BURNED and SCARRED BY Dr. Villalobos Cali Colombia

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Gained 50 lbs in one year after been down and...

Gained 50 lbs in one year after been down and having lower back surgery. Weight simply will not bulge so I am going to get help. Have been a member of this site for a number of years just browsing around, reading stories and stalking Dr's. I sent out four consult request, all responded and I chose Dr. Mallol. Why did I chose Dr. Mallol? I chose him because of his sculpting ability and the positive reviews. I have read the good, bad and the ugly. I realize that there are risk but also understand that those same risk can and have happened here in the states as well.

I'm super excited, less than a month away. I'm looking forward to having my waist back and I know that Dr. Mallol is going to snatch it all into place.


Best BBl Pillow for traveling..

Hey Ladies, I really need some advice from those who have traveled after BBL. I need some advice on what pillow to purchase and if it helped during inflight? I do not want to hinder my progress by sitting on my butt for all those hours.

Any advice will help,


Supplies, Supplies....Supplies

and more supplies.


Old me and 16 month transformation...wish pic

Me before gain, me now and dream shape...I believe that Dr. Mallol will achieve this!!!

2 Week to go...

Wow, time is flying by. We are at the two week mark and I must say that I am truly excited for this change. You ladies know how it feels to look in the mirror and not recognize yourself anymore....well that is about to change.

Checking in with my PCP tomorrow to make sure that all is well (of course it is) and looking forward to the DR.

Blessings, will keep everyone posted.

Villa Armonia

My conversation with Mayra was awesome. She explained everything relating to my stay and she was very kind. I was so glad to know that they offered organic foods. I have strong food allergies and organic is a must for me.

Looking forward to my stay and will post a review once I land.

Bothered and really Confused...

Hey Ladies, I'm really confused and I am really having second thoughts about the surgery. I have the hardest time reaching Dr. Mallol by phone or Whatapp.
I'm not sure who is commenting on Whatapp but the answer is all ways the same that they will get back to me.

I had questions in regards to the medication he would be using because I have some allergies and just wanted to get that straightened out before the surgery. I'm suppose to be leaving on the 19th but am really questioning if U should go due to the lack of communication. I definitely do not want to go into this without absolute confidence in my Dr.

Not sure, just bothered and confused right now....


Thanks Ladies for reaching out. It is all worked out and I am still set for next week.

Last minute supplies...

Getting my mind right....

CDC Dominican Republic warning...Not worth it

Believe me when I say that I wanted more than anything to take this trip. I had purchased everything, plane tickets, so many supplies, RH and surgery deposit.

However, I must say that I have completely changed my mind. I do not need anymore signs to convince me that my decision to go was the wrong one.

The CDC published a report today that stated that 18 confirmed and 3 probable Mycobacteria cases. The women have all had surgery in the DR and had visited 5 different plastic surgery clinics. None of the plastic surgery clinics in the DR are accredited. We know that bacteria cannot be seen but with all the reviews stating that these places have been dirty, and many stating that they have suffered infection, I will not take this lightly. This infection is disfiguring and it may take additional surgeries to correct the damage from the infection and months of antibiotics.

Praying for you all.

Exactly one month to go....

So Doll's I am truly excited to be back on this journey...Had to step away, clear my head and make sure that I was making the correct choice for me. I will be flying out to Colombia, sx Feb 2. Dr. Villalobos.

I already have my supplies from my previous DR cancellation so that is all taken care of. Lab work came back today and my Hemo is at a 12.8. I really want to get that a little higher so of course I am hitting the Iron, Vitamin C, and Multi faithfully at this point.

Contacted Alba to make RH arrangements. There are mixed reviews on here regarding most RH in Colombia but I am pretty comfortable after communicating with her. Also Colombiamade who stayed there while having sx gave a pretty good review, so I'm good.

Update later...


Hello Ladies, cannot believe that I have two week before I land in Cali, CO. Have been busy making sure that everything was in order. Recovery house deposit paid and booked. Lab worked sent to Dr. V just to make sure that everything was in order.

I have always had borderline iron due to a chromo disorder, so definitely have upped the supplement. Will be getting B complex shots for the next two weeks, as many as they will allow until I take flight.

Not much fear, I am truly comfortable with this decision. Number one, I have complete faith in God, two I am very comfortable with Dr. V, Paola and the team. Alba, seems very cool. Can't wait to meet them all.

Will keep you posted...

So Close...Week of quietness and positivity.

My date is approaching really fast and I am ready to get to the other side. Preparing mentally, trying to stay positive.

