Mommy of 3 Under 10, TT, BBL, Lipo Full Body, Chin in Dom Rep

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I am a mommy of 3 beautiful kids. I can't bounce...

I am a mommy of 3 beautiful kids. I can't bounce back my body so I am going this route. I have been extensively researching the few doctors I have chosen but I need a little more information than what I have before booking.
how do you know if your surgeon has all the credentials they have?
I'm in between Yily or Medina in Santo Domingo or Mojica or Guzman in Santiago DR

I have gotten quotes but want to know what made you pick your surgeon?

DR Yily or DR Medina Hospital They Work in

DR Yily or DR Medina hospital they work in. I want to know if anyone who had surgeries with these wonderful doctors have picture of the hospitals they were in the day of the procedures? Can you send me a pic or the name of the hospital where you stayed the 1st overnight and how was the nurses there.

We here in RI have excellent hospitals and i know i cant compare but would like to see the establishment. 

Dr. Yily or Dr.Medina DOLLS

looking to do a roll call on these 2 doctors

let us know what you are doing and when lets get this roll call moving and giving all these ladies the support in the upcoming SX. I am getting the TT, BBL, Chin and full body lipo. I will be hurting but I want to try and get my hemo up to try and get this done all at once.

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