21 Years Old, 5'7", 146lbs - Santo Domingo, DR

I currently live in CT and will be moving to...

I currently live in CT and will be moving to Miami, FL come January 2015. I'm way too excited about the move and can't wait to start my life! I am currently a 21 year old student and will be going to school there as well to fulfill my degree in Dentistry; in addition to pursuing in DJing/hosting. Buying a new bum is something I want to do for me!


Before I get to wishin', I thought I'd show you guys what I'm working with!

Oh, these too...


Now, my only request is to be shapelier. I want more of an S-curved back and a plumper butt. I carry my weight up-top...can't wait to reverse that. Since I've decided to get the procedure done, I've been obsessing...I'm ass-crazed right now!

Losing weight Pre-BBL/Working out Post-BBL

Just got off of work. Jumped into a conversation about my butt; (yes, I am obsessing) and my mom thinks I should lose weight prior to the surgery...which doesn't make any sense to me. She thinks I look better, smaller. While this may be true, I dont want the BBL to be unsuccessful due to lack of fat. For the ladies who are post-op, did you lose weight during recovery? (Besides the obvious -- your fat transfer sites) but other places: (ie; slimmer face, arms, chest, waist, etc? I don't think I should lose weight. I should probably gain and lose weight after...no? Oh! And what about working out? Any post-op ladies out there with a workout regimen? And what are the affects on your new butt? Any changes? Firming/toning? Do squats affect its shape?


I can't deal.


The rain is fucking with my mood today. And I'm feeling exceptionally broke...I hate that I have to pay for something everytime I get paid. ANNOYING. Happy Independence Day!

Sponge Bob

My body has just been morphing into a rectangle these days. My butt is there...but it seems likes it's all melted together. Idk. Looks gross to me. Oh! And my back is huge. I'm definitely gonna try to gain 10 lbs for optimal results.


I understand that a certain percentage if fat is re absorbed after the transfer. Anybody have trouble with this? I think that's why I'm considering gaining the weight. That way: I'll still have fat left over after it's "absorbed". And what about the fat taken from your tummy/back...I figured: as long as you maintain a certain diet and routine exercise (ie, crunches, minimal cardio) -- it should be maintained. Right?

Applying for Passport MaƱana

Going to file for a passport tomorrow. Airfare is paid for! Making deposit on Friday. Shit is so real and so damn close. I'm gonna be chugging Ensures for until my surgery approaches. I want an ass I can see. Baez told me that 30% of the fat is absorbed...that's a pretty big percentage. And I want a teeny waist! I'm browsing...and I see that it's been done before. Just looking for a miracle for my hip-less/rectangular shaped ass.


I've come to the conclusion that my ultimate results will be a rounder bum and a really slim waist. My arms are a little chunky, but I've been working on them (as of yesterday, haha) as I do plan to tone them up. I'm definitely gonna try to gain 5-7 pounds so I can see the difference after the transfer. For my back, I want it to be 32 inches, it is now 36; my waist is at a gross 29, 22-23 inches is ideal after lipo...waist training could get me there right? And my butt is 39, I'd love if I could get to a 41/42 or 43 bc I'm greedy. Squats should help with projection once it's safe to work out.

Hey y'all! Haven't updated in what feels like: forever.


I have decided to gain the weight and also to push my surgery back a week, looking towards the second week of September.

I'm really hoping my period doesn't come around that time. That'd be horrible.

I was banking on the whole "I want to make sure it looks natural, not too big, blah blah blah -"


Deposits made!

Flights this week, surgery 9/8. I'm roughly 150. Hoping I can gain 7 pounds. New wish joints...

Made Deposit for Serenity RH

Will only be staying there for 9/10-9/13. My mom feels more comfortable recovering at home.

Here's a few wish pics and a pic of me just two days ago. Surgery is a month away. I think I'll start Ensures and whey protein this week.

Oh! Passport came in.

Everything's falling into place. I've been following other Baez cases. She truly is a talented doctor.

I hope my results come out just as great. And more importantly, that the surgery goes by smoothly and safely. God willing.

I'm excited. I feel like it'll start a new chapter in my life.

