Had Implants for 15 Years , Had Enough Time to Get These Hard Rocks out ! - Scotland, GA

Had implants when I was in my early 30's , by...

Had implants when I was in my early 30's , by breasts never grew , by then I realised I would be flat chested , seemed like a great idea at the time , just wanted breasts , not massive hard things under my skin , in my 30's I was very insecure and thought by having a bigger chest I would look more beautiful , 15 years on , wiser and with much life experience I'm of the view , we are not here to please other's , quite frankly I don't care now that I'm flat chested , small is beautiful , in fact all shapes and sizes are beautiful , beauty isn't your exterior but what lies under your skin , your heart,
I want people to love me for who I am not how I look , because that isn't true love , true love is unconditional and pure , I want a man to look into my soul and fall in love with my heart and soul , not talk to my breasts or be in lust with me. I have 2 grown up adults , only one of my daughter knows about my implants , as time went on I hated my implants more and more , they seemed so unnatural , hard rocks in my body , not cuddle anyone properly for over a decade , and I love cuddles , I hope by removing them I will also be a role model to other women and my young daughter who could easily be influenced by what I did , but she's great and says to me constantly , ' mum get those implants out , they are dangerous and also I can't cuddle you because all I feel is rocks' ( she's right ) and I'm glad at her only being 24 she has a sensible head on her and not influenced by the media and society that big boobs are cool. Anyway I'm so excited and nervous I'm getting mine out on the 4th of April , with pain in breasts , hardened , joint pain , constantly tired , depressed , I know it's time these came out !
I admire all you lovely ladies , and I find your posts so supportive and inspirational , I intend to post pics and fill you in with my journey xxx

The final Countdown has begun !

It's getting nearer , this time next week I will be 2 days post op !
The thought makes me think is this actually happening, it's ironic that I have lived with these toxic hard rocks for 15 years!
Being a single mum I would never have been able to afford to get them out , but the NHS are willing to take them out with no expense, cried cried , cried a river .. Miracles do happen...
We must never forget as strong independent women we own our bodies , not the media , not society , not men , on reflection what truly matters is that we are loved for 'who we are' not 'what we are' and we certainly aren't here to be perceived as sex symbols but rather beautiful women who love their bodies , their breasts , no matter how flat , how small , how big..
Learning to be comfortable in your own skin is far more sexy than trying to be something or someone you are not.
I have ordered a compression bra from Macom and a high impact sports bra , can't wait to have them on after implants are out !
I bought 34b , ( as pre op nurse advised ) even though I was 34a before implant , but 15 years on I think I have put on a little bit of fatty tissue around my breasts , as most of us possibly do with age and weight gain. So perhaps I won't be super flat lol and even if I am I'm happy to just simply say good bye to implants and hello to my soft natural breasts as nature intended ..:)
My prayers with you all ladies ! And much love and proper soft cuddles for all of you and the world ! Xxxxx love xxxxx. :))

Bras I have ordered after explant

Hi ladies , I've ordered this extra high impact sports bra from M&S , it's had really good reviews.

Ordered Macom surgical bra / good for compression and prevention of fluid build up

Hi ladies , this is the Macom compression bra I ordered for post explant. xxx
Good reviews.

3 days to explant surgery getting nervous

Had a terrible migraine yesterday at work , ( not had one for ages ) which kept me up last night , felt drained and nauseated this morning.. Wonder if this is psychosomatic as the surgery is not far off now..
just got my bras in the post yesterday which I ordered for post explant , kind have sunk in then , that my explant was happening.
I'm still wondering if 34b would be the right size, my Pre op nurse thinks I should go for 34b, but I was intending initially to go for 34A as that was my size before implants... Anyway just have to wait and see..

Before explant / with implants

Can't believe how big they look !
I was a flat 34A before implants , only wanted to go a size up and have breasts! And ended up like this !! Gigantic horrid hard balls ! wouldn't recommend anyone to get implants.

2 days to go for explant !

