, and hoping the spasms will stop and the boobies will drop and fluff.

Reduced swelling? Dropping? Both?

I thought it was my imagination that the bra felt a little looser up top. Now I can see it. Either the swelling is going down, or the boobies are dropping, or both. I'm hoping both. Now I need some fluffing!


At my follow up the other day, my doc said I could wear sports bras and wire free bras. He said many women find wearing wired bras at one month out uncomfortable because the bras rub against the scars. I went to Victoria's Secret after work and was measured at a 32D!!! What? I was only expecting to be a full C. I have to say I really like their wire free t-shirt bra. It's so comfortable and my boobies do fill the 32D without spilling out. For bralettes my band is a small but my cups are a medium. The best part is that before the BA, my 32A bras would slide up because there was nothing to hold them in place. I felt like I was constantly tugging them back down. No sliding upwards now!
Paradise Valley Plastic Surgeon

When I met with Dr. Spies back in January 2017, we discussed the risks, implant history, options, his experience and qualifications. He answered all my questions and was very patient. I had my pre-op yesterday and we went over any additional concerns (I did a lot of research and read many posts that were pro and con about BA). I showed him pics of my wish boobs and told him what I wanted. We decided on Mentor textured round and the range of 275 to 325 ccs. He said he will try temporary sizers during surgery to see what will get me the best look and size given my frame. He and his office staff have been wonderful so far.

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