Nervcited. Surgery Fast Approaching - Santo Domingo Pueblo, NM

I've booked my surgery with Dr Fernandez Goico. I...

I've booked my surgery with Dr Fernandez Goico. I also decided to stay with Arelis for 21 days. Now time focus on dropping the extra weight I've picked up since I've stopped smoking cigarettes.
1) Dr Fernandez Goico is the surgeon that I choose.
2) My procedures are scheduled for February 6,2017.
Dr Goico here I come.

Random pictures from my "New Me Journey "

1 month postoperative

I'm 1 month and 5 days postoperative.

Some things that helped me

6 weeks later

Dr Goico did his thing. Can't wait to get my breast done...

2 months

2 and 1/2 months postoperative

Loving everything about my body and I know its only going to get better

2 months postoperative

First night I went without my faja.


3 months 2 days postoperative

Loving my results although my stomach isn't super flat and I feel I need more liposuction on my back. Overall I like the way I look.

3 months postoperative

Out without my faja and swollen but I love this picture

3 months postoperative

No faja just a high waisted compression thong

3 months 1wk posto

3 1/2 months

Time for swimsuits

When you look go as your wish picture

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Every time I've contacted him I've received quick and honest answers

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