Waist Wish Pics

So. My natural butt is a solid 39 or 40. My waist is probs 27 or 28. I want my waist to be as small as it can get.

Flights booked today!

Passport - check.
Flights - check.
Supplies - check.

I'm...weight gain? Not so much. How much weight y'all think I can gain in the next 3 weeks?

I'm sure I have a enough fat. I have rolls that I've never seen before. And my legs touch.

What can I do everyday til the first week of Septenber to gain? I'm tryna gain at least 8-10 lbs.

Help ladies!

Met a gal who had the BBL procedure done!

She was only 130 lbs when she got it done and now has a crazzzzzzzy cake due to weight gain post surgery.

So I've decided not to gain.

I think I'm still at like 147. I'm sure I could get to 150.

This gal also told me she thinks I have enough fat.

My back looks like a quarterback.
My legs still rub and I have a lil gut.

I'm just gonna run with this. I'm sure I'll be fine!

Maybs I'll drink Ensures for the next couple of weeks.

Oh! And I'm staying at Serenity RH.

Made my deposit.

Liz has been great.

I can't believe this shit is around the corner.

Here are some better pics of my weight.

Morning dolls!

This morning I'm feeling hopeful.

I just know this procedure is going to help my self esteem immensely.

In the mean time, I've chosen to pick some hobbies and really channel my passion (whatever IT is).

I want to be happy, healthy and focused. I want to be spiritually, mentally and physically in my optimal state!

I know that starts within. Being in my 21st year, I haven't really accomplished much...taken a couple of classes here and there, dipped and dabbed in this and that.

But I've never really headed in any direction.

I want to be headed somewhere and I want to be somebody!

"When you look good, you'll feel good" - that's what my mom always says.

This surgery isn't about turning heads, it's more about jump starting my confidence to the next level.

I'm babbling. And I'm sure you all don't care about any of this.

But here are some new wish pics.


And these...

I'm clearly bored at work.

Waist wish/shape wish...


Goooooood morning y'all!

14 days til DR!

14 days til the new me!

I'm stoked.

Can't believe it's two weeks away.


Ultimate waist/projection wish/I'm dead/I need this/I can't deal.

So...I've hit a brick wall.

Just looked at my body and may or may not have realized that I don't have enough fat.

Surgery is paid, flights booked...I'm looking kinda slim.

And I know gaining weight really fast could be dangerous.

Agh. Fuck. Idk how I got here.

Tell me what y'all think.

These were taken a few mins ago.

Hey y'all.

Uh, DR in two days...

I'm excited. Nervous...allllll dat.

I'll be updating as much as I can y'all.

Keep me in your prayers.

Happy Friday!

In DR!

Mama Bear and I have made it here safely.

Arrived around 1PM, went to Dra. Baez' office and had all of our labs done. Everything should come back fine.

Now we're just lounging in our hotel room...Mums going first tomorrow. I'm gonna stay with her at the clinic and then I'm up on Tuesday.

Dra. Baez and very sweet. And her husband is very smart. They make an awesome team!

I am confident that she will achieve the results we want.

She asked if I wanted hips because I already have a butt...I explained to her that I ultimately just want his waist snatched. And more projection...if she has enough fat left for my hips - then hit it!

She says I don't have much fat. I realize that.

Ginger ale & crackers

We arrived at the clinic at 7AM per Dra. Baez' orders. We waited til 7:30 until I got a hold of a nurse in the lobby of the 1st and explained with sign language why we were here...an hour later she understood, called Dra. Baez and we filled out paperwork.

After paperwork, my mom and I were directed to a room on the 3rd floor.

We waited for Dra. Baez. She came in, she's beautiful and really sweet. He husband accompanied her while my mom signed a waiver. He stepped out. She took pre-op pics/marked the incision sites and areas she will be fat grafting.

A woman came in to insert my mothers IV and it didn't look like she knew what she was doing. My mom said she was very rough too. But I guess they caught the vein and a guy came in to help her. That didn't take long.

I look at the clock around 9:11AM and some guy came to get my mom with a wheel chair.

As soon as she sat down, I went to hug her and I couldn't let go. We cried. She was scared. So he told her she'll be ok.

