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I had my first session of Cool Sculpting on...

I had my first session of Cool Sculpting on Wednesday morning -- three days ago. I've had enough things done in life that I know to thoroughly research anything, including reviews. I also have found that people will tend to post negative comments much quicker that positive ones. That being said, I went in with an open mind realizing I could be in a significant amount of pain for the next few weeks. I pre-paid for three areas, but only had one area treated on Wednesday. The cost @ Ultra Smooth Skin in Scottsdale is $600 per area, but that means to do your flanks, that's two areas (one on each side). It gets pricey really quickly, even with the 30% discount they offered in March. I have had zero pain -- only numbness. I worked out normally that day and have every day since. I kept waiting for the pain that others described -- it just never happened. The procedure itself is as described for the most part -- it's a long time to stay hunched in whatever position you are in to keep the suction of the Cool Sculpting plates attached to your body. That part sucked, I will admit. It was uncomfortable, but a visit to the dentist is generally worse on any given day. I opted to split my sessions into three separate ones since you are there a minimum of 2 hours for each body area treated. In two weeks I am doing the "front" love handles, which bother me more but aren't as large as the ones in the back area are/were. My last area will be my inner thighs. I suspect that one might be painful, but we shall see.

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The person who did my procedure is not a doctor. She is trained in administering the process, but not a doctor.

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