I will up my vitamin C this week as it will greatly help with wound healing.
(please discuss with your physician what he advises for you)

At the moment I am taken
Vitamin B Complex with L Methyl
Iron Slow Fe 45mg
Vitamin C 1000 -2000mg
zinc Orotate 9.5 mg

So excited that Dr. V scheduled my surgery in the AM. I am a morning person and know that I would have gotten very anxious and agitated if I was scheduled late in the day.


I am 5" 8' 200 Lbs


Nothing really to update just ready to fly out and get this started. Will actually arrive in Colombia a couple of days before my surgery date. I need time so that my body could adjust and to reduce the chances of clots.

I was thinking about anesthesia and was wondering what Dr. V used during his procedures. I guess I will be discussing that with Dr. Diaz during our appt. It doesn't matter really but the less sedation, the less strain on my body or maybe just better for me (control issues). hehehe!!!

Well, I have the weekend and then I fly out so I will update and post pics once I land in COLOMBIA!!!!!!

Wish Pics

I am getting full body lipo with fat transfer to hip

More wish pics

I have a large back side just want my midsection and flanks snatched. PCOS, for you ladies who understand tend to allow fat to accumulate around the midsection (not cute)...

Dr. V can take all that fat off, add some to the hips and I will be happy...


Have not been away from my husband for more than a week in 14 years!!!!
Can't think about it!!! Have to stay focused ;)

Safely landed in Cali

Very tired, have appt. With Dr. ANDRES in the morning. Will update late.

Surgery Tomorrow

So my surgery is tomorrow and I am in my Zenning out phase. I am here at Alba's Recovery house. Alba, has been truly amazing, I am so glad that I chose to come here. It was the perfect choice for me. I feel so welcomed and safe here. I cannot imagine been in a recovery home in a foreign country and feeling as if I was a foreigner. All the ladies here have been very helpful. Alba has been truly the best and Diego has been a God send, taking me to all my appointments and translating for me. Ladies if you are coming to Cali for surgery do not be hesitant to stay at Alba's Recovery. I can guarantee you that you will not be disappointed with the treatment that you receive here. The food is OMG delicious!!!!

Finished all of my labs, they came out awesome. Dr's visit was wonderful and visit with anesthesiologist went as planned. I will be having full body lipo with fat transfer to hips.

So with that I will sign out and tty when I wake up..

Day After

So its the day after surgery and I am doing great. As I a, typing I am thinking I am not sure if anyone is reading this journal but I hope that it helps someone in the future who may decide on coming to Colombia to see Dr. Villalobos and who may decide to stay at Alba's Recovery House.

So this is the day after....I am feeling great right now. I have had pain in my abdomen and have been dizzy but other than that I am doing great. At Alba's, they make sure that you eat, breakfast lunch and dinner. I am really ben well taking of, I can not put it all in writing, my gratitude.

Dr. Villalobos, is the best. He is very kind and gave me exactly what I wanted. He listened to my concerns and implemented the plan to give me just that. I read some where that it doesn't like picture and it is not that, its just that all of our bodies are different and he gives us according to our body frame. He is an artist.

I received a gift basket from his office this morning. He does for all the girls after surgery. It contained things like fresh fruit, almond milk, granola, yogurt etc. Very sweet of them. I cannot forget to mention Karla, De. Villalobos Asst. the girl is like pow...hehehehe. I know that I embarrassed her. I told het that I was going to take her to surgery with me as a model for them to use, hehehehe. She is so helpful and a sweetheart.

Will post pics of body soon, draining a whole lot....

Third day

Third day after

Third day after, very happy. Dr. Villalobos did an awesome job!!!! Truly love his work...

Waste and Hips 3rd day


It has been a minute since my last update. The reason why is because I have been in the hospital and was just released on Sat. I left Colombia 6 days after my procedure. Four days after my procedure, I fainted in Dr. Villalobos office and had to undergo a blood transfusion. After the transfusion, I felt stronger but was having a hard time getting the pain under control. I have a lot of allergies to medications and I guess they were to afraid to give me anything strong enough to fight the pain.

Two days later, I made the decision to come home. This is where the bad went to worse. After arriving back in the states, three days later, I was admitted the hospital for skin necrosis on my upper abdomen, The Dr's seem to think that Dr. V was overly aggressive in that area which caused the upper layer of skin to die due to the fact that it did not have anything underneath to attach itself to.

On the week of the Feb, 13th, I had surgery to remove the dead skin and will have another surgery next week to cover the exposed area on my upper abdomen.

The hospital have been pumping me full of antibiotics and fluids, this has truly been a hard journey.

