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Scarred for life ? NOT !!!!!!!

Skin Cancer

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9 Oct 2016

Updated, 5 months ago

Scarred for life ? NOT !!!!!!!

Not only is she a great surgeon but she is intelligent witty and a really nice person . When I was sunburnt badly as a child I didn't realize the bad effect it would have in the future . 3 times in a 10 year period I went to have a piece of skin taken from my face to prevent serious cancer . The third time Dr Tanovic performed the surgery . This was to be the most sever and biggest chunk of skin and I thought I would be scarred for life . That was not to be because she was precise and careful and out of the 3 surgeries hers was the best outcome considering the big piece of skin taken . She is thorough and takes her time to do it right . She is awesome .