It's strange all of a sudden I am noticing small breasted women and thinking that's how I could be in 2 days time !
I really can't wait now , excited but nervous because naturally not knowing how I'll be !
I was shopping today and bought some size 10 pyjamas and thought how the top would look , it is going to be my post explant pj's ! Was tempted to go on a mad shopping spree , but lots of little pretty bra's and dainty tops ! But I held out ! Will be patient :) xxxx

Asda sports high sports bra

Just ordered another sports bra , this one from asda , had pretty good reviews , I'd only bought two initially , but I reckon a third one will come in handy when washing the others ! This asda one was a lot cheaper ( only £8 ) than the marks and Spencer's and and Macom , I have bought .
I remember my dad saying whenever you go for something choose three , wether it's men or buying a house , then make a decision from the three , one is bound to be the right one lol
Hence applied this analogy to my bras for explant ! :) xxx

Miracles do happen ! 1 day to go for explant!

I prayed and prayed to God to find me a way to get these implants !
Financially I would never have been able to get them out at this moment in time , but miracles do happen and it's happening !
For all you lovely ladies , my prayers are with you xxxx much love , soft hugs , happy healing , and miracles your way, ameen. :) xxxx

4th of April has finally arrived

The day has arrived when I finally get these horrid things out ! That have caused me so much pain and distress !
Another 5 hrs and I will be awake to head to the hospital for my explant , I'm nervous now but excited ! Bag all packed with my new sports bra's and some open shirts ... Can't sleep...but I should get some rest..my body is going to need it . Will keep you posted.

Counting down the minutes now ..

The anaesthestist just had a chat with me, asked another serious of health questions , thinks I should be given some antiemetics, paracetomol and ibuprofen before surgery to help with post op pain etc.. So just had some , but my stomach feels funny as not had anything to eat and drink since 7pm last night because getting a general anaesthetic.
Anyway still sitting in my room on my own , hearing the clock tick away .... Hopefully wont be long now as this wait is making me restless , I'm not good for sitting down for long periods , and I'm beginning to dose off , didn't sleep much , hopefully make up for it later... Xx

That's the implants out ! 1 day post op . So happy :)))

Hi lovely ladies , first of all to say thank you for all your continual support , love you all and happy healing ! Xxx
And that's it , finally out ! I say post op , can't believe it , keep looking down at them , to convince myself those toxic bags are out !
And pleasantly surprised , they don't look as bad as I thought they would ! :)) I love the softness of them ! ;') and I don't look as small as I thought I would , I'm sure I was completely flat before implants ! So that's reassuring :)
I'm still in hospital , my heartbeat and BP was really low , so kept in and got drains put in , apparently implants were intact and no rupture !
Got up this morning to go to toilet and felt nauseated and faint , back in bed , BP low again , doctor came round thinks maybe with the effects of general anaesthetic , on co codomol and ibuprofen for pain relief , working well, sore on movement. I've posted some pics ! :)))) xxxxxx love and soft hugs xxxxx

Day 2 post Explant

Hi everyone !
Just a quick update and some more pics , to say I'm feeling much better today , not as sore , just taking co codomol , didn't feel I needed the ibuprofen. BP a bit low this morning but nothing alarming , though still feel I want to sleep , dosing on and off during the day , doc came round and saw me says everything seems ok re breasts , liked my post surgical compression bra lol
Already seeing a change in my breasts , and it's only been day 2 ! :))) xxxx the left one doesn't look as puckered , though the nipple sometimes inverts , asked the doc he said it should rectify or can get devices to retract it etc but nothing alarming , it's probably just with all the removing and manouvereing during surgery.
Anyway I'm so happy with my outcome !! Happy healing to everyone that is healing and good luck to all that are waiting ! :))))
Soft hugs xxxxx :))

Day 3 post explant

Hi everyone ! Hope you are all doing well xxxx
Just some more pics I took last night before bedtime..
My nipple to my left breast keeps inverting , the doc at the hospital said nothing to worry about it , it will sort itself out or can get devices to bring it out .
Anyone else have this problem ?
Ladies that have had explant , how long did you wait before you can lift a bag of messages and stretch your arms etc...

