44yrs Old 135pds 2 Daughters Age 26 and 17 I Have Wanted a Tt for 20 Yrs

I'm hoping to get rid of almost all of my...

I'm hoping to get rid of almost all of my stretchmarks and not have my belly constantly hanging over my jeans ..I have worked so hard at trying to have a flat stomach and nothing has worked ! I run pretty much everyday with some workouts .my oldest daughter weighed 9pds 14 ounces .which done a number on my stomach !! So I have pretty much wanted a tummy tuck for the last 26 yrs of my life and I'm really hoping that I get amazing results

Changing Dr. After I'veI've ready paid my deposit and booked my date ..this is horrinle

I didn't get what I was needed from the Dr I chose. I thought I was but I think I reacted to my decision in choosing him way to quickly ..I went for a another opinion and this Dr has made me even realize more that I may have chosen the wrong dr the first time ..
Should be able to still keep my date close to the 16th of November ..I will lose my deposit ,but hopefully I've gained a better Dr. thats right for me .Going to make my decison tomorrow .

Starting to panick !! My post op appt is October 26 and I pay my remaining balance

I'm worried about if I'm making the right decision on doing this or not ,what my outcome is going to be ,what my incision and vertical incision is going to look like .
I want to do it because Ive talked about doing this for half my life.Then I have this visuals that I have this horrible outcome.
I'm also concerned about coming home with a cathater. I am so thankful for this site..I've seen so many women on here with no regrets !!
Bloomington Facial Plastic Surgeon

No longer Having Dr Castillo do my TT Going with Dr.kurley in Champaign Illinois at Advanced Aesthetics

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