35 Y/o, 2 Beautiful Boys (2 & 4), 10 Y/o Implants - Sarasota, FL

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I'm thinking about a mommy makeover. Probably...

I'm thinking about a mommy makeover. Probably won't go for a full tummy tuck, but am thinking about Lipo and a breast lift with implant replacement or fat grafting.

I'm pretty fit. 5'6" and a size 2-4 (mostly a 4). I gained 55lbs with my first pregnancy and lost about 45-50 lbs, but then gained 60 lbs with my second. I lost about 55 lbs from that, but am still nursing. My baby is almost 27 months old, and I haven't spent more than a week without being pregnant or nursing over the last 5+ years. I'm ready to get back to me. If only my little ones were also ready!

I had a BMI of 19 before having kids, and I realize that at my age (with a full-time job and being the primary bread winner and the stress that comes with it) that probably won't happen again. However, I would love to have my waist back, my boobs back up to where they belong, and the pooch on my lower belly and thighs to be smaller.

I'm not sure if I want to remove my implants and get a lift or if I want a lift with silicone implants. Part of me is sick of giant boobs (DD while I'm still nursing. Small D before kids), but another part of me thinks I'll miss them. Maybe go to a slightly smaller size?

I don't think I need a tummy tuck since I only have two tiny stretch marks, but I want to fix my pooch for sure. I have two doctors I plan to have consults with, but I'm waiting for my little guy to stop nursing (any time now, I hope) to spend the time/money/effort.

Anyone out there done extensive breast feeding and have a body change afterwards???

Before Pics

Still nursing. . . But here are some before pics.

Before Photos

I've been having a really hard time uploading pictures. Maybe it will work now that I switched to Internet Explorer. . . You can see my crazy belly with the jiggle, and my saggy implants.

One more try

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