Tummy Tuck Nightmare! - Scotland, UK

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I have had 4 children all by c-section and gained...

I have had 4 children all by c-section and gained a lot of weight. When I turned 30 I decided to get my figure back and in 8 months lost 8 stone. My body resembled a melted candle,it was disgusting. I visited my GP who referred me to a consultant. I was offered a breast lift or tummy tuck on the NHS, I was over the moon! 8 months later(June 2012),I went in for my proceedure. That night i felt great a little dizzy from morphine but all went well, was up and about when I felt very strange and faint, next i knew i had doctors and nurses rushing me to my bed. I had lost a pint of blood in minutes, my blood pressure was 70/40 and i had gone into shock. I needed 2 blood transfusions. I thought I was over the worse, then they told me I had an infection and a large clot. I was treated with antibiotics. The drains couldn't be removed as i was still bleeding to much,so i came home with a drain after 6 days. The skin by my old belly button had gone black within 2 days, the surgeon said it was due to the infection and it would be fine. Holes bgan to appear due to the amount of blood inside me trying to find a way out! I was bleeding so much it was difficult to control and i was changing the dressings 5/6 times a day. When a nurse had came to check this(after 2 wks),she contacted my GP who sent me to the hospital. As my surgeon was on holidays another surgeon saw me and within 9 hrs i was back in theatre gettig the skin removered and clot which has now left me with a hole 7x5cm and 3 inches deep! Learn to love yourselffor who you are,its not worth the risk!

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