Canadian, 23, No Kids & a 36F/G - Saskatoon, SK

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Okay. So. I just joined this site a few days ago...

Okay. So. I just joined this site a few days ago because I'm starting to get nervous. I have my first consult with Dr. Carolyn Duval in Saskatoon, SK on June 21st. I got big boobs like most of all the ladies on here.. from a young age.. being stared at, jokes made, self conscious, nothing fitting, sports are a challenge, hell, running sometimes walking is a challenge without someone looking at the twins jiggling with you. The bras I am fitted into now are 36 F and my sports bra is a 36 GG.. and I'm popping out of my left cup.. it's annoying. I dress conservatively but still have cleavage most of the time. a constant struggle... I'm between 160/170 pounds and about 5'6/5'7.. 23 year old, decently active... I would like to be more if it wasn't such a hassle to get prepared for activities.. I have no kids but plan to some time in the future. im a bit nervous for this consult but I'm trying my best to eat better and use my rowing machine every morning before work. We also might be getting a dog (I love with my boyfriend) and so that will keep me active too! (so excited about the dog!) anyway, any tips, pointers, some confidence building advice would be appreciated.. also some questions I should ask the doctor at the consult.. I'm hoping a get approved for it to be covered by Blue Cross.. I'm always in back pain and can't sit without a slouch or it actually hurts. I work at a desk with good chairs, etc but still have headaches and strap marks every day within an hour of being at work... some days the back pain and headaches almost makes me sick.. anyway.. just thought I would put myself out there in hopes of some ladies helping me through this.. ill add pictures in the comments.. thanks!

Before pictures

I'm not sure why some are upside down.. But this is me as of right now.. Taking these took a lot of guts and talking myself into posting them..


As I go to bed tonight I thought I would document the marks, wear and sagging and the popping out that happens during the day.. Well actually Like all day :/ you girls know how it is.. It's depressing to let them down and they rest on your knees as you take your morning pee...

May 20/16

Okay so I was asked by a lovely lady on this site about a picture laying down. Right now this one is the only one I have.. Obviously they just decide to go wherever they please and flip out.. Not to mention to extra weight pressure on your chest when you do it.. Kinda sucks that's for sure.. Anyway, here is a a before of the laying down. Allsooooo we got approved for the dog we want!!! & we are picking him up tomorrow!!! Sooooo excited about this!! AHHH!!!! Have a great long weekend !

Tomorrow's the day!

Tomorrow is my first Consult to see if I'm even eligible in Sask for a breat reduction. I truly hope I am because tonight I realized how painful they are. I came home from work with a headache and sore back. I put on my sports bra that cuts less but is less supportive (lululemon) just so I could take the dog for s bike ride with me. I went over a few bumps with the bike and it was so painful and pulled right from my neck. Anyway. Got it don and decided to take my sports bra off for the night.. I can feel it pulling right from the top of my chest and bottom of my neck and its staining everything.. I still have a headache and then when I took it off I noticed the marks in my neck from even the sports bra, that I maybe wore for 2.5 hours. Only a half hour bike ride if that, and sitting around home. So tomorrow is going to be very interesting as I am going alone. If you have any advice please help me!!!! I'm getting so nervous over it because I want this done so so bad. Anyway, here are pictures of the aftermath of tonight.. Well, every night pretty much.

Itty bitty titty committee here I come!

I saw Dr. Duval today and she is amazing! She heard my concerns, listened, addressed everything, was professional but totally cool and was welcoming!! I had a lot of anxiety going in but totally wasn't as bad as it was in my head. And the best part is that she thinks I'm a great candidate for BR surgery!!!! Also confirmed my left is bigger than my right, knew that lol. Also for the fact they are so dense she could barely feel anything and the weight she lifted she didn't have any second thoughts about doing this for me!!! So she said the wait for surgery is about 6 months! That's nothing compare to the three years I've waited for this 15 minute appointment!!!!!!!! I'm beyond ecstatic!!!!!


Well I decided to call and see if there's any timeline about my breast reduction surgery.. some disappointing news.
Now the timeline is about 9 months- so "probably early in the new year" is what I was told. I understand there's the cancer patients and such that are urgent and I totally respect that. It's just kind of a downer :/. I've been trying to lose weight but that's not going too well either.. I'm just fat and like food way too much. At least I have more time to try now.

No news :/

Well it has been 8 months since my consult & I still haven't heard any news of a timeline. Although big changes for me are coming this year, I'm actually relieved to know I can get through those without trying to mend as well. Kind of glad so far, but I timeline would again be nice. Oh well. Waiting game it is :)

March 9/17

Guys! I got a phone call today! First off they wanted me to come in on March 23/17... that's two weeks. I also have to move at the end of March and my boyfriend is workin away so he wouldn't be around. Let alone time to save money and have it work with my work as well. So I am sad to say I vacant so it, as much as I would LOVE to!! I declined :( BUT I did ask when the next available dates my be and she said possibly April, and if not April, May! So that's not that far away! And my boyfriend will be around, we will be moved and settled, and it'll be nicer weather as well to recooperate. So, with that being said- I need advice!
Please give me tips and tricks of things to buy, etc that help! And types of bras to get for recooperation and stuff! I'm so excited but sooooo nervous !


I went shopping on my lunch break today and happened to find front closure bras! Similar to the zip zip hurray bras by Playtex the other ladies were recommending! I tried them on and they feel comfortable enough. I'm attaching before pictures for reference. I bought a "36" & "38". My band size is regularly 36. Also attaching my regular bra that day and how it sits. You can see in some pictures the marks it leaves everyday.

My Date!

I got a call today for surgery!! June 22, 2017 is THE DAY!! Finally! 5 years in the making and it is finally going to happen!! I AM ECSTATIC!!!!!

Oh boy!

Last week was an exciting one! I got my surgery date!, and then on Friday the 21st I got Engaged!! And then Monday I got my papers for surgery and for my pre-op! It's going to be an exciting time!

Tomorrow's the day!

Well tomorrow I have to be at the hospital for 6:30 am! It's finally here & I couldn't be more excited! I don't really have any nervousness whatsoever! I'm just so ready to have it done!

The results!

I have never had a more caring doctor! Dr. Carolyn Dual is AMAZING in not only her procedures but her bedside manner as well! She came to see me before surgery to mark me up, make sure I was comfortable in the surgery room, then right after inwas moved to my room for the day and again this morning by 7am. She was Making sure everything is going well, checking in and making sure I was happy with the results. Which I completely am! I can't believe she took as much as she did and they are still in a good shape and everything looks so normal! She said she took about half of each, 500grams on each side!!! Crazy to think I was carrying around that much extra! I can already feel a different of weight off my chest when laying on my back. She did an excellent job! As for pain, I'm on just ibuprofen be Tylenol. I was given some morphine to start with as well but haven't taken any for a while and the pain is manageable. I wish I could have gotten in sooner to do this! Wow! I am super impressed!
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