28 Years Old, No Kids. BBL and LIPO Set with Dra.Duran

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Hi all! Booked and excited 2 months and a bit to...

Hi all! Booked and excited 2 months and a bit to go.
I've always been very uncomfortable with my body, I have a bigger frame and my chubby arms and gut just set it off. I've tried diet and exercise, my weight yoyo's and the tubby arms are hereditary.. they ain't going nowhere with weight training and healthy eats. So, this surgery I feel is definitely for me. I figured go big or go home and get some booty in there too!;)

So far, looks like I'm going alone, boyfriend cant take the time off and mom is having some issues with her passport. Crossing fingers she can come but prepared to go without.

Currently writing a list of all the pre-op, post -op things ill need. Family doc said hemo is at 13, so far so good!

Still looking into flights, hoping I'll land a good deal black Friday. Haven't decided which recovery house to stay at yet. I plan to come back Feb 8th.
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