My post is to not advise you on whom to have your surgery with, my post is to update you in my experience.

~~~~~~Warning photos are graphic~~~~~

Staying Positive

Had my follow up appt. on yesterday and so thankful that I will not have to have a third surgery. My doctor is happy with how my body is healing and he is confident that I will not have to have anymore surgeries to cover wound.

I tried to defend Dr. Villalobos when it came to the burn, saying things like it could have happened to anyone, which is true. Saying that he is a very good Dr. and no deaths but after they explained to me exactly how I received the burn. I no longer have faith in Dr. Villalobos and would not recommend him to anyone. My Dr stated that he was not only overly aggressive but that the cannula was carelessly left in certain areas for too long and that is why I was basically cooked from the inside out. This is something that a professional, a trained PS is aware of and he was just reckless.

I have not spoken to Dr. Villalobos since requesting my medical records. I sent photo's of the injury but have not heard anything from him or his office. The man could have at least sent a email or txt just to see how I was doing. After all he is the reason that I am suffering through this.

No grudges not giving him too much thought. I am just staying positive and moving forward. The pain has gotten better and I am now able to sleep through the night without been woke up from the pain. I will continue to be positive an continue to be thankful for my life.

I know that it is so easy to look past injuries caused by some the more popular Dr's. on here, thinking that it will not happen to you or that I /we must have done something to cause this. Well let me tell you, I am as careful as they come. I do not smoke, do not do drugs and followed all of Villalobos instructions. I could have lost my life but God is seeing me through. I would not recommend this Dr. to anyone. I feel that he is careless and has proven that he does not care for his patients.

Will post follow up...be blessed and be safe...

Deformed for life

Wound is getting better but I will have a major scar. I only had liposuction and this is what he left me with. A irregular scar that will take additional surgeries and extra cost to make it look halfway decent.

No, I still have not heard anything from his office or him and doubt if I will.

Sad, sad that a person can do this to someone and not even have the decency to reach out.

I have to share

I pray that all of you read my review of Dr. Villalobos and choose wisely. I am not trying to convince you on who to choose as your Dr. but I could not sit back and allow this or something worse to happen to someone else.

I was in Critical Care for 3 weeks, I could have lost my life. I thought that I had chosen wisely based on the reviews but I have noticed that if some ladies do not update if they have complications. The whole purpose of Realself is to educate and to share our own personal experiences.

I understand that this is a journey that many of you have waited for every to embark on and I understand how exciting it is to see the metamorphosis after some of these procedures dreaming that will be our end result.

I thought the very same thing but my end result almost cost me my life. I am not posting pictures of the lipo because I have noticed on other reviews comments like "but you look good though. You should be able to look good and not be scarred for life or suffer horrific pain. I am doing my part to share what this man did to me and it is up to whoever reads this to make their own decision.

Please be safe!!

Signs of infection

So today my wound care nurse observed my wound and it looks different, yellowish instead of the reddish color. I have to go in and have a culture to make sure that It has not become infected. Im sure it will be fine but this has been one of the most stressful events in my life. I have been through a lot in life and have always been pretty strong but this takes the cake.

One of the greatest fears of burn wound care is infection, it just elevates everything and make the healing process long and hard. I have started having anxiety, waking up in the middle of the night. I was told that anxiety after a major burn is normal but wow, I cannot wait for this thing to heal.

Still have not heard from Dr. Villalobos, I gave up on expecting to hear from him. I have sent pictures and updates but no response.

If you are going to him for surgery, please be careful. I was blessed to make it home, my journey is still in progress. I do not want anyone else to go through this or something worse.

Final Post

Wound has closed. I am left with a huge scar across my abdomen. Dr's state that I will need surgery to improve the scar but I will not have anymore cosmetic procedures.

Dr. Villalobos has not contacted me. I have given up on ever hearing from his office.

I am glad to be alive, glad that the wound is closed. It will take up to six months to completely heal but no more risk of infection.

I lost so much by going to this Dr. but I will not allow myself to be bitter. The scar will always be a reminder of my experience there. Eventually I will get it tatted so that I do not have to look at it and remember how cruel this man is.

I hope that this post helped someone. People will choose to use who they want but my experience should be at least a flag if you are considering Dr. Villalobos.

6/26/2017 4 months

Colombia Plastic Surgeon

Cannot recommend this Dr. I had lipo and he caused a large third degree burn on my torso. I have had two additional surgeries to treat the wound and I am still receiving wound care for the injury. He was reckless and careless. My Dr's say that it was one of the worst burns they have ever seen following a lipo procedure. Have not heard or received any apology for him.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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