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Not that my two sisters' procedures have any...

not that my two sisters' procedures have any influence on mine (one had a tt, the other a gastric sleeve) it seemed pointless to continue to go to the gym and this pouchie at the bottom of my tummy goes nowhere. i went to my local cosmetic surgeon and he told me my bmi (34) was too high and to lose weight then come back. i took no for answer and went elsewhere. now here i am about a day away from my lipo (ab, flank). this current doc was honest and said i would need a tt to really get a flat tummy and get rid of the loose skin. she said she would smooth me out a bit and i'm ok with that. so like i said i am nervous but i do heal fast. wish me luck all and pray for me.

morning after lipo

in my opinion, my stomach\flank lipo was what i prayed for. i havent even had to touch my tylenol or percocet. i leaked a bit from one of my sides but thats about it...for now. last night/yesterday i was stiff, sore, and very uncomfortable. doc said she removed about 8-2liters out of me but i was out of it when i heard that. really? nah? slept fitfully but today i feel better. peeing thru a whole really sucks but.....anyway, i tjink its going great thank u Jesus.

post op day 2

feeling pretty normal. had a shower today and was in heaven. one of my five holes is still a tiny bit juicy but all is great. now i gotta put that work in and cut down on sodium and snacks now. i feel great, only took meds menstral cramps, ggrrr!! sleeping is slowly getting better. all thanks to Jesus.
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