Choosing a Surgeon is Soooo Hard - Santo Domingo Pueblo, NM

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When I began this journey, I was set on going to...

When I began this journey, I was set on going to DR and I'd chosen Cabral because he was the first surgeon I saw and I immediately loved the results he gives. Then I saw Duran and I wanted her (still will go to either of them but I've been exploring other options). After I saw the results of 2 dolls I follow on ig, one is a Baez doll the other a Mallol doll, I decide to research these 2 doctors. I really like both of them. I'm leaning more towards Mallol. I didn't see many dolls that went to him on ig but since I've come here to RS i've found a few dolls and read there experience with him and he seems to be as good as he sounds. I want to have my surgery done in June 2017 so I won't call for a quote just yet, maybe around my birthday in November I will begin to get quotes in the mean time I'm going to start working out because I would like to lose about 20lbs before sx and even though it's a ways away I'm going to start buying supplies to get that out the way and save for after care and any unforeseen emergencies after sx. Even though I'm praying all goes well, u just never know. Anyways I can't wait to get my body right it's long overdue. Hoping that which ever surgeon I choose does a great job on me.
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