He wheeled her out and I cried a little bit more. Enough to make me tired.

My mom went into surgery at 9:30am.

I slept on and off til her surgery was over. A nurse brought me some food. I didn't take a pic. I was too hungry. It wasn't good though. I do appreciate their efforts. It was a little styrofoam container with rice and beans, a corner of salad and two meat ball looking things...

I ate everything except the mystery meat. Didn't look like much but it did the job.

I think I snoozed for a little and prayed for my mom.

She came back in here all drugged up around 1:20PM with three guys. They came to transfer her onto her bed. They asked me to step outside while they put her on the bed - that aggravated the shit out of me. They clearly didn't want me to see them rough-housing her.

But she's fine. And I need to not be so sensitive.

Anyhow, she made it to the other side! And is looking very good. Her back is slimmer and her silhouette looks perfect.

This anesthesia situation is a pain in my ass. She wakes up frequently and asks the same questions.

"Nook, can you get me ginger ale and crackers?
Me: Ma, they won't allow you to eat just yet.
"Nook, take pictures. Let me see. Take a picture of the front."
Me: Ma, just be patient. I took a picture already.
"Are my compression socks on?"
Me: Yes Ma.
"Who put them on? I don't remember that. Who put my garment on? I don't remember that."
Me: Please go to sleep.
"Nook, should I take the Percocet?"
Me: Not yet Ma.
Me: I'll ask the doctor.
"Can you get me some ginger ale and crackers?"
Me: Yes.

That has happened 7 times already....

I'm just glad her aggy ass has made it to the other side. God is good to us.

I won't be able to post this til tomorrow. No damn wifi in the clinic. Torture.

My Mum, part II

Night time, 9:40PM.

My mom is more coherent than earlier. I ordered pizza from Pizza Hut and have the rest to the nurse. It was horrible.

My mom insisted I eat something though.

I'm going downstairs to fill out paperwork at 6:30AM. Then I guess it's game time after that.

I pray all goes well.

I'm watching some movie on channel 310. The movies are in English with Spanish subtitles which is cool.

I emptied my mothers drain and catheter bag 3 times so far. I couldn't imagine coming in this shit by myself.

She's gonna leave me tomorrow to go to the RH. I pray I'm in good hands while she's gone. The nurses are pretty rough here.

Dr. Baez and her husband stopped in around 8PM (ish). She says she was performing a series of surgeries in the seven hours we didn't see her. I appreciate her accommodations. She didn't have to go my moms surgery today seeing that she only operates Tues-Thurs but she did, so my mom would have more time to recover. We're leaving the 15th.

I guess I'm getting a little nervous now. I have faith in God that I will be okay.

I'm so grateful my mom made it to the other side. The feeling I had when she was going in freaked me out. Everything was successful though.

I'll be here tomorrow night all by myself. Since she has to go rest at the RH. I guess that's ok. I hope I'm sleepy. My mom was in and out of delirium. I pray the anesthesia doesn't affect me like that.

Oh! The night time nurse injected pain meds closer to wear it's inserted into my moms hand instead of the bag like every other nurse did...my mom says it burned like hell and was by far the most discomfort she has had since the procedure. PLEASE MAKE SURE THEY INJECT THE PAIN MEDS DIRECTLY TO THE BAG! I'm not mad at the nurse. She asked if my mom was in "pain" and we nodded 'yes' because she was having some minor discomfort. So the nurse's response was out of pure urgency and genuinely a good place. She probably thought my mom was having scale 10 pain. I'm grateful for her too.

It's nice to know people actually care about you.

Anyhow, I found myself having those "why am I here" thoughts and they were strictly in result of my mother getting wheeled out...I couldn't imagine anything happening to her. Or me going back home without her...God forbid.

God is so good to us.

We are okay. Alive and well...even in our vanity.

It's 9:51. And I as I mentioned before, there's no wifi. So I won't post these reviews for another couple of days.

I'm here though dolls. Trying my best to keep you all in the loop.

At the RH now (Serenity)

I'm hurtin'. So I can't give you alla detailed review for a lil bit. I'm one day post op. And here's a few pics.


Room 302

Haven't taken any pics...