Day 3 post Explant

Well what can I say but that baffled that I actually have breast tissue , just tried on one of my sports bra's ( 34b) and it was kind of tight ! I was completely flat before implants , so don't know where the breast tissue came from .. I am one stone heavier ... So perhaps I gained breast tissue when I put the weight on over the years... I'm down to paracetamol for pain , and not needing it as often ,that must be a good sign...
I'm getting a little restless want to do things but then have to stop myself as I realise can't stretch a certain way or lift weights, I really want to heal well , so doing everything I can to make it easy on my body .. Taking a lot of fruit , satsuma's , vitamin pills , honey , hot water with lemon and honey first thing in the morning ..
Thinking of buying some Manuka honey tomorrow it's really good for healing... My left breast nipple is still kind of inverted , it does come out but I have to massage it for it to come out , it's possibly just with the operation and all the fiddling inside the breast during surgery . Anyway I'm very happy ! :) xxxx love and soft hugs xxxx

Day 4 / post explant ! Feeling like a new women ;')

Well it's day 4 since I got my explants out and also the capsules ( because of a lot of skin thickening ) .. Anyway I feel great !!
Went to see my GP today so can send a sick line to my work pay so I can get paid when off , intend to take 2 weeks off as my work can involve stretching , pulling etc ..
I want to make sure I heal well and don't run into complications so not taking any chances or rushing back to work.
Getting these implants out means the world to me , I feel like I've been born again ! Seriously it hit me today , kept the tears in and today just really weepy , sitting with my daughter but tears of joy , said to my doc today , you know this sounds corny but I'm so happy that I can cuddle softly my daughter ,she's 24 and she was 9 when I got the implants so she's only really known solid hard hugs !
It's little things like this that seem normal to the rest of the world but mean the world to me , I'm a very warm hug person , so I really can't wait to give out those 'soft hugs ' ;'')
It's a beautiful sunny day in Scotland and I just took out this white cotton top which I loved but could never wear when I had implants because the implants made the to too right and made me look ridiculous ! Anyway I'm wearing it today and posted a pic , my breasts look cutely small and perk ;') I'm so happy and of course soft lol xxxx love and soft hugs xxx

Day 5/ explant

Can not believe I'm 5 days post explant ! Feel the days are flying , and the ironic thing is I have that feeling you know when you are in love ? Well ... I'm in love with the new me , the natural me, the way I was always meant to be :))
I've just posted smoother few pics , to show how my natural breasts are progressing , I'm just imagining it , but i look as though I'm fluffing out a little , my bandages are still on , and stool in feel they look great , can't wait to see how they'll look without them.
My surgeon likes to leave them on for 2 weeks. Which makes sense :)
I still can't get over how beautiful clothes sit on my now petite frame.. ;')
Was getting cabin fever today , so went to the movies with my daughter, I'm so protective over my recently operated breast 's lol
That this lady pushed passed me on the escalator , and I got annoyed , couldn't help but my hands up to protect my breast lol
Yes , you can say they are my pride and joy now .
How ironic when there was a time decades ago , that I felt my natural self was not beautiful but now I feel beautiful ;') xxxxx
My surgeon did a great job with removing them, much gratitude to him. ;')

Day 6/ Explant

Well today I'm really beginning to feel a difference with my need for pain meds , went most of the day without them , which is great , because I hate putting pills in my body , just took two paracetamol for bed time to help with discomfort when sleeping , I love my sleep and really can't function without a good night in dream land. Was getting cabin fever , met up with some friends , some know and some don't that I ever had implants , the ones who don't know we're like ' you've lost weight what have you been doing'
I said 'erm just lots of running' lol
Was looking through my wardrobe and came across a bra that's a size 34b , think I bought it when I had implants , but it was too small to fit my horrid big implants!
Anyway tried it on , and bravo it fitted neatly :)
Posted a pic.
Think I'm going to be a 34b..
How ironic , it was the size I always wanted to be in my young insecure days when I went for the implants. Never got the 34b instead went to a 34c/d .
Now after the explant I'm the 34b I always wanted to be.
Everything happens for a reason..
I reflect.. Xxx :)

