Sclerotherapy is the Cheapest, Most Effective Thing You Can Do Cosmetically!

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Sclerotherapy has been the most effective cosmetic...

Sclerotherapy has been the most effective cosmetic treatment I have undergone. For the cost, it yields great results and they are lasting...over three years passed before I needed a touch up. If you have spider veins, you will be very pleased with this procedure.

Downtime is minimal. The most annoying part is wearing support hose and not being able to take a shower for 48 hrs. Do it on a Friday and winter is the best time because of the hose you must wear for 48 hrs :)

Kristie Foushee

My sclerotherapist was excellent and my results lasted three or more years. I have had one follow up treatment at a discounted cost. My legs still look great and I am 41 yrs old.

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