Going to Dominican Republic for Surgery- Mommy Makeover-April 11- Dominican Republic, DO

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Mommy make-over here I come... I have been...

Mommy make-over here I come...

I have been browsing this site for 2 years and I am ready to get my operations on a roll. Like most of you, I went and saw numerous doctors around I bounced back at the idea of getting done locally or going to the Dominican Republic. The dominican......you say?

Well its all started about 2 years ago when I was complaining to my Aunt that the prices of a Tummy tuck were "outrageous" and that it will take me years to save the money! She told me she paid like $2900. I was like "how much" and "Where?

She then showed me her scar and explained that her best friend had referenced her to a doctor in the DR. Her best friend had her breast augmented, her friend face lift..etc etc Bottom line, I like this doctors work.

So I have been contacting and communicating with her for the past 2 years. I have been trying to get there forover, but my husband it too busy or getting someyone to take care of the kids is a complicated process !!

Doctor " Katherine Camilo"
When: April 11
Where: Santo Domingo
How many days: 7
What " full TT and maybe BA 5300-includes 2 days in hospital
How much: 3300 (tummy tuck, lipo and umbilical hernia) I think for regular TT is 2900 (have a hernia see pic)
Stay: at Jacquelines: 90$ a or 75$ if you share a room (looking for a recovery buddy)
Flying out of : Miami or EWR -Newark (best prices)
Arrive: the day before for consultation and cardio test
with who? so far I am going to do it alone...no hubby does not like the idea, but lets face it...I will be like a vegetable for 7 days, so might as well be relaxing with a book :-)
So I will walk everyone through my journey, as it unfolds and post my whole experience.
****To anyone, or Yilly to be patients- If you looking to share the room, or travel togueter please contact me

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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