Day 7/ post explant

Can not believe it's been exactly a week since my explant ! Time has just flew , and today I would say is the first day where I felt I could manage without the pain meds , only took one 500mg of paracetamol all day !
But I'm finding myself wanting to do more , example stretching up etc thinking I feel ok so I'll be ok and then to feel an ache in my breasts, I know it's still early days so need to keep telling myself not to over do it , I'm eager to get back to the gym running and swimming , I'm getting a little frustrated and bring such an on the go and restless person there is only so much you can do in the day at home when you are limited in physical activity ! I can read or watch a movie but then I get restless and wish I could just jump up and go for a run ! Anyway, patience is a virtue.
I've posted day 7 post explant pics, after my explants my nipples have decided to go into hibernation ! I really have to massage my breasts and the nipple area to bring them out , as you will notice in the photo my left breast is more stubborn and the nipple just wants to retract back in , but I'll persevere and I'm telling myself they have also been through a shock , after all they did have implants in them for 15 yrs and probably wondering what's going on lol .. Anyway I'm beginning to sound a little corny now , I'll stop :) xxxx

Day 8/9 post explant

Just a quick note to say hope you are all doing well . I think I over did it yesterday and today I'm absolutely shattered and feeling a little ache and twinge here and there in my breasts.
Hence had a lazy Sunday , and by the way sometimes I feel so itchy where the incision sites are.. Anyone else experiencing this ?

Day 11 / post explant

Hi ladies , just a quick update to say all going well , hope you are all doing great and healing well !
It's great to have this support network , dont know what I'd do
without you's !
Well , it's day 11 post explant and everything is ticking along fine , I'm finding myself able to stretch a little further with my arms without discomfort and also managing to lye on my side for short spells , I normally sleep in my right side , lying on my back has been a real trial , can't wait for that day when I'll be able to get a full night a sleep on my side ;')
No need for painkillers now , so on no meds . The shape of my beasts etc look the same , so no point posting more pics , I wil wait until dressings come off them update with pics , can't wait to get these dressings off on Thursday !
And will be able to get a proper wash! And get a proper look in how my breasts really look.
Just some things I've been doing to help heal my breasts, thought I may share with you's.
- massage breast for 15 mins at night and in the morning .
- bathe breasts with cold water twice a day ( you can do this by using some cotton wool dipped in cold water and pat breasts with the soaked cotton wool.
- wear compression bra 23 hrs in the day.
- drink hot water with lemon and honey every morning , helps get rid of toxins that accumulate in the fat cells and overall great detox.
- eat dates , nuts , pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds , satsuma's , oranges, plenty of salads , chicken and fish , all great for healing.
I will also begin the application of various creams and ointments once I get to 2 weeks and the dressings are off, will keep you posted xxxx soft hugs :)

