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I had loss of volume due to chronic illness. I...

I had loss of volume due to chronic illness. I just needed a little lift in the upper cheeks. Its now been 4 months since I had Sculptra injected and I look like a chipmunk with Jowls. Dr. Truong ruined one of the prettiest parts of my face, my jaw line. I look masculine, with a puffy, fat, bottom heavy face. My eyes look small and close together because there's so much excess fat on my face. Now I'm stuck with these results for two years! It's not reversible and there's no way to predict how your body will react to the product. Many doctors have stopped using it because it's hard to control the results and it's been implicated in law suits for causing irreversible auto immune deseses, nodules that last for 15 years and irreversible scarring. Do not get this done, especially if you're under 40.
Dr. Truong

Do not trust Dr. Truong with your face. She's uneducated about the products she uses and has no idea how to create an aesthetically pleasing look. She does not listen at all, it's as if you're speaking to a brick wall. She refused to refund my money after unsatisfactory results and abandoned me when I needed her help to fix what she has done.

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