Want my Body Back, Full Body Lipo with Dr. Villalobos Cali Colombia

Gained 50 lbs in one year after been down and...

Gained 50 lbs in one year after been down and having lower back surgery. Weight simply will not bulge so I am going to get help. Have been a member of this site for a number of years just browsing around, reading stories and stalking Dr's. I sent out four consult request, all responded and I chose Dr. Mallol. Why did I chose Dr. Mallol? I chose him because of his sculpting ability and the positive reviews. I have read the good, bad and the ugly. I realize that there are risk but also understand that those same risk can and have happened here in the states as well.

I'm super excited, less than a month away. I'm looking forward to having my waist back and I know that Dr. Mallol is going to snatch it all into place.


Best BBl Pillow for traveling..

Hey Ladies, I really need some advice from those who have traveled after BBL. I need some advice on what pillow to purchase and if it helped during inflight? I do not want to hinder my progress by sitting on my butt for all those hours.

Any advice will help,


Supplies, Supplies....Supplies

and more supplies.


Old me and 16 month transformation...wish pic

Me before gain, me now and dream shape...I believe that Dr. Mallol will achieve this!!!

2 Week to go...

Wow, time is flying by. We are at the two week mark and I must say that I am truly excited for this change. You ladies know how it feels to look in the mirror and not recognize yourself anymore....well that is about to change.

Checking in with my PCP tomorrow to make sure that all is well (of course it is) and looking forward to the DR.

Blessings, will keep everyone posted.

Villa Armonia

My conversation with Mayra was awesome. She explained everything relating to my stay and she was very kind. I was so glad to know that they offered organic foods. I have strong food allergies and organic is a must for me.

Looking forward to my stay and will post a review once I land.

Bothered and really Confused...

Hey Ladies, I'm really confused and I am really having second thoughts about the surgery. I have the hardest time reaching Dr. Mallol by phone or Whatapp.
I'm not sure who is commenting on Whatapp but the answer is all ways the same that they will get back to me.

I had questions in regards to the medication he would be using because I have some allergies and just wanted to get that straightened out before the surgery. I'm suppose to be leaving on the 19th but am really questioning if U should go due to the lack of communication. I definitely do not want to go into this without absolute confidence in my Dr.

Not sure, just bothered and confused right now....


Thanks Ladies for reaching out. It is all worked out and I am still set for next week.

Last minute supplies...

Getting my mind right....

CDC Dominican Republic warning...Not worth it

Believe me when I say that I wanted more than anything to take this trip. I had purchased everything, plane tickets, so many supplies, RH and surgery deposit.

However, I must say that I have completely changed my mind. I do not need anymore signs to convince me that my decision to go was the wrong one.

The CDC published a report today that stated that 18 confirmed and 3 probable Mycobacteria cases. The women have all had surgery in the DR and had visited 5 different plastic surgery clinics. None of the plastic surgery clinics in the DR are accredited. We know that bacteria cannot be seen but with all the reviews stating that these places have been dirty, and many stating that they have suffered infection, I will not take this lightly. This infection is disfiguring and it may take additional surgeries to correct the damage from the infection and months of antibiotics.

Praying for you all.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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