Day 13 / Can't believe it seems so surreal

Well., here we are , almost 2 weeks tomorrow since I had those ridiculous implants removed from my body. What I can not believe is that for almost 15 years I carried them in my body , they went everywhere with me and now they are gone. It's a bit like choosing a bad guy staying with that bad guy and then eventually having the courage to get rid of him lol
It's analog, but it's that's kind of the way it was with my implants , seemed very alluring and tempting at the time but once I had them I realised they were a big mistake.
Anyway now I'm here without those un natural things in my body that were doing more harm than any good. And I love being natural soft and being small breasted seems to no longer matter. In fact I find myself loving the new small breasted me.
I guess I'm in a different place in my life. I guess I no longer care how I should look according to what society media and a male dominated patriarchal society perceives as acceptable.
I love the way I am , the way I was created and I want everyone to appreciate the unique me , not looking like every other women with implants.
I actually feel quite liberated.
Today I went shipping , I spent my whole morning trying on tops dresses , bra's .. I guess I'm trying to get use to the new me, the new shape , and I don't have one regret . I love the way finally I can wear a size 8 or size 10 dress and fits perfect ;') ( not getting stuck at the bust as before ) ..
I'm in a content place and I hope all you lovely ladies find the utter contentment I have found getting to know my knew body , my new natural soft breasts , which were always there but I never appreciated.
So how are my natural breasts doing ? Well 13 days post op!
And yes I got the dressings off today , I had a lovely nurse who was so gentle with me that I couldn't have asked for better post op care. Also answered every question that I wanted answered , and even put a little steri strip on the incisions after removing the surgery dressings.
The incisions look fine , seem to be healing well , where the drains were only a mark left that resembles a scratch , my breasts do feel tender but I can expect that , time is a healer.
The nurse has advised me to continue massaging and moisturise , avoid ironing and hoovering at this stage , wanted to know when can resume sports , she said few months for running and swimming and could do light yoga type of exercise at the moment, I'm just dying to get back to the gym etc.
I've just posted some update pics with moi in a MS sports bra medium support I picked up today , I found this bra so so comfy , and it seems to feel more snug and firm than the Macon I been wearing so far , as you can see in one of the pics there is some ruffled bits on top of the bra where my breasts sit , I think this is the area that still needs to fluff out , I'm fitting into a 34B with some ruffles and empty bits too if the bra , hopefully this will fill out through time...
I have a follow up appointment with my surgeon in 6 weeks time , can't wait to thank him in person again for the wonderful job he did with my explant. Happy healing :) xxxxx

13 days post explant / MS sports bra I bought today . Feels comfy and snug

15 days post op / explant

Hi everyone , just a quick update , posted some more pics.
Start back at work tomorrow and it's a long day , have me in your prayers.
Hope you are all healing well and the one!s that are waiting , hope it's not too long and good luck.
Soft hugs xxxxx :))

Day 15/ post explant

I know they are a bit droopy but I don't care , I think they exceed in every way compared to the hard fake toxic rocks I had stuck in my breasts. I love the soft natural feel to my breasts , and the amazing thing is that i now have the breasts I always wanted , but which implants did not achieve , it took 15 years of implants and and explant to love my breasts :)
Just wish I had done it ages ago !
I feel empowered and liberated.
It's a wonderful feeling knowing that all of you is all of you , nothing fake , nothing toxic , no longer have to keep a secret .
The best part is shopping for clothes ! Smaller chest size clothes sit so beautifully and elegantly ! ;))
I've become a shopaholic these past 2 weeks ! Xxxxxx
I want to say a big thank you for all your lovely ladies support xxxx don't know what I'd do without you :) xxxxx

21 days post explant

Well that's been exactly 3 weeks today since I had the implants removed , and i have posted some pics of how I look after 21 days post explant . I do see a difference compared to earlier photo's , they don't seem as flat , perhaps a little more fluffed , for all you ladies who were completely flat chested before implants and are worried about having the implants removed because it will mean back to being flat chested , then please take a look at my photos no lift no replacement of implants , just removel and I'm absolutely amazed with the breast tissue I have and the terrific shape , so please don't be disheartened or be hesitant , you will be pleasantly surprised with the result !
Was back at work earlier this week , so been coming home exhausted as 10hr shifts but in a way it's been good that I'm working I'm moving I think it helps to heal everything quicker , I've certainly noticed on my 3rd week post explant that I'm able to lift more , carry a couple of light bag of messages and have no bother pulling tops over my head , raising my arms and pushing reasonable weights , my breasts though feel tender , especially the right perhaps as that's where the capsular contraction was most significant , I'm still wearing my medium impact sports bra from MS day and night , I will keep it going for at least 6 weeks and perhaps even longer as I feel the support and the function of keeping the breasts pushed in and held firmly all helps with shaping and uplifting the breasts naturally.
I also continue with massaging every day with Aloe Vera gel , this helps to tighten the skin.
I'm dreaming when I'll be able to wear a pretty bra but I'm in no hurry as the sports bra will be my friend for ages until I'm happy that my breasts have healed and shaped.. One thing I've also noticed is I'm not as tired as I was with implants , that 'fatigue' seems to be subsiding and the joint pain too ! And feeling like a 90 year old at times is certainly away ! The steristrips under my incisions still remain which my post op nurse put on 2 weeks after the dressings came off, apparentky i've just to let them fall off gradually , the edges are beginning to curl up...hope you are all healing as well as I am , take care and happy healing and 'soft hugs' xxxx