I will ASAP.
Pooped 1 day post op.
Haven't had much of an appetite. So I'm having an Ensure for breakfast today.
This drain is a pain in my ass.
Had my first massage yesterday, and will have the second in a few mins.
Experiencing some minor discomfort...ache here/ache there. My butt is sore, naturally. And my tummy also.


I've been taking Tylenol to control my temperature and for pain. I do have Percocet and haven't used them. I think I will take one on my way back home.

Staying asleep is my biggest issue. It's sooooo annoying. I get hot and sweaty and ready to damn cry every time I try to adjust myself.

I'm currently sitting on my butt. It doesn't hurt much, but I gotta try not to sit on it. I'm giving my stomach a break.

Hmph. I think I've covered the basis. But I'm not sure. Ask me some questions so I can be more specific.

Today after my massage.

I definitely feel so much better today. I haven't taken Tylenol yet and I also haven't been draining as much since this morning. I hope everything's ok.

I'm sure it is.

On the balcony now, no faja and sitting.

I know these are no-Jo's but I need a damn break. I get my stage 2 tomorrow.

No garment

Hard to take pics y'all. Sorry

Why does 3 days feel forever?

Annoying...I'm out of here in 3 days.

Talk to me y'all.

My mums watchin Netflix. I'm a lil lonely

Not feeling slim/hate this fucking garment!

I'm trying to have any expectations because I want to be wow'd by my results.

My butt still looks tiny. A

And it wasn't tiny before. I guess because it's a new shape? Can't wait for this waist to be snatched!

When can I work out? Drink? Have sex?



4 days post op on left.
Before on right. P

This is the stage 2

Massage 3

Massage 3
Different lady, painful but very productive.

Just browsing...

This morning...

My drain is almost full. I slept with my stage 1 faja + lipo board. After the intense massage + the lipo board, I drained a lot.

Feeling light headed, woke up frequently.

Just took some Bromelain and and iron pill.

Tomorrow, I go home. I'm way too excited. And we get our drains out at 7AM!

Now does anybody know how this lipo foam board is to be positioned? I was super uncomfortable with it last night. And when do we start the water pills? Once the drain is out? Let me know!

Home tomorrow!

Good morning!

Y'all know I'm hype I get to take my ass home today.

Challllllll, I can't contain myself.

Thank you for all of your support. These pics are from last night.

Period/Stage 2

So this stage 2 faja is wayyy too tight. I got my period on the 15th and literally felt faint with the faja on so I went two days without wearing it...I know that's a no-no.

It's now Wednesday, still have my period but I am back in my stage 1 faja. After my period subsides, I will graduate to the stage 2 + the lipo board in just a couple of days.

Having my period literally made the last two days of my life the worst.

I will post pics and another update once I feel up to it.

Thank you for all of your support!

Hey y'all.

I have had sex the last couple of days, no discomfort. Go slow.

Nothing really hurts...my tummy is tender and my incision sites are itchy. Other than that, I'm good.

Can't wait to dance again. Everything feels so tight.

Sorry about the shitty pics.

Moms going great.

Trying on my pre-op clothes!

Some things fit.

Hey ladies!

I am 13 days post today...almost two weeks. I'm feeling good.

My skin is very tight and I do get very itchy...minor discomfort.

I do wake up very stiff but it's nothing major.

As far as my results go, I am very pleased.

My incision sites are itchy and the stitches are still visible.

Other than that, all is well.

Two Weeks Post today!

I slept without my faja last night, I was too stiff to put it on. I'm gonna shower and put it on.

Went to my PCP yesterday and she said I'm healing wonderfully. She wanted to take my hemo. I said hell no. I'm tired of being poked and prodded, maybe next week.

Overall, I feel fine. Just achey when I wake up.

And I've been having sex and sitting, minor discomfort. Nothing too crazy.

I will be deleting my pics today. So message me directly if you need want to see updated pics!


My faja is too big. Way too big!

I'm wearing a large and I'm on the tightest row with the lipo board.

I can take it to a seamstress to get it taken in, right? I just need the waist to be so much tighter.

Help y'all.

Three weeks post, yesterday.

Took a pic today.
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