4 weeks and one day post op ! How time flys when life seems great without plastic :)

Well hello ladies !
First of all sending healing love and prayers to you all , the one's that have done it ! Got them horrid things out hope you are loving the journey as much as I am , never been in such a complete place , where I feel I finally own my body , it's back to where it always belonged ! My breasts not what society fools women to believe that we need to adhere to the superficial society we live in , which makes us women believe that we are inadequate , ugly unless we conform to a society that controls women to be the way it wants it to be . I hope that myself and all the ladies on this are an inspiration to those that haven't quite decided wether to go for explant , please don't hesitate , time waits for no one , the reality is we only have today , the past is gone , the present is a 'gift' and the future is uncertain. Please do have a look at my before explant and after explant pics , and how I have progressed , I wish I had a photo of before I had implants , I was virtually flat chested , and have I been pleasantly surprised that I actually have breasts after explant , hence if any of you ladies that were flat like me before implant and are worried that you may have nothing after explant , you may be pleasantly surprised ! I truly was !
So how do I feel 4 weeks one day post explant ? Well I feel absolutely amazing , I'm at a stage where I don't even feel I had surgery , looking at my pics I honestly can't see anything to suggest i had surgery , I'm healing superbly Xxxx all gratitude to the ONE above and all the prayers my way and the expertise of a great surgeon. I've been back at work 2 weeks post op , working now crazy hrs , sometimes up to 48 hrs !
But I feel great , healing great and biggest thing I've noticed is that I'm able to stretch much far out with my arms for things below and above etc and also lifting now about 3 to 4 bags of lift shopping .
My scars are below the breasts and barely visible , look clean and neat , just a horizontal line , right one seems more visible, perhaps because there was more capsular contraction there and perhaps the surgeon worked on it more during surgery. I will call and ask my nurse when I can start applying anything to the scars to help them fade , any ideas ? Not sure if 4 weeks is too early to apply something to the scars . I continue with the aloe Vera gel , going it will tighten my breast tissue , they feel super soft and while they are obviously not going to be holding up firm at this stage , I will be patient and keep massaging ever day and applying aloe Vera .
I'm on a challenge to achieve the natural lift through natural healing and measure's , I think considering I've not had a lift , I can't complain about the result , I'm very grateful for what I have even if they are little petite breasts and super soft and a bit droopy !
They are me and i am learning to love me xxxx :) under no circumstances will I be opting for any more surgery , any lift , I feel empowered that my breasts are all natural , and that's a great feeling ! So please ladies be confident , love yourself and believe in yourself , it will happen !
Xxxxx hope my update pics inspire you xxxx soft and natural hugs always xxxxx

4weeks and 2 days post op - this sports bra gives me cleavage lol

Hi ladies, just posted a pic of a bhs sports bra I bought before explant , was too tight straight after surgery but fits really neatly now and do I see some cleavage on it ? Lol it's a 34B and only cost me £8 from bhs on line and it's really comfortable !

4 weeks and 3 days post op

Sorry just a quick note to say I made an error with previous update , the black and pink sports bra is not from bhs but it's from asda xx
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